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Shah Rukh Khan's next film starts rolling this June. And it possibly will be a pick between Imtiaz Ali's next or Aanand Rai's film. For Aanand's film, SRK plays a midget who is only 3 feet 1 inch tall. That's what Aanand has told a media house already.
But while talking to dna, SRK made an interesting revelation. "I would have a problem if I have to do it on my knees. I am trying to avoid that part because that looks unreal also and in today's time and age, you don't want to do that. You would like to have more feel to an actor and shoot it like a regular film and still be able to do it. So we are trying to figure out and we are doing R&D already. Aanand has a lot of collection of what we have to do. If need be, we will figure out how to do it abroad and then bring it here."
SRK who has pioneered the use of VFX in India by creating a separate team devoted for the same plans to make Aanand's film on the lines of Hollywood flick Hobbit.
"Technology wise, our VFX team is working on it. And Aanand is working with them. It will need a few tightening. We will do it once and fail, maybe. But we will get it right because it has been done previously. I think in Hobbit, it's been tried. But we have never done that technology in India," he said.
Now that's enough to get us excited!
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Why Wasting Time On Technology !! Just To A Mass Movie And Earn Money ,Naagin Is The Most Watched Serial In India So U Can Understand The IQ of A General Indian !! Even If They Make A Masterpiece People Will Say 'Kya yaar No Item Number No Entertainment '

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These are all gimmicks.... Showing a dwarf, showing a look alike.... Using vfx.
What matters is how great the movie is... The overall package. Srk should be working in screenplay story etc... And if all those come together well, this vfx marketing will be a cherry on the cake.

... Unlike ra. One or fan... Where vfx was the main driving thing, main thing to get focus and rest of movie making... took a back seat.... And the whole movie took a dump.

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It's all Useless To Make VFX Movies !! People Will Not Accept It ,Better To work on Historical Movie Like Hrithik Is doing Or Do Mass Movies Like Salman


Vfx will absolutely work if they are used to make something that has never been seen on the screen.....

People have seen characters looking 17 years old (fan) on screen without Vfx

They have seen dwarf (srk dwarf movie) on screen without the use of Vfx.

There is no wow factor in these....

They make a godzilla in Bollywood... Thats wow factor coming out from Vfx.... Which hasn't been seen in Bollywood...

Baahubali was the wow factor from Vfx... They haven't seen.... Before.

Srk needs to go back to his roots.... A karan johar directorial or aditya Chopra directorial..... He has no sense of making a good massy movie.

Srk is a guy who's not much invested in the movies he stars in.... Unlike salman Khan or Aamir Khan....!!

Thats why he needs his brethren karan and Aditya. To make movies for him. Who will handle every aspect perfectly.


Donno why He Signed Dilwale Which Had Similar story Of Golmaal

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Shah sir is baar sirf VFX ke chakkar me mat rehna.Thoda script bhi dhyaan de dena...
It looks like his RCE production and VFX has became more important to him then his career..
He his thinking about future...He isn't making film which he feels will do well..I doubt he even reads script..If you see his interview related to FAN or Anand's film He talks more about the VFX then Story or Content of the film...
He isn't calculative like Salman or Aamir and I don't want him to be like that...Last time he was calculative He did Chennai Express and everyone knows the result...but I don't want him to do film on deshbhakti now....

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No see the thing is being calculative. The thing is being just the right amount of calculative.
Anything he does with VFX will only go so far as long as the film is liked. It's the same way in even Hollywood, the film needs to liked and then it will actually contribute to everything. If he wants to focus only on vfx, then he should be making movies like Baahubali in which vfx plays the most major role and is not just something that can go unnoticed otherwise.
For any major jump in vfx, tech he needs to set everything else in a good enough place too. Maybe it'll be better if he stops acting in films he focuses the tech on. That way the expectation would decrease, his grasp on everything would increase and he'll be more focused.


do you think VFX in FAN and Ra.one went unnoticed..Audience don't give a f**k about VFX but industry do..It's not just about film industry but TV and Ad industry also.
Point is it doesn't need to be FAN being big hit for RCE VFX to get more work in future..


Karan, oh bhai it didn't go unnoticed but because of them actually makers would even be more confused and would hesitate even more to focus too much on movies like superheroes movies, or movies that need VFX.....not because the people 'don't give a f**k about VFX' but because you can't expect them to just care about vfx and not the whole film! Baahubali, good film, liked film with VFX and see how much it did, now that's a film that can actually create a major jump in technology, because it also makes people want more of vfx because they liked the film.

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Lets hope shahrukh invests his time in a movie which wins hearts and emotions. The sort of stuff he did in cdi, rnbdj....etc. he needs it desperately. Ye VFX ki jahan baat aati hai to mujhe ra.one ki yaad aati hai

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