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Market Value of Bollywood Star in 1995. Big B is King & Madhuri is Queen

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Market Value of Bollywood Star in 1995 :-
[1] Amitabh Bachchan

Earnings per film -  3cr (Highest paid Hero ever)
Expert Comment :- Amod Mehra, publisher of Box Office Said - Amitabh Bachchan is grossly overpaid. He is no longer a hero."
Note :- ABCL or the Amitabh Bachchan Corporation Ltd, a company floated by the actor and managed by Kotak Mahindra, assesses his brand value in the market to be Rs 150 crore.
Bachchan is contracted to do one film a year for ABCL, for which he will be paid Rs 3 crore per film - all in white.
[2] Sunny Deol

Earnings per film : 70-80 lakh
Expert Comment -
(A) Komal Nahta - Deol, Salman Khan, Jackie Shroff and Saif Ali Khan, are Overpaid.
(B) Amod Mehra -Today, only Sunny and Ajay are worth their price
[3] Akshay Kumar

Earnings per film:Rs 55 lakh.
[4] Madhuri Dixit

Earnings per film - 50 lakh (Highest Paid Heroine Ever)
Comment - Madhuri Dixit, the undisputed number one after HAHK, signed Rakesh Roshan's Koyla for Rs 50 lakh, be coming the highest paid heroine ever.
[5] Nana Patekar

Earnings per film : 50 lakh
Comment - After the success of Krantiveer, Nana has Entered the Rs 50 lakh bracket.
[6] Anil Kapoor
Earnings per film : 50 lakh
[7] Mithun Chakrabort
Earnings per film : 40 lakh. (OverPaid)
[8] Shah Rukh Khan

Earnings per film :  30 lakh (Worth paid)
Comment :-
(A) Shah Rukh makes a lot of money through shows abroad and endorsements but keeps his price well below what the market offers.
(B) FI concluded that only Shah Rukh, who has fixed his price at under Rs 30 lakh, is worth the money.
(C) Srk ' Agent Anwar Khan said : "We want to make sure that everyone makes money and is happy. That will ensure a good demand in the long run."
[7] Sunil Shetty  - 30 lakh
[8] Sanjay Kapoor, Akshaye Khanna,  Bobby Deol -  30 lakh
[9] Sridevi

Earnings per film : 25 lakh plus
Comment : Sridevi, the reigning queen only a few years ago, charged 35 lakh per film, now brought her price of Rs 35 lakh down to Rs 25 lakh today
[10] Juhi  Chawla

Earnings per film : 20 lakh plus
[11] Kajol, Raveena Tandon, Karisma Kapoor and Manisha Koirala : 10-15-lakh bracket
Sp. Note : - 119 films were released in 1994  133 Films were released in 1993
Source : - Indiatoday Febuaray 1995 Edition, Reporter - Anupama Chandara aka Anupama Chopra
asked May 15, 2016 in Movie Discussions by Rocsky Unit Manager (32,546 points)
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edited May 15, 2016 by Rocsky

Kabir..... Bhaijaan nahe to list fake hai??... Tere mun main daaalun.... Ghee shakkar

....yes this list is fake dont u also think so........i mean i knew madhuri was paid more thn bhaijaan for hahk bt it is no wayy possible tht madhuri was paid more than 3 times of bhaijaan fee.....hows this possible anyy idea?.....

Leave list... Lets talk romance... Its late night. My ideas start from such orgasm that you won't be able to cross your eyes for next fifteen minutes....!!

Jab magzine ne detail hi nahi dia to, kase add kar lu.
Salman ke bare me Magzine bolti hain -
The rest, including Deol, Salman Khan, Jackie Shroff and Saif Ali Khan, are overpaid.
Salman Khan, after a meteoric rise and fall, is emerging from the shadows only after HAHK and now,Karan Arjun.
Koi figure nahi dia hain

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.........where is boi/addatoday/koimoi/bhungama/krkboxoffice etc's sunday update for azhar......u did nt post it today?.......

answered May 15, 2016 by Kabir Production Accountant (27,036 points)

Aur pinky how about pinkvilla. Com????

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