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Dishoom movie review -
Positives -
1. A fresh concept for Bollywood, its like a Hollywood spy thriller like Man from uncle or Bad Boys.
2. The fresh pairing of two completely different actors, Varun & John, and their charming chemistry.
3. The action sequences in second half. Although more of shetty style action, treat for masses.
4. Gripping screenplay. Although the movie not having an edge of the seat thriller kinda story, its still gripping thanks to the director and screenplay writer.
5. Akshay Khanna in his come back role was perfect. His dialogue delivery stands out.
6. The comic timing of Varun Dhawan is impressive. Whenever he comes to screen, though he hasn't some really funny dialogues, he still manages to make us smile.
7. Not to forget Akshay Kumar.
Negatives -
1. The biggest negative point is the comedy. Humor of the movie hardly works. None of the scenes can really tickle your funny bones unless you're god gifted like Navjot Singh Siddhu.
2. The movie somehow lost between an entertainer & thriller. The first half was entertaining in parts & second half was thrilling in parts, hence unbalanced.
3. The movie had much more potential as a thriller if handled more maturely.
4. Predictability is the main problem. Although it does have some small twists here & there, but still the story is too straight to have big twists and turns.
5. Jacqueline as always is wasted and she was medicormedicore.
Overall Dishoom is a half baked entertainer with much more potential. 3/5.
Forgot to add 0.5 extra for Varun Dhawan & his comic timing.

answered by Director (135k points)
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Story -

Indian cricket team's top batsman Viraj Sharma (Saqib Saleem) is kidnapped before the final match against Pakistan. The Foreign ministry assigns this case to Kabir (John Abraham) who flied down to Dubai to solve the case & he finds a partner in the form of Junaid (Varun Dhawan), a rookie cop in Dubai who is yet to solve his first case. They've 36 hours to save Viraj Sharma. Without any clue about who has kidnapped him or where is he being held, the task is near to impossible. How will the duo achieve their mission? How Ishita (Jacqueline Fernandez) helps them out, forms rest of the story.

Movie -

Rohit Dhawan follows the old template of every buddy cop movies ever made. He sticks to the basics throughout. The initial reel introduces Viraj Sharma & his whole kidnapping episode is established as a mystery. John Abraham's Kabir is a hot headed, no non-sense cop & his introduction scene showcases exactly that. Then there is Junaid who is a rookie cop with a sole purpose of providing comic relief & with the film's given script, it's up to him to carry the whole film. The pace here is good & the entire first half is passable with quite a few entertaining moments, thanks to Junaid's character & one surprise cameo. Before the pre-interval, the main twist is revealed with the entry of Wagah (Akshaye Khanna) & the first half does end on a high note.

Post interval, the writers have completely given up on the screenplay. Since they played all the major cards (twists) in the first half itself, the focus is mainly on the visuals, action scenes that are lavishly shot & an unnecessary item song that just tests your patience. Again the sole positive aspect of the second half is Junaid's character & Varun tries his best to salvage whatever's left. With no twists around, Akshaye Khanna's Wagah becomes a cardboard one dimensional character that suffers from bad writing. As seen in every buddy cop movie, this ends with the usual cliche filled pre-climax & climax, offering literally nothing. Second half is a huge letdown. And in the pre-climax we get Saare Jahan Se Achcha out of nowhere.

Positives -
1. Varun Dhawan & his energy. Ofcourse his honest performance.
2. Akshay Kumar is a riot as a *** person.
3. Phone conversation between Varun Dhawan & Satish Kaushik.
4. The entire episode pre-interval with Akshaye Khanna.
5. The chase sequence with Rahul Dev is perfectly done.

Negatives -
1. Poor writing that results in lacklustre second half.
2. Bad music. Pritam sir, what have you done? The opening credits song doesn't matter but Sau Tarah Ke & especially Jaaneman Aah in the end credits is unbearable.
3. Akshaye Khanna's character suffers the most due to poor writing in second half.
4. John Abraham looks disinterested throughout the movie. He has exactly 1 expression for the whole movie. It's supposed to be a 2 hero movie & one of them isn't contributing at all.
5. Forced patriotism. Be it Viraj's dialogue about desh se gaddari nahi karna or towards the end forcefully playing Saare Jahan Se Achcha in the background makes no sense. Stick to the template, why force feed something that too patriotism like this?

Performances -

Varun Dhawan is at his goofiest best. He has no problem in being portrayed as a loser as you get to hear villains say "Isko (Kabir) 4 goli maarna & yeh (Junaid) toh lagta hai goli ke awaaz sunn ke hi mar jayega". His comic timing is impeccable & he carries the entire film on his shoulders.

John Abraham struggles. One wishes for him to lend some support to Varun Dhawan. He should've at least try to take inspiration from the recent Ride Along series if not the Lethal Weapon & others.

Akshaye Khanna... well it's always nice to see such a fine actor on the big screen. I for one, surely had missed him. But his characterisation is at fault, so he gets very limited scope. The mediocrity towards the end actually impacts his character badly.

Jacqueline Fernandez has a short role but she gets to show her legs errr dancing skills in one song. Nargis Fakhri is a special appearance gets to walk in a bikini in slow-motion so that Varun Dhawan can stare at her for comic relief. Rahul Dev is another actor who is fun to watch in a Hindi film. He doesn't get much to perform but is part of the nicely shot chase sequence. Satish Kaushik lends his voice but those scenes are hilarious.

And of course Akshay Kumar. He's the best thing audience can take home in this movie. He has no problem playing the *** person & the result is a laugh riot.

My Rating - 2/5

Final Words - Varun Dhawan tries his best to save this forgettable film with some help from Akshay Kumar for 5 minutes.

answered by All Time best! (252k points)

Audience has to cheer for both in the title track itself in the beginning where both appears, after that it takes a while for John's entry which was cheerable for masses.. but after that audience were not interested anymore to cheer for same stars again and again specially when Varun's entry is so simple. No doubt Akshay Kumar & Nargis had louder cheers...
and yes Varun pulled out the entire show on his shoulder even though he never really had really funny one liners.


@kowasigan Akki sequence was the funniest part of the movie. dont mind if someone says best part.


@Kowsigan ... Audience were laughing out loud at Akshay Kumar's scene, including me. It was hilarious. Especially his expressions & his usual quirky replies.

@Criminal ... Here the audience were dead silent during the opening credit song. It was a terrible song too. I was just staring at my watch for the song to end. Cheering started from the lift scene. There was literally no cheering afterwards. Whistling at John's entry & one whistle when he says bullets haven't killed so what will a cigarette do?

John with his one expression really bored the hell out of me. Sure his director might've told him to do just that but as a viewer you expect something other than one angry expression. Remember Akki & Saif in Main Khiladi Tu Anari if not all the Hollywood buddy cop flicks. Not that pulling off an Akki is easy but when the character is made serious, it's not necessary it should be boring too.


Hmm... anyways here there was slight cheers for Varun where he accidently catches Jacqueline & other the aeroplane scene.
and the fact is that barring akki sequence, movie never had a laugh out loud scene.

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i am giving 3 star out of 5......


1> Varun and John Chemistery
2>some Dialoughs
3>Akshay Khanna Performence
5> Akshay Cameo
6>First Half


1>Music to be Let down
2> Running very Fast Pace
3>Jaquline totally wasted
4> second half let down specially Climax
5> Akshay khanna wasted in 2nd half...

answered by Assistant Director (42.4k points)
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Dishoom - Totally unrealistic but fun


It begins too fast, just like it should be - Viraj is india's best cricket player, he plays major part ALWAYS in india's victory. And in a recent trophy he played like master against Sri Lanka and brough India to the final, which suppose to be played against Pakistan. But things turn other way when someone kidnaps this gem of a player right before the final and crucial match. This incident makes the entire team worried because they cant find viraj anywhere, they contacts Indian foreign ministry and Indian foreign ministry contacts UAE ministry to solve this case. UAE ministry promises to put their best agents to solve this case. BUT NO NO NO NO NO NO NO, India has his own bad boy named Kabir (John) in Special Task Force and indian ministry forces to put him in the case and thus the fun investigation begins. This is very basic and simple story line, nothing new or out of the box.

Kabir (John) goes on to solve this mistry case to UAE on immediate basis, there as he is a very bad and macho man who works on his own terms so you will tolarate him breaking several laws and smoking and doing those kinds of rebel stuff. There he meets Junaid (Varun), although Junaid is an officer, he still works like private assistant to his head because people feel that he cant do anything right. And immediatly John decides to keep varun as his partner in this case totally on the bases of Junaid's knowledge of Arabic and city streets. And they both embark on an adventure to solve this mistry case. I will not put any spoilers here.


John as Kabir does quite okay. He portrayed angry young man who is rude and smokes and does as he wishes anywhere. He doesn't have any expression to show in this role so he does just fine. Passable.

Varun as Junaid does good job. He succeds to make you laugh and has got some good punches. You will enjoy watching him.

Nargis Fakri, yes you will see her in black bikini.

Jacqueline Farnandese does terrible job in some scenes as she does not look like a smart hustler who hops country to country by making and using duplicate passports, she totally fails to portray a thief. But yes there is a song of her in shorts and she also makes cute faces sometimes. Yes either way nobody expects anything from her.

Direction is good, screenplay is tight which keeps you hooked despite of many flaws. There are funny moments too which gives good laugh.

The good thing about this movie is there are no songs, yes thats right. There is only one song which is fine. So no stupid story breaker love songs or sad songs etc.

Overall, we all have seen many such movies where two cops are on fun ride simultaneously solving mistry cases. This is just an addition to them. Despite of flaws it makes you laugh and keeps you hooked and hey nobody claimed it to be smart or masterpiece movie. So it is nice good clean entertainer.

I am going with 1.5 out of 5. If you dont wish to spend 300-500 bucks on it, thats fine. Watch it when it hits small screens. It is fun and you will enjoy.

answered by Casting Director (19.9k points)

Yes, there is totally unnecessary gayish appearance of Akshay Kumar. I will not write anything in detail about him as he has nothing much to do in the movie. His portion looks force fully added.