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Media tried its best to break me,but I didn't break ,my family didn't break ,my fans never went away - Salman ##PaidMediaCantPullSalmanDown

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Oh wait... Salman didn't make that statement now. That's a statement Salman Khan made in an interview way back on Dec 26, 2006 while talking to Shekhar Gupta editor in-chief The Indian Express.

And you never wooed the media?

No, why should I? The media does not have the power to make or break anybody. The media tried its best to break me. I didn’t break, my family didn’t crack, my fans didn’t go away.


But the line does suit for the current scenario too... Just one thing, he also shouldn't have made that comment in the first place.. An apology is all that's required to end the issue. But everything else that's getting blown out of proportions, that's where Salman gets the support & needs to be defended.

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Time to update list.

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Sharm bhi nahi Aati iss aadmi ko

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