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Gadar >>>> 3 Idiots >>>>> Bajrangi Bhaijaan.


Sbko pta hai gadar>>>>3idiots>>bb

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For me as a film overall...

Its 3 Idiots no doubt......

3Iidots is loved TODAY also ....by the audience World wide.....
I mentioned it before also....3Idiots is the movie which US Libraries started to keep in their collections (even if they don;t keep any bollywood movies) ....bcos of the demand they got.....
Its one of the few or rare movies which got EXCELLENT WOM across the globe in recent times.........

answered by Production Accountant (28.6k points)
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BB is a winner here, dont know why gadar worked i find it average movie though performance was good from the lead, whereas did liked 3 idoits but again it had many similarities with munna bhai mbbs so for me here big winner is BB or
BB>>3Idoits>> Gadar It is Salman Best Movie Ever .......

answered by Assistant Director (40.8k points)

If u are Pakistani u won't like Gadar....Gadar is one of most loved Bollywood movie of All Time


there is no such case at all, i find movie pretty average as it could have been big hit but the craze and hype it created was just overrated for me thats all.

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all 3 movies very much loved by audience........

when they released.......separate years

no argue.....

answered by Assistant Director (42.1k points)
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Just for me.....
3 Idiots > Bajrangi Bhaijaan > Gadar ...
as i have not seen Gadar fully evn once but seen in bits & pieces its like some people not liking HAHK but thn also it went on to become ATBB ..
same here evn though i didn't like Gadar but it makes no difference that it went on to become an ATBB ...
Imo Gadar is not a masterpiece like the other 2 movie ( 3 idiots & Bajrangi Bhaijaan )..

answered by Second Unit Director (79.9k points)
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3 idiots without any doubt. it was just the emotion which carried Bajrangi Bhaijaan and Gadar, but for 3I it was much more. Amongst family audience, 3 Idiots might fall a bit short of the other two, but amongst youths, 3 Idiots is most loved Indian movie & far ahead of Gadar. So 3 Idiots wins here.

answered by Director (135k points)
Which song u like more-Tu Jo Mila or Zindagi?

Family Audience Kids are more in our country than Youths ....Everyone knows Youths love 3idiots more and me too love 3idiots more

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