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This hardcore srk fan turned bitter hater after raees postponed, made a new raees teaser

+5 votes
367 views asked May 11, 2016 in Trolls by Grand Nova Star (146,542 points)
69% Accept Rate

Oh this teaser is back huh... Last time he deleted his tweet... Had kept Pallav waiting. Should inform him about it. Many missed this vid the last time when I shared the link coz he deleted his tweet within minutes. Hope he doesn't do that again.

Oh yeah, it was HILARIOUS !!!

youtube link pls ....... .. ........

4 Answers

+3 votes

Hahahaha Grandy it's nice...........

answered May 11, 2016 by Charlie runkle™ Director (120,826 points)

kowsi horny gan....aaah...A.K.A kowsigan 2.0.......yeah got it.

b t w...

kowsigan 1.0 ..... mainn kya kharabi hai....??? famous tech magazine SPIDER main news i thi main frame malfunction kar raha hai kafi arsay se....he was designed for something else..... coded with Penice fly trap protocol..... partial towards animals.... was it all a rumor. im gonna guess its all a rumor.

Kowsigan 1.0 mein koi problem nahi.. Haan kabhi kabhi woh raat ko Manjulika (bhool bhulaiyan) ke bhees mein sheher mein Naachta phirta hai.. Partial towards animals ? U mean Zoophile ?kinky with animals ? That's a rumour ..

hahaha kinky zoophile ...... you're the best charl

@charlie & @Grandy..
plz forgive poor kowsigan..

+1 vote

bhai. A hardcore fan will only be turned into an admirer. I will be one of the living examples if raees is actually delayed

answered May 11, 2016 by thekai100 Unit Manager (34,552 points)

i dont kya cheez hai tu .... tere naam se lai k tere khud tak tu puray ka puray weirdo hai.
kuch din pehle you were abusing your star..... aur us se pehle jab raees ki story leak hui ...k raees end main marr jaye ga... you started abusing srk....... aur maine kaha kaun sa fan apne star k baray mainn aisi language use karta hai.... and you answered..... you 're not srk's fan.
abhe phir se you are saying.... you're a srk fan turned admirer. you people are a disease for humanity ...seriously .

mere feelings hain. main jo marzi feel karun. teri maar raha hn kya. tu meri gf hai jo tujhe meri liking aur disliking se itna faraq padta hai. if i hear the release date change i will be pissed. i will abuse whoever the i want to abuse. i would do whatever the i want to do man. GTFO

0 votes

Btw that account is made by Salman Fan. We have reporyed this account as its not an SRK fan.

answered May 11, 2016 by iamkhan8970 Producer (108,177 points)
–1 vote

LMAO. BTW That Is Not Hardcore Fan. That Account Belongs To Some Salman Fan Like Some Dilwalasalman Belongs To Some Shahrukh Fan. These Jobless *** aka Die Hard "Twitter' Fans Have No Other Work To Do.

answered May 11, 2016 by Rajat Production Accountant (27,174 points)

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