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Much Awaited And Controversial Phantom & Balaji Produced Udta Punjab Hit Cinemas This Friday. As Always Here Stand Your Chance To Predict And Win.

What You Need To Predict?

  • You Need To Predict In Following Order
  1. Opening Day (Domestic)
  2. Opening Weekend (Domestic)
  3. Opening Weekend (Overseas

What You Can Win?

For Each Correct Prediction User Will Win 500 Points.
User Predicting 2 Categories Right Will Win 250 Bonus For Each Correct Prediction. The One Who Will Get All Predictions Right Will Get 500 As Bonus.


  • ​You Can Post Your Predictions By 08:00 IST 17th June 2016.
  • You Can't Edit Your Answer After The Time Mentioned Above. If Violated You Will Be Disqualified From The Contest
  • Predictions Made In Range e.g. "Day One x-y cr" Will Not Be Considered
  • Predictions Should Not Be Made On Basis Like Good WOM or Bad WOM
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100% Accept Rate

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Opening Day : ₹11.5cr
Opening Weekend (India) : ₹33cr
Opening Weekend (Overseas) : $2mn

12 Answers

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1st day - 10cr
1st weekend - 32cr
Overseas - 2.25m$

answered by Assistant Director (42.1k points)
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Winners Of IBO Prediction Contest - Udta Punjab.
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Opening Day (Domestic) = 10 crores
Opening Weekend (Domestic) = 35 crores
Opening Weekend (Overseas) = $2 million

answered by Assistant Director (42.3k points)
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1.Opening Day (Domestic)
-10.5 cr
2.Opening Weekend (Domestic)
-36.5 cr
3.Opening Weekend (Overseas)-$ 2.5 mil

answered by Star (160k points)
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Opening Day(India)-11.25 cr
Opening Weekend -35.25 cr
Opening Weekend Overseas-2.0 million

answered by Producer (105k points)
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Opening day - 9.5 crore
Opening wknd. - 34 crore
Wknd overseas - 2.5 million

answered by Executive Producer (67.9k points)
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Opening day ------------ 9.25cr
Opening wknd --------- 33.5cr
Overseas wknd ------- $2.25 mil

answered by Cinematographer (95.8k points)
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Opening (8cr)
Weekend (30cr)
Overseas weekend (1.7m)

answered by Location Manager (7.6k points)
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Opening Day (Domestic) = 6.75 crores
Opening Weekend (Domestic) = 22 crores
Opening Weekend (Overseas) = $1.75 million

answered by Assistant Director (52.7k points)
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first day - 8.7 cr

first weekend - 26.7 cr

first weekend overseas - 2.2 million $

answered by Assistant Director (51.9k points)
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1st day 14.5cr weekend 44.5cr overseast weekend 2.75m

answered by Camera Operator (8.5k points)
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opening day- 8.5 cr
Opening weekend 30 cr
weekend overseas $2 m

answered by Casting Director (16.5k points)
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Opening day - 10.5 crs

Opening weekend - 35.5 crs

Overseas weekend - 2.5 million

answered by Mega Star (225k points)

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