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In contrast to Captain America - We have our fingers crossed. Jungle Book has taught us that one should never underestimate Hollywood- Taran

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In stark contrast, rewriting the rules of the game, trade analyst Taran Adarsh said, is Disney’s fantasy adventure The Jungle Book, which he calls not just the film of the month but of the year so far
At net box office collections of Rs.164.08 crore currently, the Jon Favreau-directed venture is eyeing Rs.175 crore in a country where the Rs.100 crore mark is still a milestone for a Hollywood movie.
Last year, Vin Diesel’s action flick Fast and Furious 7 had grossed Rs.155 crore in India.
But before anything else, there is enthusiasm building up for Marvel’s superhero filmCaptain America: Civil War, which releases this week on 6 May. Actor Varun Dhawan dubs for protagonist Steve Rogers played by Chris Evans.
We have our fingers crossed. The Jungle Book has taught us that one should never underestimate Hollywood - Taran
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