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Q. What are the reasons behind Salman’s success at single screens ?
Ans - His action image, his larger-than-life persona (both off-screen and on-screens), his connect with the masses and above everything else his awareness that he needs to do films for the people of India.
He does not aspire to do films that the critics or the so-called intellectuals love, but does films that connects with the audience in the core Hindi belt of India and also with the middle-class in urban cities.
They are head over heels in love with everything that Salman does, because people can relate to his films.
In the interiors of India, actors like Sunny Deol and Akshay Kumar are loved for their action image. You’ll find their posters all over the place, including at the back of tractors and auto rickshaws. Some of Salman movies, apart from having action, also have a emotional connect. This has helped him go one step ahead of everyone else.
He was already at the peak of his popularity, but Bajrangi Bhaijaan has taken him to another level. Will be hard to beat or even touch that level of fan-following and craze.
in Movies by Unit Manager (32.4k points)
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True to the core as of now. Let's see how far this loyalty takes him.

6 Answers

+6 votes

Well and truly said..
No one comes close now!
Single screen audience support goes a long way!

by Unit Manager (30.1k points)
+5 votes

Aaja, aaja jind shamiyane ke taleAaja jariwale nile aasman ke tale

by Director (132k points)

Well their point would be, Jai Ho still had a 25cr single day figure. And including Jai Ho, none of his films have relied on big metros just multiplexes with high ticket rates to perform. Reason why even an underperformer crossed 100cr at the box office. And the fact remains, Jai Ho didn't affect Salman Khan's stardom at all, not even a bit.

Same way one Fan hasn't brought down Srk. It's the people around him who aren't supporting him in the right way.


Jai Ho- Semi hit
Fan- Flop


Fan - Flop(Indicine)
Happy New Year -Highest Single Day 44 97cr (Indicine)......
WAIT for BOI Verdict dude.....


Kabhi dhang se argue kiya hai?
Girgit jaise rang badalte Ho!
Bade aye verdict ka wait karne wale... Rassi jal gayi lekin bal nahi gaya!!
Chalo thikhai Fan is AVERAGE

+3 votes

by Editor (82.2k points)
+2 votes

Opening of his last few films:
Chennai Express – Highest Opening day, Highest Single Day
Happy New Year – Highest Opening day, Highest Single Day
Dilwale – Excellent opening, but was affected by Bajirao Mastani. 21 crore is excellent even for a solo release on a working day, Dilwale managed that even though it lost 40% multiplex shows to Bajirao Mastani.
FAN – It isn’t a off-beat film that it’s being made out to be after it’s failure, but for a film without songs, opening of nearly 20 crore is terrific.

by Producer (114k points)

Waiting till 2017....considering Sultan bhai scared it away lol.


BTW, I am just mostly disappointed...I thought Raees and Fan would be great films....Fan disappointed and Raees makers themselves aren't confident of their product.


Fan will be remembered only for king khan performance....


Fan won't be remembered.

+1 vote

His popularity at present is more than Combined popularity of SRK and Hrithik .......And His Popularity at present is double of SRK's popularity or Hrithik's popularity's in last decade......After Fan debacle waiting for Biggest Disaster of decade-Mohenjodaro

by Producer (102k points)

You are either drunk or schizophrenic..may God have mercy on u and u be free of these dilusions about Stardom


that day is not far when u will write his popularity today is double the poularity of docarpio nd tom cruise at overseas...Ye sab rehne de Marigold ka territorial breakdown dikha be tu!!


Shukla once again you start barking about hr, i dont see kabir having provoked you.....thoda control men rakh le, nahi to salman ke puraane record laane men time nahi lagega.


Kabir hasn't provoked me????...U better go through activities of Kabir...But yeah its my gut feeling that MJ won't work

0 votes

Then after pk, popularity of Aamir should have gone to another level?

by Second Unit Director (75.7k points)


Aamir comes after too many years.....doing more films and then giving PK would be a lot harder than doing one film and perfecting only that.