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...i was also worried as i follow krk boxoffice....bt smtimes gaplu krk sir gives reviews widout watching d film......haHA....
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...i mean he completed uae show n he was in india after 40 mins.....haHA......

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But I don't see KRK in the picture which is supposed to be India. I live in USA and if I post a pic from India will that mean I am in India?

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I think he is there in Dubai..This pic might be take and send to him some of his friend or staf.

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....yeahh can b true bt v can't rule thiz possibility out too......

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bahut chinta ki vishay baan gayi.... krk ke tweet se.

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Shhhhhh he is KRK he can do anything. May be he had super natural power..

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+1 from my side
waiting for some more reviews

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Waiting for his next tweet about, 'my Technician or editor or cameraman are not well or Internet working slow, so can not upload Fan review Video today, upload it tomorrow'. & till then he will watch it tomorrow & then review, like always he does...!!@

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oy duffer idiot thik se picture dekh he will review it on fame tomorrow 4 pm nt today

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