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So the much awaited Eid release of this year 'Sultan' finally arrives in cinemas. Watched it? Share your views on the movie below.



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@Jat, 'll add more to the thread later, when I'll be on PC.


Salman is excellent .....but again his fans overrated salman's performance


Tabahi movie hai, chaa gayi hai.....RAEES BACH GAYI assal mein.
SALMAN KHAN acting kar gaya phir se eid par....Awesome eidi.

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Sultan Ali Khan (Salman Khan) & Aarfa (Anushka Sharma) are local wrestlers who dream of representing India at the Olympics. Love blossoms between the two and they get married. What happens when two people have their dreams & aspirations get intertwined with each other? What are the sacrifices they need to make to walk the path of glory? Both life & the sport itself provides them with second chances & how they fight back with all they have got, forms the entire film. After all, Wrestling is not a sport, it's about fighting what lies within...


Akash Oberoi (Amit Sadh) is running a failed pro-wrestling league. With sponsors threatening to pullback from the championship, he's advised to get an Indian wrestler to participate in the championship by his father. Once a world champion, an Olympic gold medallist Sultan Ali Khan (Salman Khan) is suggested to be the right wrestler. When Akash visits Sultan, he's in for a surprise. Sultan has given up wrestling, he is out of shape & is not at all interested to enter the ring ever. Failing to convince Sultan, Akash looks up to his friend Govind who takes him through the story of Sultan. The first half completely relies on the love story between Sultan & Aarfa. A careless 30-something guy Sultan finds his motivation in Aarfa & decides to become a wrestler to earn respect in her eyes. To prove her that he's not the "Shit guy" she thinks him to be. While achieving all this, he forgets to realise the sacrifices others are making for him to succeed. He wins the championship but loses in life. A personal tragedy pushes him to the pit of guilt which he struggles to come out off.

Akash Oberoi offers Sultan a second chance to redeem himself. He lost everything due to wrestling so a chance to win everything back through wrestling itself. But this time, it's not the same sport Sultan is trained at. He has six weeks to train himself to take on that second opportunity. For others, it's just a championship but for Sultan, it's a battle to win back the respect he lost, win back the love of his life & defeat the demon Sultan in him who caused all the pain. Enter Randeep Hooda in a special appearance who accepts to train Sultan on time. Rest is how Sultan overcomes all the challenges in the form of various wrestlers & the final match which is the match of his lifetime where his opponent is none other than himself.

The first half is well handled in establishing the love story. It's very simple at heart, some of the dialogues reflect the actual reality & hits you hard. Also the humour is consistent. The pace is moderate here. It's the second half where the pace drops as the concentration shifts towards the pro-wrestling league. Action is handled well & second half doesn't has too many unnecessary melodramatic scenes which works very well for the film. The film doesn't show Salman Khan in the same image as his previous releases. Here, his character is at fault & he's shown paying the price for his mistakes. It's up to the audience to receive such honest portrayal of his character.

Performances -

Salman Khan has come up with a bravura performance. He's dedicated & lives the character. Anushka Sharma as Aarfa is equally terrific. She has got a strong character & she does full justice. Randeep Hooda in a special appearance is first rate. Amit Sadh as Akash Oberoi is good. Anant Sharma as Sultan's friend Govind is very good.

Positives -
1. Salman Khan at his best.
2. Very touching love story between the lead characters. Also Salman & Anushka compliment each other very well. Even if Sultan is about Salman Khan, Anushka's role isn't any lesser to him.
3. The scene where Salman Khan breaks down in front of a mirror.
4. The hospital scene, both at interval & towards the end. While Anushka shines in the interval scene, the second scene has both of them competing equally.
5. The MMA fight sequences are very well handled.
6. The humour is consistent throughout & most of them succeed in making us laugh.
7. Watch out for Suzi. Jag Ghoomeya is magical on screen.

Negatives -
1. The film is a sports drama with more emphasis on the love story. You'll be disappointed if you enter expecting an hardcore action film.
2. Main wrestling tournaments in the first half are all shown in one song & also some of the pro-wrestling matches too get wrapped up in one song. For example - we just get to witness Sultan directly winning a gold medal at Olympics without any scenes showing the matches that led him to reach the final.
3. Since the focus is more on the drama, the pace will seem slow.
4. The story is predictable.

My Rating - 3.5/5 (As a fan a 4/5 for Salman Khan's bravura performance.)

Final Word - Sultan is a winner.

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Compare it's intertainment value against bajrangi bhaijaan and kick..what about repeat value?


Bajrangi Bhaijaan is on a league of it's own. That's an universal film.

Kick is full on massy.

Sultan doesn't go too massy as it concentrates more on love story. Repeat value? I would say one time is a definite watch. I can tell you only after I watch it again tomorrow in single screen to know how I felt the second time. The film gets serious at times. Salman Khan is shown to be wrong, he's shown paying price or to say get punished by Anushka for that... In recent times, none of the characters he played are shown like that as even if he played simpleton, his character was superior with other characters being wrong.

So it has to be seen how the masses accept him being slapped by Anushka, scolded by Anushka... Basically his character does the wrong things which makes Anushka punish him for that. That's why I said, Anushka has a very strong role in the movie. If masses can accept this then it'll determine how strong the long run will be. Traditionally our mass audience expect hero to be right always & heroine to accept/adjust every time just like how our society treats women asking them to compromise.


i'll help you kent....

if kick was 4....and bajrangi was 9 ....sultan is 8


GRAND NOVA says it all!

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First of all, I will put aside my fanaticism.
One more time Salman Khan makes way for story and plot. He doesn't take centre stage. He lets the emotions and stoty do the talking. He becomes just a part of what's happening and not everything that's happening. This happens rarely and when it happens we have a genuine blockbuster like Bajrangi Bhaijaan.
I will not say this is Salman's best performance. I'm far too young to make a statement like that. But I will say that this is a special performance for the fans like me who want to see Salman doing something different. He won me over again!
Anushka and the story are integral part of this movie. Story is basically that Sultan rises and falls and again rises. Nothing new, but the way it tells the story is pretty good. Performances of everyone are good and of Anushka is as good as Salman's if not better.
M favourite scene is the one with which movie ends.. Wait for it. There will be a smile on your face.
My rating 4/5
I wish it breaks Bajrangi's record because I'm fan.. Jya karu aadat se majbur!
Kya kar diya bhai Abbas Ali Zafar tune? Gunday kaise bana di thi? It was an amalgamation of everything. Action, social message, comedy.. A full on entertainer with its heart at the right place.
Watch it for the inspiration.
Koi tumhe tab tak nahi hara sakta, jab tak tum khud haar nahi maan lo!

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Is second half is bad compare to 1st half?


No not all.. I was glued to the seats all the time!
Didnt feel like a semi 3 hour movie

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My review of Sultan & I promise it's completely unbiased.
Plot - Sultan Ali Khan falls in love with Aarfa, a wrestler who dreamt of winning a gold medal for India. However things doesn't go well with her and Sultan decided to reform himself as a wrestler. However Aarfa accepted Sultan's proposal and both marries. But right before the Olympics, Aarfa is pregnant and Sultan had to join Olympics alone and won a gold medal for India. Thanks to this he becomes terribly arrogant and this leads to an unfortunate incident which shattered sultan's dreams and Aarfa leaves him alone. After 4 years, a businessman who's finding a fighter for Pro League, asks Salman to join and fight for him and Sultan accepts this proposal. Can Sultan, who's actually a wrestler, win a mixed martial arts league like Pro League? Will Aarfa and Sultan come together again? watch it to find out.
Direction - The plot seems bad isn't it? But Ali Abbas Zafar tried very well to make the movie perfect & he succeeds as well in some parts...So he'll score a good mark although not full marks, reasons are in the "negatives" below.
Performance - Salman definitely worked hard for this one. Although he's still struggling with his expressions, he definitely trying to remove his "average actor" tag. He has done a good job. Anushka Sharma actually having one of the strongest lead actress's role in recent times. She doesn't disappoints and gave a strong performance. Rest all are good with their respective roles. Randeep Hooda had nothing much to do.
Music - Music is good but except Jag Ghoomeya, all other songs played in the first half itself. Definitely a bad sign.
Screenplay - Screenplay of the first half is slow and second half is faster than first half but still dragged.
Positives -
1. Salman Khan & Anushka Sharma's performances and their chemistry.
2. Some scenes are worth watching, and makes the audience cheer.
3. Humour of the movie does works fine.
4. UFC fight sequence were good.
5. The training scenes in both first and second half was good. Specially the first one with Sultan theme playing in background.
Negatives -
1. Slow first half. Takes a lot of time for developing all the characters and the whole first half is a flashback.
2. Second half starts well but at the end people feels same what they felt for Brothers. Too much MMA fighting which become irritating till the end.. The action is not masses friendly as well.
3. Except Jag Ghoomeya, all the songs played in the first half itself.
4. Ending is dragged and movie could have been 15-20 minute shorter.
5. Ending is predictable from the beginning of second half. actually story itself is predictable. 6. The emotional scenes which are important part of the movie, fails to connect. After a emotional movie like Bajrangi Bhaijaan, Sultan again tries to do the same but fails.
7. One month training was enough for Sultan to win Commonwealth... Asian Games...Olympics...World Championship. A bit unlikely.
Overall Sultan is having its heart at right place but other body parts are missing. Movie could have been short and fast paced with more entertainment, as at the end the movie feels incomplete, with very few scenes which makes you laugh, emotional scenes doesn't connect and all the action sequences are in second half which again feels irritating till the end..
My ratings would be 2.75/5 (as I can't decide between 2.5 & 3).

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One month training isn't enough coz he doesn't achieve all that due to one month training...

Remember till Asian games Anushka is with him as a participant too... Only he goes to Olympics & till he wins the world championship, she even delivers her baby. That's 9 months for both Olympics & world championship... They don't get married right away either neither does he get selected for state championship within a month... That portion is just to show how dedicated he was & how humiliated he felt coz of Anushka which made him to prove himself earning her respect back.

The problem was with the wrestling matches in Olympics atleast is not shown except for the final. The title Olympic itself holds such importance.


@criminal... going by your rating.... wannabe critic.

dilwale was better than Sultan.

what an idiot. .... can someone please hide his review. he's misleading people.

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Sultan - Film Review
Produced by: Yash Raj Films
Directed by: Ali Abbas Zafar
Starring: Salman Khan, Anushka Sharma, Randeep Hooda, Amit Sadh
Rating: 9.0 out of 10.0

The true Salman Khan I know isn’t the overtly macho police inspector of Dabangg, nor the unbelievably agile secret agent of Ek Tha Tiger, nor the “Devil” of Kick who takes his bicycle across a train track seconds before a train zooms past. The Salman Khan I know is the Prem of Hum Aapke Hain Koun who mischievously hides the shoes from Madhuri Dixit in probably one of the most entertaining wedding sequences filmed in Bollywood. The silent, brooding Prem of Hum Saath Saath Hain who helplessly breaks down into his older brother’s arms at the thought of separation. The emotionally vulnerable Sameer of Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam who playfully fights with his father’s spirit whenever thunder rolls from the sky and looks up to him for solace upon a devastating heartbreak.

The Salman Khan of Sultan is a return of that Salman Khan, an actor who isn’t afraid to break apart from the invincible hero image and is willing to be human (no pun intended) and vulnerable to connect with the audience’s emotions. Continuing the trend of Bajrangi Bhaijaan, Sultan is another emotionally powerful film that is quite believable (more so than Bajrangi Bhaijaan) without compromising on the ingredients necessary for a strong commercial entertainer. A commercial film is by definition meant to be a work of fiction, but a good commercial film is one that fits within this diktat while at the same time leaving a mark upon the viewer’s emotional sphere.

The story itself is simple - a wrestler who starts off humbly and eventually climbs the ranks to become an internationally recognized athlete, only to lose it all because of his arrogance and fight to gain it all back again. What sets the main conflict of the film apart from other films of the same mold is that Sultan’s success becomes his biggest enemy. He loses everything not because of decreased ability but because of a detour on the path of his values. And this struggle is what gives the film a richness in emotion that makes it more than just winning in the boxing ring - it becomes a matter of Sultan’s journey to return back to his roots (great symbolism and similes regarding this throughout the film) and connect with them to grow once again.

Salman Khan’s performance is one of his best in recent times. Having earned such a great deal of commercial success, he can now use the box-office clout he has garnered over the past few years to explore novel genres that attract a wider commercial audience. Where does Anushka Sharma fit into all this, one asks? Well, rest assured, her role is much more substantial than that of most actresses in Salman Khan films. She does a great job in a well-written character that has an identity and journey of her own, but at the same time is an important symbolic component of Sultan’s journey as well. Randeep Hooda and Amit Sadh stand out in the supporting cast in emotionally uplifting roles.

While of course, there are many cinematic liberties in the film, they are used in a meaningful way to further the narrative and not just for sensationalism - another mark of a good commercial film. It was a great experience to have Salman the actor back in action, not just Salman the star. Hopefully, he continues to take this trend of meaningful cinema forward in the next few years.

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My quick review on sultan
expectations were high after salman having a film like BB , Film starts with pro wrestling mma promotion now the wrestling have flopped and they need sultan for its survival hell why a pro mma wrestling needs a desi wrestler samj se bahar, sultan introduction could have been much better as his persona needs huge introduction though introduction of sultan is decent, the love angle is perfect in first half u will fall in love with anuskha she js so gorgeous in first half any how first half is full of emotions drama comedy and u wont get bored for single moment as interval strikes i was enjoying myself big time but alas then 2nd half strikes movie which was going smoothly and making place in heart due to its innocent love story kills all excitment due to promotion of mma for next 1.30 hour unnessacery stuff going on in 2nd half except training part nothing excites u at all , i got same feeling for fan aftet brillant first half maneesh raped fan 2nd half same here ali got good first half but lost grip on 2nd half .emotions fall flatter in second half anuskha totally wasted in 2nd half still film belongs to salman khan it might not be salman best performance but still he does a good job here. Its a decent watch dont go with expectation high as bb u might disappoint urself, if the first part was kept as a whole movie it would have been salman 250 plus movie but 2nd half will let u down big time even randeep is wasted here big time. Go watch sultan in first half and brothers in 2nd half or promotional video of mma india by sultan sponsered by cooker pressure
Salman khan 3.5
Anuskha 3
Randeep 3
Story :- 3.5 for first half 1.5 for 2nd half
Direction :- Ali lost it completley in 2nd half 3/5
Music :- enjoy it 4/5 music is perfect u will enjoy salman moves and anuskha beauty
Editing :- could have been shorter for 30 mins
Final rating :- 2.5 (first half was very good 3.5) second half sucks (1.5)
Business :- 220-230 cr
Go and watch it for salman dedication for his role sultan ali khan

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First half of Sultan is quite gripping and enjoyable. The story of how and why Sultan became a wrestler starts to unfold slowly while making you laugh, showing you some wrestling moves as well as making you a little bit emotional. The half ends with a small twist but puts the movie in such a position that there is literally nothing left to unfold. The first half gets 3 stars from my side.
Along with the interval, the whole story of Sultan is over and the movie has no more story to tell. Still the movie keeps moving forward by showing us four major MMA fights one by another. Yes, the MMA fights are brilliantly shot and you can't stop yourself from cheering for Sultan but there is literally nothing in the second half for audience who would not enjoy those fights. Moreover, the humor quotient of the movie is also gone in the second half. I would give 2 stars to the second half for some good fights shown.
So overall the movie gets 2.5 stars from me.

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Well I don't think they could have made the second half better anyway! It was shot really good, intensity was full


The fights were amazing but storywise it moved nowhere. Only tging they could have done to improve second half was to cut it short by 15 mins.

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I have been reading a book titled Directors' Diaries for a while, in one of interview Rakesh Anand Bakshi asks Farah Khan about her early experience of watching movie, and she replied to his question with some excellent lines which I would love to quote on some purpose here. She says, "The biggest highlight of our life was when we were going to watch a movie. Cinema would make us forget anything bad happenings in our lives." Now, that's absolutely true and not to mention this is why I love cinema, it's cure of your many problems, it let you forget your problems, doesn't matter if only for hours, it's a world, say it virtual or fantasy world, but without it life surely would have not been same, can't really imagine how it could be.

Now, not every movies are like that. Some movies help you encounter with reality of life, shows truth of the world, take away illusions of your mind. Watching such movies has its own unique fun.

Well, other side you have, easy and socially-accepted word to define that term, "commercial potboiler" where they dont mix up two well-known terms 'reel' and 'real' in movie and if such movies are made beautifully, it can really let you forget everything that's happening in your life and you just laugh and enjoy the moment you are having some. Movies like PK, Bajrangi Bhaijaan and Sultan fall in latter category. Keep the story as simple as you can, but put your 110% dedication and efforts, and it doesn't matter how repetitive story your movie has it will always connect with audiences' heart. That's what Sultan is doing, isn't it?

I won't write what went wrong in this movie and how could it have been better. Many has pointed out these critique factors already, and they do these things better than me. I'm just saying ki whenever in movie these particular lines "Khoon Mein Tere Mitti, Mitti Mein Tera Khoon, Upar Allah Neeche Dharti Beech Mein Tera Junoon, Re Sultaan..." starts playing in background, environment of theatre just takes huge upturn, the chants and noise generated by audiences is something can not be described in words, that's beyond Dolby And Japanese Digital Sound. That's the best DTS surrounding sound you can feel in your life, and that's how they don't say it wrong, "You don't watch a Salman movie, you celebrate a Salman movie."

To Salman, I'll say - Jug Ghumya Thaare Jaisa Na Koi. Verdict: Does it really matter?

Rating: 7/10

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Sultan is a movie which u will definitely like if u don't go with expectations of it being another Bajrangi Bhaijaan as the emotional content isn't that impactful and it won't make you cry....First Half of the movie was good with huge entertainment value and Salman-Anushka Chemistry.......I found the Pre-Interval twist to be less impactful and didn't get connected to it that much and that was only major flaw in the movie...2nd Half starts slow and then pace increases and is excellent till last....MMA Fighting Scenes were shot in a realistic manner and weren't over the Top....Huge cheer for Salman during MMA Fighting scenes...those scenes are best part of movie....Masses will go gaga over it....Screenplay of movie was good but editing could have been more taut...At some Places becomes slow....Humour quotient worked for me....Ali Abbas Zafar direction was better than earlier and this will make him big commercial director....Salman gave performance of his lifetime and he just proves how excellent actor he has become....Anushka surprisingly had a meaty role and she was great in her part....Other Supporting caste did a good job......Movie's emotional quotient isn't impactful like Bajrangi Bhaijaan and some may not connect to it due to Pre-Interval Twist but still its of the best commercial entertainers to have come out and its treatment isn't like masala movie....My rating -4/5...... .25 extra for Salman's excellent performance .....It should collect in range of 240-270 cr

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Here is my quick review of Sultan...
Efficiency = Here from Arunachal Pradesh, All tickets sold out... Packed... 100%.
Story = Nothing special in Story... it's just okay. It should have been better... tried hard to mix the emotions with Salmaniacs charisma.
Story seems similar in first half and 2nd half... Except Desi wrestling in First half.. n UFC arena in 2nd half. But emotionally connected very well.

Direction = it's excellent... Especially The way he handle so many emotional scenes throughout the movie. His direction save the story of the film. He used the Salmaniacs charisma very well. (4/5).

Performance =
Salman Khan:- Hmm... It's his best work I think better than Bhajrangi Bhaijaan. He acted very well. The whole movie revolve around him only. He is very good in emotional scenes. 3.5/5... 0.5 extra Salmaniacs...so (4/5)
Anushka Sharma and other cast = All starcast in film are the backbone of Salmaniacs... And Anushka is the leader. She supported very well... and other supporting actors also did excellent job. Anushka (3.5/5).
Randeep Hooda... His role is short... But excellent. Film pick up in 2nd half with the entry of him. (4/5).

Background score= Definitely 4/5. Especially introductory scene of Salman. It's just goosebumps. Many were shouting Salman Salman.

Music = Baby ko base pasand is best... Necessary n part of story. 440 volt is unnecessary. Title track is very important. And... Jag ghumiya... not necessary.. but need to bring the romance in 2nd half.. It's necessary though. Overall (3.5/5).

Postive Part =
1. Salmaniacs .
2. Emotional scenes.
3. Situational comedy.
4. Dialogue - very motivational.

Negative Part =
1. Predictable Story.
2. Lil boring part just before interval n after interval.
3. Duration = it's Lil long.

Overall... Sultan is good movie to watch... especially for Salman fans. It's mix of emotions with Desi wrestling n UFC arena. Though predictable story... Unbeatable... Remind us of "Jigar film".... It is well made emotional film with great performance from all starcast.
Dialogue in the movie is excellent... Situational comedy which will entertain audiences for sure.
Salmaniacs charisma have been used very well... But not so wao movement. I want to say that... Audiences shouting Salman Salman.. at start of film only (Introduction scene). Afterwards no shouting.. May be they were crying because of emotional scenes.

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Please define "salmaniacs"


His bindass attitude... Bindass personality... Bindass dialogue delivery... Bindass action... Etc etc... Jo audiences ko Pagal deta Hai... hasane... Siti bajane... Shout karne Majbur Kar deta.
All combined... Salman attitude Fans reactions.. Called Salmaniacs.


Ooh okay bro.. Ab tak hum fans ko salmaniacs bolthe the.. Isliye confused hua.
Please predict the business


First day 42.5 cr........ BOI... Mai 41.5 cr ho sakta Hai.

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absolutely No spoilers....like everyone else is giving bits and pieces from here and there.....

Salman khan breathes fire and venom ... he is taking control of how things are done / done right..and done within a short period of time...yeah thats right.... 5 months and the most challenging role done with a style / charisma.... like no one else could pull....
some actor may not even try this role..and who does..they take much much much longer time than him...and acing that role / character...you are not rooting for salman khan here..you are rooting for sultan... thats the power salman khan has and loss of weakness leaving his mind.

talking about loss....ask all those heroines who didn't play anushka sharma's role..because i have may be never seen a girl getting so much scope in a salman khan movie.......LITERALLY.
and she is looking drop dead gorgeous.

movie teaches you... YOU ARE THE POWER.... you can be change the pathway of a river if you want.... you limitation is only how limited your mind is... immense amount of energy is around you . you just have to make use of it by this one simple rule.


and it does by entertaining the audience...

background music the USP of this gripping movie..... take a bow julius packiam

ali abbas zafar has clearly mentioned though his work here....that I'M HERE TO MAKE MY MARK.

two points....

1 - interval scene..... you will watch out for that
2 - pre climax and climax .... you will watch out for that
3 - mirror scene


For salmanics :: don't go to the theater with low expectations.... and trust me even then you'll be amazed.... what's there for you. and thank bhai .... whichever way you can... he's giving so much to you.... sacrifice so much...tolerated so much pain ..so that you could get entertained and get worth of your money

for others :: please don't go to theater for watching sultan.... its not for you... because its engaging and supreme absolutely family movie, it wil make you laugh ,cry and give you goosebumps, motive you to take control of your life and turn you weakness into strength. clearly not meant for you guys.

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So sultan is totally for bhai fans or if you like to watch wrestling or mma...since I like wrestling I found sultan watchable.....2.75/5....

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The magnanimous collection is speaking volumes.. Not writing a detailed review just a short one..
The story is of the rise , fall and rise of a wrestler...
Direction is very good..much better than what you would expect from Abbas Zafar..
Emotions have been captured superbly and makes you connect with the story.
Screenplay is engaging for most parts except Few mins pre interval and few mins post interval.
Few scenes appear stretched and bore you...so,editing could have been better.
Salman 's performance is superb...Salman seems to have improved a lot in acting of emotional scenes..First BB and now Sultan. As , a wrestler his expressions and mannerisms are very good.
Anushka Her role was challenging..probably the strongest one in Salman Khan film since 6-7 years.She managed to play the role of Arfa with dedication and conviction.One of the best performance by an actress this year
Randeep Hoods was played his cameo act very well.
Other supporting actors did their part well
Overall , the film is well made and deserves your money but execution could have been better..
Rating - 3.5/5
Salman - 4/5
Anushka - 4/5

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I wont be putting out the story in case someone who hasnt seen it. The story is good, its an old wine in a new bottle, redemption for a man who has lost and then wins everything. The wrestling and boxing scenes are done really well.
Anushka carries her part very well, but its salman who carries the film on his shoulders. Brillant performance and he continues to improve with every film. He has come a long way from his dabangg and wanted days.
The only downside is the length. The film should have been shorter by alteast 30mins, it gets stretched at times

Rating- 3.5/5.

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Lol ...30 mins....Everytime a movie is long people complain abt its length...some people were also saying Bajrangi Bhaijaan was lengthy. And could have been edited....Apart from 5-10 mins Sultan couldn't have been trimmed otherwise movie would have lost impact....u need to give the detailing to have an impact...I feel Salman turning into arrogant man in first half Should have been given more detailing


15mins before interval and 15 mins towards the end.....they took a long time to get to the point.


hawaa main kuch bhi bolega.... Can u tell me what should have been trimmed?...Entertainment quotient is very important for Universal appeal.... I said Na if script was somewhat better with run time of even 180 mins then Movie would be Have gone close to PK Lifetime... At the end run time doesn't matter what matters is the script

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i will rate movie ....3.5/5.....


1>every actor solid performance...
2>background music....
4>action sequence.....
6>Ali Abbas direction.......


1>length of the movie...
2>some songs
3>pace of movie in between....
4>predictable story specially in 2nd half

this is my opinion......

but movie is better than salman some

recent hits.....

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Sultan was a Very good movie!!!!
Salman and anushka rocked with there performances.There was excess of wrestling otheewise I would have liked it more but overall its a a well made and a very good commercial film!

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Sultan - A Wrestler's below average melodrama/love story

Pro Take Down, it is a wrestling contest which is a total flop in India. This is how it all begins, media persons are explaining why such sports does not work in India, one surprisingly goes bold and say that India is an IPL country and only cricket can be succesful here(lol). Anyways, so these all media person are waiting outside the premises where a crucial meeting is being held, and this meeting is for a failed sport Pro Take Down Wrestling. Lots of money are at stake.

(Aakash oberoi)The person who brought this game to india, claims full responsiblity for the game's failure and asks board for permission to give him extra 6 months and promises them that "He will not let them down". The board decides to give him a last chance. And now he is worried over the fact that how would he pull down such a big task and there comes an supreme idea from his father with a lecture on Indianness, His father explains him how Incredible India is a country of feelings, how Indians are soil lovers and if He could bring an Indian wrestler to fight agains mighty Foreign wrestlers, he could make this game popular.

To my absolute horror that Akash asks his father "No single person from India could even stand against all those foreign Wrestlers" but father informs him that there is one Indian person (Yes, only one from entire India) who can fight those wrestlers down, and there begins a lame introduction of India's biggest super star Salman Khan "Sultan Ali Khan". When you see salman khan walking down the desi akhada ring, you will realize why he is The Biggest Super Star in India. Sultan Ali Khan starts to pin down all the opponents one by one (In Slow Motion) with his masterful moves. So father's story is starting to make much sense to Aakash and he decides to contact Sultan Ali Khan to convince him to take part in Pro Take Down Wrestling.

Now he goes to Sultan's village and soon finds out that Sultan has a bad things going on for him because of wrestling. Aakash comes to know about Sultan's love interest Aarfa. Aarfa is a wrestler herself and she fights and takes down male wrestlers. He tells Aakash how she inspired sultan to take wrestling for a career, and what goes wrong between those two and because of that Sultan is not at all wanting to get back to wrestling.

So now, the story is "will sultan go for Pro Take Wrestling and win back his Family and fullfil his dream and make country proud?" Find out yourselves by watching the movie.

Now, The movie is too big, editors could have done better job here, There are three songs which could have been cut down as they do nothing but breaks the flow of story, those three songs are "440 Volts", "Sacchi Mucchi" and "Jag Ghoomeya"

The second part which mostly involves Pro Take Down wrestling contest, is not at all filmed well. Salman Fights 4 wrestlers and you frankly have no idea how that competition works, you will just see Sultan fighting and suddenly reaching semi finals and in fact win semi finals with broken ribs. The Story writers did confusing job about introducing the actual format of that contest.


Anushka Sharma does not look at all convincing when in wrestling ring and her expression looks total lame in many scenes, she failes to match a lady wrestler and in normal scenes she does okayish job.

Randeep hooda and his characters introduction looks unconvincing and you have to cop with his screen time. Amit Sadh is okay and passable.

Now coming to Salman Khan as Sultan, This is his career best performance. He is just brillian from the frist frame. Especially post interval portion, he is simply unmatchable. When you see him for half an hour after interval, you realize that no other actor in bollywood could portray this character, this was meant for him. He did supreme job in portraying succesful and egoistic wrestler but it is when you run out of words to describe his powerfull performance as a saddist person who lost his family and now fighting back to gain back all its glory. This is the best of the year so far. Two Thumbs up for him alone.

The movie has lots of ups and downs, ups when it catches your interest and down where it forces you to take a pee pee breaks. The major thing is climax does no justice, it is quick and not filmed the way it looks convincing. Sultan gets hits after hits, goes all blank and suddnly in a flash jumps up from coma and beats opponent down in a minute. That was a big let down for me.

This movie is not at all comparable with any memorable movies based on wrestling or inspirational movies.

The basic message is "Never Give up", and movie succeeds in giving that message but in a silly way.

I am going with 1 star out of 5 for this one.
(This is just what I felt about movie, I cant be biased in my review, and I am very very happy that this is writing records in Box office)


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I know everyone is allowed to have their own opinions. But aisa opinion??
Man oh man you thrive to be unique and in doing that you look an idiot. I shouldn't even be bothered but I am.. Anyways if world was filled with ppl like you.. Sultan would just bomb at the BO. Thank god it isnt

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