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Winners Of IBO Prediction Contest - Fan.

+2 votes

  • Opening Day : Power
  • Opening Weekend : Rocking Khan And Playboy
  • Opening Weekend (Overseas) : Bhootnath & Dippokbarman
  • Opening Week : No Winners
asked Jun 4, 2016 in Movie Discussions by Charlie Jatinder Super-star (168,032 points)
100% Accept Rate

edited Jun 4, 2016 by Charlie Jatinder

3 Answers

+1 vote
Best answer

Kam se kam ek prediction toh correct ho gya mera.......congo to all the winners! Ab karo select best answer

answered Jun 5, 2016 by Bhootnathh Unit Manager (37,619 points)
selected Jun 5, 2016 by Charlie Jatinder
+3 votes

why salman khan fans have won you ask???

because they know what's the star power of srk has left.....

answered Jun 4, 2016 by Grand Nova Star (154,702 points)

........power rocking khan playboy are salman khan fans.....dippo is akshay fan. fluke is bhootnath..... the only srk fan winning in the sea of srk fans on this forum

Grand Nova, with all due respect, please go watch Karan Arjun and Kuch Kuch Hota Hai. This shall make you understand that SRK and Salman Khan are equally talented actors who do not need to be compared at every juncture. There is no need to make a ruckus and insult people just to prove your opinion. I am sure Salman sir being the kind person he is would not appreciate his fans behaving with others in this manner.

he has given us permission to deal with trollers the right way.

few years back .... he was going through the comments under his posts.... and haters abusing him... he made another post then saying.... twitter se nikaal k maronga agar dobara aisi language use ki to...and he told .... to us.... NOW YOU DEAL WITH THEM.

secondly... you made another post about hrithik roshan........did you mention his weaknesses and limitation outside action genre??? or the criticism only comes about salman khan to you??

Kmg, lakshya, guzaarish, JA.......ye sab action movies hain anpadh??? Get some brains and rhen argue with anyone before barking unnnecessarily.

+2 votes


2nd prediction right

after dilwale

so i understood srk.......star power..

answered Jun 6, 2016 by power Assistant Director (46,768 points)

@power you are showing your super natural powers here Lol ....

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