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This Criteria for TOP ACTOR / ACTRESS in the DOWN THE YEAR SECTION is as follow


In This Ranking System everything is taken into account to show the actual popularity.
It takes into accout the boxoffice as well as other factors like, genre,
the makers,the setup, release period, the real effect of that film on a career and
everything else contributing to the position of an artist.
The point systen works on a yearly basis and a film released towards the
end of the year will be effectibve in the following year. There will be a years when
an artist will be down on points despite openings and success but this will be becasue
the system will see the year not as strong as the previous unless the build up to a big year is strong.
This is basically our system showing how popular an artsite was and when.
There are more artistes tracked and if success is consistent for years they will show up on the charts.
An artiste is tracked when they meet with Boxoffice Stardom
(Super Hits & Blockbuster with Good Openings) and until they phase out.
A popular artiste may not have releases but the stardom does not fall away overnight
so there will be people in the charts despite no releases. An actor going below 500 is seen
as phase out and the the actress level is 350.
Only thirty years maximum will be applied as nobody lasts that long as a real box office star.
The same methods are applied to actors and actresses and in some years it could mean
an actress having as much or even more popularity than an actor.
in Box Office Related by Casting Director (19.9k points)
50% Accept Rate

8 Answers

+3 votes

Only salman khan has a chance.

by Editor (88.3k points)
+3 votes

I dont think anyone can. Salman has an outside chance but for that SRK needs to underperform forever. which seems like a very difficult scenario looking at SRKs upcoming line up

by Unit Manager (35k points)

What is his upcoming line up?

+2 votes

My bet is on JEHS.... ......

by Director (124k points)

means Junior Emran Hashmi Saheb..

+2 votes

no one....................

by Casting Director (19.1k points)
+1 vote

Salman will overtake SRK for sure till the end of this decade

by Producer (103k points)

Itna zyada Box-office ka analysis karta haun but aaj tak Yeh ni jaaan paaya ki screens only matter for a certain number.... 4000 screens or 4300 screens Sultan Opening Day or Extended Weekend would have been same....Occupancy gets more ......Screens increase Karne Se Occupancy hi divide hoti hauh


ett made 30.61 on 3200 screens
D3 made 32.48 on 3650 screens
See for yourself


Aur yeh kya dilwale dilwale laga rakha hai??
20.37 on 3150 screens
While bodyguard 21.17 on 2750 screens in 2011 so the holidau advantage gets offset because of hiked tkt prices
And don't give that shite, yeh hota toh woh hota
Jo hua hai uski baat karo


Business increased from 20-20% from ETT to D3...When it comes to Holiday opening there are only two movies-Ra One and ETT and Non-Holiday-Dhoom 3...I am pretty sure Sultan wouldn't have matched ETT Ra One in terms of opening due to more screens now but Opening would have been easily 45 Cr On Post Diwali or Independence Day

+1 vote

One & Only ....

by Editor (89.8k points)
–1 vote

Abe ye pandu
kal tak boi ko gali dete the

aj usi ko follow kr the.........


ranking inke favour m to chat rhe boi ko

aur collection inke disfavor

fatke char ho jati h

double standard

by Assistant Director (50.4k points)

Ankit always believed in BOI. you shouldnt generalize people like this. every one has their own individuality. its like me calling all salman fans Bhai-tards. its not fair for users like suhas or abbie who are salman fans


bro....i have no problem with any one...

jo jaisa h wohi bola.......

believe boi or not its your choice......

–2 votes

Aamir Khan Is Already THE TOP ACTOR OF ALL TIME. Stupid Rating System By Some Stupid Site Can't Change The Truth.
By The Way, I Am Really Surprised Why BOI Have Added Salman Khan In This 'ACTOR' Category.

by Production Accountant (27.5k points)

Idhar superstars ki baat chal rahi hai
Aamir woh constraint ko satisfy hi nahi karta

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