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A Flying Jatt vs Drona... Choose the best.

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Drona ( Exclusive Teaser)


Drona (Theatrical Trailer)


A Flying Jatt (Official Teaser)


A Flying Jatt (Official Trailer)


asked Jul 18, 2016 in Movie Discussions by suhas Mega Star (247,812 points)
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Flying jatt is better than 90% bhai films. Case closed.

answered Jul 18, 2016 by Greek God Executive Producer (69,107 points)
selected Jul 26, 2016 by suhas

Oh really!!! Chalo ek case toh close hua.

Mohenjo Daro is too close & you really don't want A Flying Jatt to turn out to be the better film than Mohenjo Daro.

It'll be party time for several well wishers of Hrithik in the industry...

Looks like @Suhas is in full mood ...
Leli re Leli @Greek god ki Leli woh bhi Style se..