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It should be spoiler free.Short reviews in 4-5 lines is also welcome.
related to an answer for: Housefull 3 Has Decent Start - BOI
asked in General by Star (142k points)
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.....i will see and judge those pseudo intellects of this forum... who show off how cool they are because they think so urban..... and when they come out ..on this forum...with their review of housefull 3... and put in negative points in it....i will see through it.... and i will be there.... to ask questions. to which they wouldn't wanna answer...

the main foremost question will be ..... why did they go and watch houseful 3 anyway..... when they knew what kind of movie it is.


Watched Housefull 3 To Laugh At The Stupidness Of Film But Even That Didnt Make Me laugh.
Fuckin Worst Movie Of Year And My 2nd Worst Movie Which I Saw This Year.
Rating : 0/10

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Just finished watching Housefull 3 and to be honest it's a decent entertainer.
Plot- batuk Patel is an indian millionaire who has three daughters gjs, batuk don't want their girls to marry but the girls have boyfriends, when these three guys entered in batuk's house the fun begins, will the three guys will able to change the opinion of batuk or did batuk himself want to marry these girls and if he than to whom,? Once a Mumbai based Don urja nagre also wants to separate our heroes from girls, why? Check it in the film.
My review - Film starts slow with some forced dialog from the girls but then it picks up and first half is decent with its moments, but I like post interval part with some really funny moments.
Performances- Akshay, abhishek and ritesh all did a fine job , but Akshay Kumar nailed it as sundy, he even makes you laugh without any dialogue and his killer expressions are enough to bring a smile on your face. Jaggu Dada and baman sir are good to with special mention to aakhri pasta, niketan dheer, Sameer kocher and the other guy who plays their brother are decent. Thankfully all three ladies have not much to do which is good.
Last word- Housefull 3 is an entertaining film but please don't expect any logic and don't think what is happening and how it's happening, just go and enjoy it.

Rating - 3.25/5.

answered by Assistant Director (41.9k points)
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Okay watched Houseful 3. expectations were that at least it can give me few decent laughs as I was missing a Bollywood comedy from a long time. Although I knew it that chances of the movie to be good is very less.
movie started with some very lame jokes (trust me, the begin, introductory scenes of three sisters i.e the three heroines of the movie had worst jokes.)... I loved Houseful. Liked Houseful 2. Houseful 3 falls short of even Houseful 2.
Plot - A struggling footballer, car racer & rapper decided to marry their girlfriends for their money. But unfortunately their father is against their sister's marriage. What happens next?
Direction & Performance - Direction was pathetic. Movie never looked like it's going where it should go. Some jokes were so bad that it makes you laugh. Lol.
performance wise Akshay rules. He with his double role, ahh ahh no he has one role but a double role, did a very good job. Abhishek was the worst part as always and Retiesh is now becoming irritating with same repetitive comedy movies. Boman Irani, although has some worst line, steals the show like the first part. Jacky Shroff had nothing much to do. Amongst the three heroines, the competition was between Nargis & Lisa for the worst performances. Don't know why the director tried to show all of them as 'horney' in the beginning. lol..Anyways Jacqueline is always good as she has a figure that can make you neglect her ordinary performance.
Music - Average music. nothing much to say. Pyar Ki Maa Ki used as worst possible way.
Positives -
1. Akshay Kumar & some of his funny multiple personality disorder scenes.
2. Some scenes, very few, are good.
Negatives -
Many. just don't wanna write them.
overall Houseful 3 falls short of expectations. 2.5/5

answered by Director (135k points)

.......your review for the film is negative but your rating is average.......
is there anything wrong with your rating meter??


I consider 2.5/5 as bad. 3/5 is average i.e watchable. And I'm rating it 2.5/5 bcz it's better than movies like Humshakals which I rated 2/5. 2/5 is too low for H3. At least it can give you some decent laughs in some parts.

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You really need a review for a movie like this. I found it to be a decent entertainer. Akshay, ritesh, abhishek all have done their parts well. I liked the twist at interval point. All in all its a decent one time watch. You wont get bored.

Rating- 3/5

answered by Producer (110k points)

Is it better than SIB?


Bro, havent seen it SIB. But it doesnt have double meaning jokes, its a clean comedy.


It do have one but rest of the part is clean and entertaining.

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Produced by: Sajid Nadiadwala

Directed by: Sajid-Farhad

Starring: Akshay Kumar, Abhishek Bachchan, Ritesh Deshmukh, Jacqueline Fernandez, Lisa Haydon, Nargis Fakhri, Boman Irani, and Jackie Shroff

Rating: 6.0 out of 10.0 indecision

One does not walk into a film like Housefull 3 expecting a work of classic art - the purpose of such films is to make you laugh and provide you a good time with no strings attached. And this is a task that is much harder than some snooty film critics give credit to. Critics love to trash directors like Rohit Shetty for making brainless comic entertainers but don't realize that it takes a great deal of effort to portray comedy effectively on screen, a skill that Shetty has demonstrated with laugh riots like Golmaal, Bol Bachchan, and Chennai Express - never mind that mess called Dilwale. The David Dhawan-Govinda team was never taken seriously by critics in their prime even though they've provided films that are representative of some of the best examples of comic timing in Indian cinema. Now the question is, do directors Sajid-Farhad match up to these worthy predecessors? The answer is yes and no. While in several sequences of Housefull 3 they demonstrate an excellent grasp of the comedy genre, in others they unnecessarily emulate their Housefull predecessor Sajid Khan by being too oversmart and filmi. This is why the film sort of falls in the middle category - it's nothing to shout (or laugh) about, but it's a much better product than Sajid Khan would have been able to conjure if that is saying anything.

The story is self-explanatory if you've seen the first two Housefulls. A group of losers (with Akshay Kumar and Ritesh Deshmukh comprising two out of whatever number of losers) wants to marry a group of girls (one for each loser) but must pretend to be something they aren't in front of a father figure and pretend to be something else in front of some other character who randomly pops up in the interval. That basically sums up the story of all the Housefulls. There's nothing great about the script, or the dialogues for that matter - the jokes are quite honestly pathetic and sound like the kind of corny WhatsApp messages you would get from your 50-year-old mamaji. Some jokes even border on the politically incorrect side - while I don't want to be complaining about political correctness in a comedy film, there are certain lines that cannot be crossed - topics like rape and racism are serious issues which cannot be made a mockery of.

If there is something that ends up saving the day, it is the pure energy which Akshay, Ritesh, and Abhishek bring to the screen, with Akshay Kumar being the best out of the three (that goes without saying). All three actors have great comic timing and constantly keep the viewer on their toes when they are together in any scene. It is their enthusiasm which makes even the silliest of jokes seem somewhat tolerable, and their presence in the film is the main reason behind my relatively higher rating for the film. The actresses are pathetic, though at least their lack of Hindi knowledge is justified by the demands of the script. Jackie Shroff deserves a special mention for still being as stylish and charismatic as he was in his prime. This man deserves more recognition than he is receiving at the current moment.

Overall, Housefull 3 is not really worth the price of a movie ticket. You may be better off watching it on TV for some of the funnier parts, but that's about it. On the bright side, it is a walk in the park compared to travesties like Humshakals and Himmatwala.

answered by Location Scout (4.8k points)
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you are not special ........... don't do it , next time


Don't do what? You are talking to me as if I have done something terribly wrong. I don't appreciate this derogatory and insulting tone. I want to know where your moderating skills were when I was being horribly abused on this forum for expressing an opinion on Salman Khan which was completely respectful and devoid of any negativity or offense. There are quite a few people on this forum who have given my work a lot of respect and love and I appreciate that, yet there are a few like Grand Nova who wrote such terrible words to me calling me names I don't want to even repeat and cursing me out. You didn't say a single word to him and that really hurt me. I want an answer as to why no moderator has stood up for my rights as a member of this forum community. Is it because I am a rookie? I demand a response, and I expect to be treated with respect on this forum.

If I have accidentally broken a rule, you need to tell me kindly and with the due amount of respect, not talking down to me and treating me like trash. I will not tolerate this injustice.


Calm down man!
This forum is no world, no life to be so serious.
Some people here behave as if they are coolest people ever born but we don't want them to know the truth that they aren't, not even close to it.
We just want them to believe what they aren't so that if ever we act like them, we can curse ourself, regret and wish to be such never again


Tyler what he wrote. Btw Rating 6????

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Housefull 3 :- Average mixture of Farce and Slapstick Comedy

I totally understand what to expect when you are aware that you are going for a slapstick and farce humor. And there were no false promises about this one, we all knew from the beginning that we are going to get a putrid gift from the Sajid and Farhad.

Yes how can I forget Akshay Kumar, I would declare him as a king of Slapstick and Low comedy.

Story, it begins with a Batuk, a rich gujarati fellow with 3 "Sanskaari" Daughters (they go bizzare party after poor batuk goes to sleep though) and all of them are young and ready to be married, but Batuk do not want them to get married as his family history is not that good and he feels it will be a death trap if they ever get married. But one day suddenly his daughters comes to him saying they have boyfriends (Yes they all comes at the exact same time, but hey nobody told that this one will be a smart comedy). So all three of them comes with a proposal that they want to get married to their respective boyfriends and they start to push Batuk to tell them why he does not want his daughter to get married.

Batuk, in a horrible situation realizing there is only one man who could save him from the situation and that is none other then "Aakhri Pasta". This aakhri pasta is having a street food business named "Aakhri Pasta on the London Rasta". So the great Aakhri pasta decides to be a famous baba and make the daughters of batuk afraid by doing false Future telling.

He tells Jequaline that if her boyfriend even dares to put a foot inside the house, her father will die.

He tells Lisa that if her boyfriend even watches her father then her father will die.

He tells Nargis that if her boyfriend even speaks a word to her father, he will die instantly.

Now to support the plot, all three acts like they are disabled. Akshay is disabled by his legs. Ritesh can't see and Abhishek can't speak. And it goes on to a little suspense but you should not care about the story here it is totally senseless as required.

Now does it really make you laugh? Yes it definitely does and it is a mindless laugh riot exactly till the climax, which totally turns the excitement down. It has a forced climax which completely fails to match the mark of laughable stupidity of the story.

Akshay Kumar, this guy rules this space. Nobody can do this one better then him. Thumbs up for him

Ritesh Deshmukh is good, but abhishek.....nah he is not suitable for this type of roles. He clearly seems as casted forcefully and he does not fit in the role at all.

Girls are bearable in shorts, Nargis fakhiri is worst among them but you wouldn't care as nobody goes to see her acting anyway.

Not among the best of Farce or slapstick humor and an ok pass time if you feel uncomfortable in the afternoon heat, you could go for afternoon shows OR if your wife complains that you have not taken her out anywhere since long, you could take her to this one if she is not intellectual. And you to should put your mind at your home.

Overall I would rate this 2 out of 5

answered by Casting Director (19.9k points)