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It looks like that the makers of Sultan are in a rush to wrap up the film so that it can be ready for Eid release.
But in that rush they have compromised on the quality.
It was just recently that Salman Khan unveiled Sultan poster and fans pointed out how the actor’s body was scrunched to fit the frame and in the process it looked like he has no neck

Now, in another picture released by Salman, we can’t help but notice how heavily it has been photoshopped. The graphic designers botched up quite terribly, giving Salman an odd appearance.

Here is a zoomed in version.

in General by Unit Manager (39k points)
72% Accept Rate

Hello bro..U r showing that upper stomach part..mind the muscles of left biceps that makes U confused OK..don't overreact..get that?U haters.


Shajan Things Happen That He Is Salman And Aamir Fan Only. Or Better I Say SRK Hater.
Anyways This Picture Is Rounding On Social Media.

2 Answers

+2 votes
Best answer

Lolz, marketing team will get fired for promoting this kind of content on web. Bhai key sath ye 2nd time hua. first in Ekh tha tiger with VFX abs and second this.

by Art Director (2.8k points)
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+3 votes

.....haHA bt tell me y shud nt u expect this from yrf?? they had done this earlier in ek tha tiger too.....bhaijaan has done in past too.jai ho for example....so its like meeting of 3 old friends.....khub jamega rang jab mil bethenge teen yaar...yrf, bhaijaan n vfx......

by Production Accountant (27.2k points)

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