Well It depends on that, what is your perception about cinema...">
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Shah Rukh Khan is known as the loverboy, Aaamir as Perfectionist and Salman Bhai as Dabangg. What do you think - who is the real entertainer of Bollywood?? Anyone??
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Well It depends on that, what is your perception about cinema & what is entertainment for you.If a person likes to watch romance movies then no one is better than SRK in romance genre, for those who like macho & action elements in a movie for them, there's Salman Khan, he's the best in action masala genre followed by Akshay Kumar.If you don't like above mentioned things much & you are more of a lover of good cinema and content based movies then It's Aamir Khan, you won't be disappointed, if you like to watch good movie with great content.(or you can say a bit hatke kinda flicks) other actors like Hrithik Roshan and Ranbir Kapoor(now) too do that kinda movies.As I am more of a lover of good cinema and that provides me entertainment, So for me any kinda well made movie is always welcome and among mainstream Hindi films actors, I admire Aamir Khan & Hrithik Roshan(not their fan but an admirer) for the kind of film they do.Coming to your question, Indian audiences like to watch action movies & romantic movies most, so from a larger audience perspective, It's Salman Khan & Shahrukh Khan, who are the real "entertainer" of bollywood, though the tag entertainer is associated more with Salman Khan now-a-days.

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For me Akshay Kumar is the best entertainer..!!
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How u say?
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For me its Aamir Khan without a doubt.............
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