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Mohenjo Daro made huge Budget of 165cr (COP : 143cr & P&A : 22cr) . There is a Report that Hrithik was paid Rs 68 crore for the film.
After seeing Trailer I feel Main Drawback of Movie MohenjoDaro are VFX, Cinematography. Movie haven't feel & look like 5000 yr Era.
Vfx Quality, Colour Tone may be Better.
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And those loosers were bashing Sultan's trailer..
Some went mad & predicting it to be hgoty ..Lmao

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Vfx is very good except two shots the last scene and crocodile scene..
It does not give the feel of 5000 years ago?? Are you a person from that era incarnated?? or are you an archaeological researcher..??
MohenjoDaro was the most advanced urban City of it's times..bigger than Ancient Alexandria in Egypt or Athens in Ancient Greece or even Babylon...!! The civilization had both rural and urban areas...like most others..!!
The rectangular blocks in buildings , dressing, jewels , seals everything is in sync to that era..
I can say this not because I am a Hrithik fan but reading about ancient civilizations is my hobby.. I have read a lot about this from different sources..
Kindly wait for the film before judging anything..

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je baat...........................................

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Vfx is fantastic and keep the era in mind. You cant compare with bahubali or BM. The clothes, the sets all look perfect. The winning factor will be the story and how well can ashu engage the audiences and make them root for hrithik's character.

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I won't be surprised if my prediction comes out to be true...Wait for 12th Aug

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What is your prediction?


Fan MJo Shivaay will fail

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Jis tarha har chamakti hui cheez sona nahi hoti.....
waise hi har period film Baahubali nahi hoti ..
lets see whether it can cross Bajirao mastani 1st.....
.... Baahubali toh door ki baat hai....

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With clash i doubt it will cross 150 in domestic

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Problem with film is that budget is very high.
N im sure it will be sold at high prices to distributors in order for producers to be a bit safe n then there will be sharing if profit happens.
Film needs atleast 160-170cr in domestic bo to get a semi-hit tag..190+ would make it just a hit..anything below 150cr will be flop..
N it is having a clash with an actor's film who os comi ng after 2 b2b 100cr films n with a film which highly suits independence day timing..Rustom trailer hasnt been shown but i feel its an equal fight n MJD will be at loss if clash happens as it has more to loose.
Abt trailer,its good..seems like inspired from some Hollywood flicks..trailer showed us what to expect..Pooja is sexy..Hrithik as usual on character..best part was Rehman's bgm..n abt vfx i wont say much..mujhe thik hi laga..bas woh crocodile jumping like dolphin was a bit weird..
Well still its a very awaited movie for me n hope it gets success..cant decide everything from just 1 trailer.

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below 150cr flop. bhai tu rahne de... bo expert tujhse na hoga...


Ok i admit..im no expert but first let it reach 150cr..
I will be happy if its a success..i like hrithik..just said what i felt..but it wont be hit also at 150cr given astronomical budget


Bhai sorry main jis language se apse baat kiya. its bcos of those idiots who are spreading negativity intentionally which does not go to work.
Mohenjodaro budget - max 150 cr
satellinte & music rights - 60 cr
atleast they will earn 25-30 cr from the overseas.
so 60 to 65 cr will be left.
and film will be hit with 120cr domestic collection easily.
100% sure with 150cr it will be a super hit and with 200 cr it will be a BB.


Ya bro fine..i understand the passion..
Somewhere i heard that including all its budget is 160-170 cr thgt so..thnx for clarification

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The trailer was sooooo goood stop complaining
best actor between HR and SRK this year
good job Hrithik Roshan proud of you

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From the trailer itself, you can rule out Hrithik out of any award. It's like a masala period revenge saga. Almost impossible to fetch awards with these kind of roles.


and whats ur op about srk winning?


Srk has a fair enough chance. And his performance was really good in Fan. So he has chance.


Dont think HR did anything great to fetch award..He is in character but its nt something extraordinaey or never before seen type

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