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Story - 

Joseph Kuruvilla (Vijay) & his daughter Nivi (Nainika) are living in Kerala. The cute girl's teacher Annie (Amy Jackson) is impressed over Joseph. As she tries to get closer to him, certain hidden secrets start creeping up. He's not who he says he is. Now who is Joseph Kuruvilla? Who is Vijay Kumar? What is it that Joseph is hiding in order to protect his daughter? The answers to these questions forms the entire film.

Movie -

Initial reels start of on a simpler & heart warming note establishing the father & daughter characters with their cute little antics. Joseph is the one who stays away from any controversies. Annie (Amy Jackson) hits a goon for misbehaving which leads to the goons running over Annie & Nivika with their car. Annie lodges FIR against the goons & Joseph Kuruvilla's true hidden identity starts to creep up.

The film is completely formulaic masala entertainer that relies on the flashback as the true backbone to the entire screenplay. All in all, it's a simple revenge story that sticks to the basics. The pace of the first half of the film is good as it has enough comedy elements & commercial action elements with proper build up to the hero. The story turns serious with the rape episode & it's handled effectively. The interval ends on a high note yet again for Vijay starrer.

Post interval, the pace dips as it travels through the predictable path. The logic takes a back seat. The flashback scenes once again takes up major screen time in the second half too. Thankfully, there are no extra songs here just for the sake of the presence of another heroine. The last half an hour of the film totally pleases the fans & action film lovers as Atlee delivers what he promised to give in this Vijay starrer.

Performances - 

Vijay is THERIFIC in his role of Vijay Kumar & Joseph Kuruvilla. He has handled both the shades extremely well along with his trademark antics. Samantha Ruth Prabhu is decent. Amy Jackson doesn't impress & gets limited screen space. Radhika Sarathkumar impresses whenever she appears on screen. Prabhu Ganeshan gets hardly any scope to perform. Motta Rajendran uses the given opportunity ably. 

Special Mention to Nainika playing Vijay's daughter. She's a show stealer, extremely cute & lights up the screen every time. Meena's daughter is destined to have a great future. Mahendran has given another THERIFIC performance as the main villain of this film. The ace director shines & looks ever menacing throughout.

Plus - 

1. Vijay & Nainika chemistry.

2. Strong interval block.

3. Very well shot action scenes. Infact more credit to the cinematographer for the quality product.

4. The last half an hour.

5. Tamil directors know to create extra sentiment to tragic scenes. But what works this time is the proper timing of the dialogues.

Minus -

1. Extremely predictable film. In fact there's no suspense left whatsoever 10 minutes into the movie.

2. Amy Jackson looks uncomfortable throughout.

3. Songs don't work at all. Kudos to Atlee to not have an extra song in the second half instead the dance number between Vijay & Amy Jackson is shown in the end credits.

4. A bit too violent themed for a U certified film.

My Rating - 3/5 (Extra 0.5 just for Baby Nainika, she's way too adorable especially her cute dialogue delivery.)

Final Words - A predictable entertainer that just about works. On the other hand, treat for the fans who were extremely disappointed with Puli.

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Exactly what I felt after watching the movie..a predictable mass entertainer. .considering the season and star power this must be enough to put on some fireworks at the box office..

1 Answer

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Best answer

Vijay fans are well satisfied with this film . It will work at boxoffice sure .

by Second Unit Director (74k points)
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