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Much Awaited Shah Rukh Khan Starrer FAN Hit Cinemas Across World. As The Tradition Continues, Its Time For Public Opinions Or User Reviews. So But Are You Waiting For. Write Up And Best Ones Will Get Rewarded.


  • Don't Plagiarize The Content Of Review
  • Its Not Nessecary To Post A Long Review. Short Ones Are Most Welcome.
  • Rate Film (Preferably Out Of 10)
  • Try Keeping Review Spoiler Proof. If Your Review Contain Any Sort Of Spoiler, Warn Regardinh It In Starting  Of Review This Review Contains Spoiler. Proceed With Your Risk.
  • Entries Violating The Above Rule Will Be Trimmed Or Hide, As Depending On Case.
  • Try Mentioning The Day And Time When You Watch The Film. If Possible Occupancy Of Hall Too.
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100% Accept Rate

lol. wah ye accha he. If you provide good review for SRK then only you are sensible


It has nothing to do with review man, you were always known as a not so sensible user here


le aagaya suhas ka review.


Watched Fan
1st Half is Superb..Fantastic Experience..Gets your expectations high..
Just finished...2nd half is too much dragged with unnecessary scenes...poor screenplay and logic less...
1st half-4/5
2nd half- 1/5
Overall 2.5/5
Srk acting Hats Off ...Just Fantastic Best since CDI...
Will post complete review soon...

21 Answers

+5 votes
Best answer

Movie: Fan
Date: 15/04/2016
Show Time: 9:00 AM (FDFS)
Place: Cinemark, Vadodara
Occupancy: 100%

This is my First review in this forum (in 27 months), & I'm not so good in reviewing & express my feeling in words.

Story: Gaurav Chandna, biggest fan of Aryan Khanna (SRK) want to meet Aryan once & give him trophy which he won in ‘Super sitara competition’. He travelled to Mumbai, saw Aryan Khanna but not able to meet him. Then he did something wrong, so Aryan met him, but denied to take trophy & pictures with Gaurav. Biggest fan turn into biggest enemy of his Star because of he is so possessive. He follows Aryan & want to destroy his career.

Before movie, I had some doubts like how can normal person like Gaurav Chandna able to follow Aryan in London & crotia, but in movie they show a reason & it is logical. Second doubt is why superstar like Aryan chase him alone in the street of crotia, the answer is after (spoiler) going to jail & insulted by someone he is frustrated. When he saw him he started chasing Gaurav.

Performance: SRK as Gaurav is show stealer & OUTSTANDING, as a Fan I can connect with him. SRK as Aryan is full of attitude & egoistic star, which he portrait so well. Waluscha de sousa as SRK’s wife done his part very well, she looks beautiful too. Sayani Gupta act very good job as SRK’s secretory/manager. shriya pilgaokar give justice to her small role. Deepika Amin & Yogendra Tiku as Gaurav’s parent good in their respective parts.

VFX: VFX are very good, specially in run chase & Fight sequence between Aryan & Gaurav. Small detail difference between Aryan & Gaurav used very well, specially in exchange scene.

Locations: In the first half, Mannat part is very good, overall it’s OK. In the second half, Locations like London, Dubrovnik, Madame Tussades museum, Mannat inside view, Palace are very very good.


  1. SRK as Gaurav.
  2. Acting by all supportive cast.
  3. One take shot & acting of Gaurav in award room at Mannat.
  4. Locations
  5. Direction & Cinematography
  6. Chase Sequence


  1. Second part is little bit lengthy
  2. Screenplay is slow in some parts
  3. (spoiler) Aryan can prove himself not guilty in Palace scene by CCTV.

Rating: 7.5/10

Sab Kuchh bol diya Senior, but Sorry nahi Bola.

by Camera Operator (10.7k points)
selected by

Yes I agree about him proving himself innocent....and ok with the chase scene to a limit too even in India was stupid, considering here he could have had the authorities go to him.

+8 votes

enter image description here
Story -

Gaurav a die hard fan of Aryan Khanna, calls himself as Junior Aryan Khanna from Inder Nagar, Delhi. He has let Aryan Khanna grab the major part of his life & his only aim in life is to meet his idol in person. What happens when he tries to meet his idol? What happens when his obsession takes a dangerous turn? What happens in this battle of Star vs Fan? The answers to this forms the entire film.

Movie -

The first half is decent paced as it firmly establishes the character of Gaurav. Best thing about the first half is it has been kept as realistic as possible. The journey of Gaurav from Delhi to Mumbai has been very well handled & the moment when Gaurav watches Aryan Khanna for the first time is captured superbly. The character of Gaurav is so well written that even his personality speaks to the audience. He's an obsessed fan but a shy lover yet he's an over enthusiastic kid when it comes to his idol. The twist in the tale & the plight of Gaurav when he doesn't understand why he's being punished is yet another masterstroke. The first half ends on an emotional high.

The second half straight away falters by trying to follow the predictable path. Despite that, the intentions of the writer & director is pretty clear. The references between Aryan & Gaurav is well drawn here. The shock in Aryan's face when he fails to understand why he's being punished is another masterstroke. But then the writers decide to take it too far & the film loses the touch of reality, going completely against the tone set by the first half. The pace considerably dips big time here as there isn't much suspense left. The film picks up towards the climax as once again the two main characters clash & this time it's the emotional clash rather than plain chasing.

The ending was spoiled to me already thanks to the miscreants in the social media. It did lose it's impact but also the predictability of the screenplay in the second half had it's fair share in lowering the impact.

Performances -

Shah Rukh Khan is at his best as both Gaurav & Aryan Khanna. It's a treat to watch him especially as Gaurav. There are certain moments in first half & towards the end of second half where he just steals the show. Waluscha D'Souza hardly has anything to do. In fact the supporting cast looked good on screen but they had nothing much to do as the entire film relied only on Gaurav & Aryan.

Plus -
1. Shah Rukh Khan's bravura performance.
2. The scene where Gaurav watches Aryan outside Mannat for the first time.
3. The jail scene in the first half.
4. The same scene with Aryan in second half in London. Like I said the reference is perfectly made.
5. Gaurav's reaction in the pre-climax.
6. Role reversal. It's not always Gaurav stealing the show, Shah Rukh Khan shows his control as Aryan Khanna too.

Minus -
1. Becomes completely unrealistic in the second half.
2. They took it too far in the second half. Morally it was unacceptable to see Aryan get insulted to such extent.
3. The movie has his heart in the right place but it does go against the film in major scenes post interval resulting in logic take the back seat.
4. Predictability.

Also, the first half of the film set such high standards that second half found it to be impossible to match it.

My Rating - 3/5 (Just for Shah Rukh Khan.)

Final Words - Rehne De... Tu Nahin Samjhega.

by All Time best! (264k points)
edited by

@Filman ... The thing is Aryan was shown bad right away in the first half, arrogant & uncaring. But that was one incident. Even then he says "tum apni jagah, main apni jagah". But the extreme steps Gaurav takes, makes you feel bad for Aryan in the second half. The first attack in Madam Tussauds made sense & whatever Aryan goes through - shock, disbelief & hurt is exactly what Gaurav goes through when he is jailed. That connection was awesome. But then the writers mess it up by choosing a simple route.

Secondly, Gaurav turns into a fake character for most part of second half till climax. Aryan is the one that remains real throughout. (except for the unnecessary chase sequences)

Since writers spoonfed us audience with the help of other characters regarding the fate of Gaurav, there wasn't much impact. (The last one when his mother pleads Aryan to jail Gaurav but not kill itself was dead give away).

Morally it was not right letting Gaurav die that too suicide. Then if writers were doing that anyway, then a better second half would've made a lot more impact. With it not happening & having a huge superstar like Srk play the main role, it's tougher for audience to consider him as that evil / bad. That's why Aryan don't lose sympathy / support to what's happening to him. Because it's Gaurav who has crossed his line & Gaurav who is silly obsessed fan.

This take would've revealed a lot of spoilers so I didn't use it in the review to keep it spoiler-free. You care for Gaurav in the climax, but the film becomes so unrealistic in the second half that it works for Aryan more than Gaurav. He wanted to destroy the stardom of Aryan. When Aryan retaliated, Gaurav just didn't have a stardom to lose instead his life. Him falling infront of his parents, crush & colony people just destroyed his life. This climax is dark & it would've made impact if the 2nd half was much darker. What we get is Gaurav going unrealistically extreme ways that we feel sorry for Aryan. Basically Aryan does more mistakes but the scenes are such, we don't feel sorry for him at all.

That's why Aryan's speech in the end to Gaurav seems out of place. If he were to do that then he could've avoided a lot of violence & even save the kid from the death. But when Aryan gives that speech, we find connected & don't feel much connected with Gaurav's decision to end his own life. That's why mixed word of mouth. When a character dies then it should grip the audience, here audience are left unconnected/unaffected.


Yeah that's right! I thought exactly that....Gaurav just didn't do anything so outside limits or anything that makes a superstar have to go after him alone...That was stupid...A good thing about the first half was that it was realistic....Aryan sends cops to Gaurav, then goes to meet him and all all that conversation and giving money to cops...the whole chase sequence for such a little thing destroyed that. I guess in the first half they went for the story and in the second the screenplay....
The second half was like a game between teens. Even at the end, Aryan could have said sorry to Gaurav. He was 48 years old, the mature one...
And yes! I thought the same, that speech was just useless....That speech should have been to fans at his birthday about not meeting every fan...and then at the end he should have said 'mein jo kuch hoon apne fans ki wajjah se hoon", a line he wasn't able to say before.
I thought after that speech, he could have held his hand and said "sorry yaar" and then they could have shown Aryan taking care of everything in India, while Gaurav starting to live his life, with Aryan Khanna but without the obsession..that actually would have been more unpredictable and just a simple fan story...death was an extreme case that the film just hadn't done anything to take.


Honestly speaking, at the end whether Aryan was right or felt like killing a kid to me...They never turned Gaurav intosme psychopath, they showed him as a coward boy who was just childish, nothing too big...


Honestly speaking, at the end whether Aryan was right or felt like killing a kid to me...They never turned Gaurav into sme psychopath, they showed him as a coward boy who was just childish, nothing too big...

+7 votes


FAN is a Movie that shows the Journey of a Biggest FAN who turns into a Psychopath in his quest to meet his IDOL.

Performance wise This has to go down as one of KHAN's Best act till date....Man! Just take a Bow, he is Excellent as ARYAN (Superstar) but he is Phenomenal as GAURAV (FAN)...Just watch him in the JAIL Scene also in the Climax. Supporting Cast is Gud, Background music is another highpoint of this Thriller, Editing is Very Gud. FILM doesn't boast of any Song which is another rarity in a Bollywood Movie.

Maneesh Sharma has presented a Movie which is very unlike a bolly movie, but his Direction is Excellent.

Special Mention to the VFX team (Special effects), Red Chillies has indeed given World class Effects, & dat is visible in the Superbly Shot Action Scenes

At last, FAN is not a quintessential Regular Popcorn Stuff, but way more than that, Itz edgy, itz gripping, Yes the Movie does hav some flaws as some Situations drags too much but itz that man called SRK which makes U glued U to the screen..."BEST ACT of the YEAR"


by Camera Operator (11.6k points)

That's the thing bro...he never turned into a pure psychopath...if he would have the film would actually have made sense

+7 votes

Date - 15 April
Occupancy - 70-75% (Single Screen)
Yes, I've done the terrible mistake of watching Fan in single screen. The movie is completely for multiplex and mass element is almost none. The response was bad and the movie got bashed by masses.
So as I've said it, Fan has nothing to offer for single screen audience. It was a long time since I've been waiting for a good movie of Srk. Fan, well certainly a good one but it had lot more potential.
Plot - Just what we've seen in the trailer, Fan is Gaurav, Star is Aryan. And bang! it's Aryan vs Gaurav.
Direction and Screenplay - Maneesh Sharma hasn't done a thriller yet. I can understand he wanted to make this movie so badly and he made it just his he wished. But alas his direction has many flaws. Of course he has done a good job in building the right amount of sentiments in the first half and just how the first half ended, second half started with bang! bang! bang! and kept banging till when it got predictable and lost it's charm. Screenplay was very good too but it got slower slower till the climax.
Performances - I'll rate only Srk here. Srk as Aryan - 9/10. Srk as Gaurav - 10/10. Yes you need some other casts too to make a movie, that's why there was a cast which did good job in their respective roles. Waluscha was very gorgeous though.
Positives -
1. Very good first half, the movie started very well and perhaps so well that it made me teary eyed in the scene where Gaurav sees Aryan on his birthday.
2. The powerpacked performance by Srk. He needed to do it all, he did it. He proved his caliber with this movie. Rejoice the actor.
3. The movie became very engaging in the first one hour in the second half. Some scenes of Gaurav replacing Aryan was very good and had some loud cheers.
4. BGM score is perfect. And the fact that it has no song is completely understand and a good decision.
5. Some scenes are extremely good and clapworthy. Don't want to mention the scenes because it's a thriller. Just go and enjoy.
6. The chafing sequences, there are three of them, first two were just brilliant! third one was good too in the climax but again there was already two chasing sequences that made it feel like, 'kitna bhaagega yaar'.
Minuses -
1. The third point in the "positives", was overused in the second half that till ending it became predictable.
2. Movie became extremely 'unrealistic' in the second half and makes you think is it really possible?
3. The climax was predictable. Just how it should've ended, it ended. But is that how it should've ended?
4. Lastly business point of view, movie has nothing to offer to masses and SS audience. Multiplex audiences will love it, and SS audience will dislike it.
Srk was right, "Fan is niche", as it hasn't anything for masses, not even an item song!
My rating - 3.5/5. (0.5 extra for Srk).

by Director (135k points)

It should have ended that way or not? Considering Gaurav didn't do anything that bad.

+5 votes

Movie - Fan 10:30 am show .
Place - Fun cinemas kota
Occupancy - 60%
Fan is a thriller cum entertainer in right amount with nothing in excess.
Plot - As was evident in the trailer , the story is of a fan turned foe determined to destroy the stardom of his star . He uses various plots to do so.
Script , direction and technical aspects :- The script was good with little flaws that can be overlooked . Maneesh Sharma was also good as the director though I expected more from him . He handled parts involving India greatly but foreign part is not as great . This makes start of 2nd half little dull but the action there is good and later when movie returns to India its awesome . VFX is top notch and the best for India as of now . Nowhere does it falter and Gaurav looks completely young . Chase sequences are good . Editing was fine. Dialogues are praiseworthy and from day to day life . BGM is as good as it gets .
Performance - Fan is all about SRK . One of his best acts ever . He is present in almost every frame(sometimes twice in same frame) still he holds the fort& gives his best performance since CDI and MNIK . He rocked as Gaurav with looks as well as speech. His performance as Aryan Khanna was faultless as he gave controlled performance . Others also gave a very real performances and supported a master act by SRK ably .
Final word - Fan is a movie for classes and masses like Darr . It will strike instant chord with SRKians(they will love it) and should be liked by general audience too. Fan is a movie that deserves 2 watches atleast - One for the movie other for just SRK . Everyone go watch it to see how SRK reinvents himself with Fan and entertains you in a different way way.
Ratings - 4/5 .(0.5 extra for SRK and his performance)

by Assistant Director (41.7k points)
+5 votes

Very Good Film. 4/5 (0.5 Extra for SRK's Superb Performance)
SRK at his best. Top Class Acting. Shah Rukh Khan the Actor is back. 5/5 for Acting.

by Production Designer (13.4k points)
+5 votes

11:45 am Nepali time the most anticipated movie started in Jaya Nepal cinema for me. Occupancy was about 70 percent. I still am confused how to write about it. Overall I loved the movie. The part only I disliked is the larger than life action stunts. It's a best part of the movie that it does not contain any songs. The screen play is engaging from the very beginning till the climax. Some loose holes are there including Gaurav sifting as Aryan and Aryan sifting as Gaurav. I love this love revange thriller so much that I am going to watch it tomorrow 8:45 am at Civil mall.l rate this thriller 3.75/5

by Production Designer (15.9k points)
+4 votes

3.50/5. 3.25 for the movie and extra 0.25 for SRK for doing better job...

  1. I think movie should have shot only in India. England part was unnecessary. . Movie would have been balanced perfectly Had it got shot totally in India and made little bit smaller.

  2. Movie Should have been 10-15 minutes smaller.

  3. I will not blame the filmmaker for unrealisticness in 2nd half as it was the need of script. This is what the concept of film is ! Fan doing odd things. May be this odd thing would have looked realistic if it was in India.

So, after long time " A good film has came out of the bucket "...

by Assistant Director (43.7k points)

Actually the odd things were not big enough to make that ending realistic.
And as for england, they needed that for chase sequences and going to jail..In India Aryan would have had too much influence and running around in that chase would have been even more unrealistic for such a superstar.

+4 votes


Date: 15/04/2016

Show Time: 9:15 AM
Place: E Square,Pimpri
Occupancy: 100%
Fan is a story about Gaurav Chandna,a self obsessed Fan of Superstar Aryan Khanna.He can do anything to meet Aryan.He looks like Aryan,talks like Aryan and calls himself Junior Aryan.One day,he travels to Mumbai in order to meet him.But Aryan doesn't recognize Gaurav in the huge crowd gathered.Then an incident happens where Aryan gets angry about Gaurav and he bashes him and tells to go back to Delhi.This hurts Gaurav a lot and thus turns crazy and does many things which affects Aryan's life.The films 1st half is just brilliant and well executed.No flaws at all,Gaurav's performance as Aryan in some competition is outstanding so is when he screams outside Aryan's house.And that train scene too.Coming to 2nd half,it is mostly about Aryan chasing Gaurav.The action scenes are just terrific.Great VFX.Although some scenes seems dragged and 2nd half length could've been 10 mins shorter.The scene where Aryan & Gaurav go to each others home are superb.The flaws in 2nd half are made up with the ending moments and super emotional climax.FAN is a must watch for everyone.Maneesh Sharma has done a decent job.Nothing much to talk about other cast.But Shriya looked so beautiful.Its all about SRK.He has given one of the best performances till date.Just Phenomenal! The BGM score is also superb.I rate it 4/5.Just for SRK.Go and watch it.

by Star (152k points)
edited by
+4 votes

What a great performance by SRK after so long time. Actor SRK is back. 3.5/5 just for so powerful act by this guy. Yes movie could have been better and they could have easily added atleast 2-3 songs in the movie. 2nd part is good. Nothing more to say. SRK's Jabra fans are going to like it even more. Totally niche movie, nothing for mass belt audience.

by Production Accountant (22.6k points)

U also liked 2nd part unlike many others??


i like more of thriller kind of movies that's why! 1st part mujhe itna khaas nhi lga expect last 15 mins!

+3 votes

Spolier Free Review:
Saw the film today at 11 30 show with friends . The film could have been better but it's still so f**king good . Easily a 3.75/5 for me . Contrary to popular belief , I liked the 2nd half better . The film itself
will evoke extreme reactions from everyone . The film acts on meta level too and it teaches to have your own identity instead of trying to become someone else . The ending will be controversial which might put some people off , though it was the right thing to show . I liked the superstar's part more than the fan's . In fact it might be possible that you will be rooting for the superstar at the end instead of the fan because when you see the film , you realise that Aryan Khanna actually didn't do anything wrong . He really wasn't at fault !

                Whatever you think of the movie though , one thing no one can deny is that SRK absolutely bloody nails the acting part . Nobody will/can question his performance in this film . It's the finest performance yet this year and one of his all time best . 

SRK as Gaurav - 4/5 (He goes a little overboard during the climax and some minor parts)
SRK as Aryan Khanna - 10000/5 (He absolutely nails this one . Such a nuanced performance . I , along with many others were cheering for the superstar at the end ).

FAN on a whole is a different , unique , engaging and interesting take on the fanatics and the psychology of the fans.

by Location Manager (5.7k points)
+3 votes

Watched Fan's my review..!!
Finally we got to watch Srk the actor after MNIK...

The Story as you all know is of a fan Gaurav who's only dream is to meet his favourite superstar Aryaan Khanna.. He meets his idol and then,things go horribly wrong when his obsession takes a fatal turn which angers the superstar..The Cat and Mouse Chase Begins..the story goes on as his obsession takes more and more dangerous turns.

The First Half of the film is an experience you will never forget..You might be fan of any film star or sports person or can relate with him.The scene when he first watches his idol outside his house gives you goosebumps.The first half has an emotional connect with every fan and it ends on high note which tells you to fasten your seat belts for another hell of ride in 2nd Half.

But , sadly the 2nd Half is not as you would expect...The curse of the 2nd half falls heavily on Maneesh Sharma's direction as he tries to over-complicate things and moves away from reality.The scenes are dragged , unnecessarily complicated. The 2nd half is spoilt by poor screenplay as the sequence of events become more and more predictable.Another minus point is the way they showed the superstar. Aryaan Khanna was shown in too much bad light in the 2nd half.

Scenes which stand out in the 2nd half are the scene when Gaurav enters his idol's house and throws the trophies and awards , breaks his statue at Madamme Tausads and ofcourse the role reversal.

Coming to SRK's performance..
As , Gaurav he is simply outstanding.Emotions , manerisms , dialouge delivery everything is just pitch perfect.
As, Aryaan he is also might think it's easy as he plays a superstar which he is in real life but it actually very difficult.

FINAL WORDS: If the 2nd half would have been half good as the first half if at as good.The film would have been much much better.2nd half spoils the movie.

1st Half - 4/5
2nd half- 1/5
Overall- 2.5/5 and (+0.5 for SRK's acting) So, 3/5
Shahrukh Khan - 4.75/5

by Star (151k points)
+3 votes

Rehne De Tu Nahi Samjhega
Fan review - This is my first ever review so plz forgive my amateurish way of writing.
STORY - It's already revealed in the trailer that Guarav Chandna is a die hard fan of superstar Aryan Khanna and his aim in life is to meet Aryan.Kyunki dur se toh kache wale fans taliya bajate hai Guarav toh gale lage lagake de ke ayega use trophy But the story takes a dangerous twist as Aryan neglects Guarav as his FAN when Guarav goes to meet him.Guarav's obsession towards Aryan now turns into hatred which leads to the FAN VS STAR combat in the film.
DIRECTION - Maneesh did a grea job.First half of the film his direction was top notch.But second half the film becomes unrealistic.I'm not saying it's bad but in a film like this the second half is a minus point for not being realistic.This one weak point of the film that makes it a good film and not a great one.The climax was superb.
PERFORMANCE - SRK as Aryan the superstar is great.He has gotta lot of attitude but als a lighter side and a golden heart towards his fans.Not for the pyscho ones.
But SRK as Guarav the Fan is the backbone of the film..His expressions,body language,dialogue delivery are unforgettably good.It has to his best performance of the decade and among the best of his career.It'so due to heatwarming performance of SRK that the flaws in the second half don'the seem to affect to much.SRK is great as Aryan but perfect as Guarav.
The rest of the cast also did a fine job.BGM is great and editing is crisp
Final Rating
5/5 for the first half
3/5 for the second
Overall - 4/5
Guarav- 5/5
Aryan - 4.5/5

by Unit Manager (37.6k points)
edited by
+3 votes

Place-PVR Vasant Vihar
Show-11:30 AM 100% Housefull
Went to Watch Fan Yesterday FDFS but wasn't satisfied with the movie as I was expecting a great movie from SRK.....First half is good and is kept as much as realistic as possible...Gaurav's development of character is too good and Till Interval Movie has build up momentum and u expect a great 2nd half....2nd half starts as the same way u wanted but things go in a very predictable way...Screenplay faulters here and u feel like we have seen this in so many Bollywood movies.....Too much unrealistic things happen and explanation for many things haven't been given in the movie....The movie actually comes out to be a plain thriller with not so exciting twist and turns...Climax is another letdown.....Expected a better climax though I was aware of climax due to great Navoarsenal....Movie had great concept but Maneesh Sharma wasn't unable to execute it well in 2nd half...(Spoiler)-Gaurav Entering Aryan's house so easily,Chase Sequences,Aryan being too easy to be insulted,Aryan had many ways to prove himself to be innocent are negative aspects of 2nd half which lead to dip in excitement... 2nd half to be good is very important for Thriller
SRK has given an award worthy performance in this movie...He was good as Aryan and great as Gaurav...His performance is what which makes u feel good abt the 2nd half too some extent....
My rating -3/5
I have given 0.5 extra for SRK's epic performance...Its a must watch for SRK fans and Neutrals should go without much expectations......Fan Lifetime-120-140 cr....WOM-Mix to good

by Producer (103k points)
edited by
+3 votes

Place: PVR gurgaon
Time: 12:50pm
Occupancy- 85%

There are films where the script is the king, and there are films where the hero rises well beyond the script. Fan is ambitous, daring and slightly flawed in places. But lets give maneesh sharma a round of applause for making a film which highlights the negativity of human pysche, no one is perfect,its not a film which celebrates srk nor does it berate him. It shows the real shahrukh khan, it deconstructs the superstar, his frailities and his insecurities. Its srks show all the way. His gaurav chandana is as good as anything I have seen in the last 5 years,better than MNIK and at par with CDI. I found the second half to be quite thrilling though I feel the chase sequence between gaurav and aryan was stupid and uneccesary.
The climax is stretched but good. Direction wise maneesh sharma was very very good, never easy to make a film.without any masala and songs.

1) Srk's performance is absolutely brillant. Cant imagine anyone else playing gaurav so well
2) Taut script and the direction stays on course for most part

1) The chase sequence in the second half is thrilling but quite stupid and improabable.
2) Gaurav entering aryans house is very childish, how can it be that easy???

Overall rating- 3.5/5.

by Star (146k points)

Good Review though u are little biased abt 2nd half being Good....There are many unrealistic and unnecessary things in 2nd half


Bro i genuinely liked the second half. Yes its unreal but quite engaging.


Its engaging for me too barring Stretched Chase Scenes in Croatia and Climax but 2nd looks so unrealistic that u start thinking why the **** is this happening but still u see because of awesome acting from SRK

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I've tried to keep it as spoiler free as possible

Fan is a movie which has an excellent buzz for a non-commercial movie which stands on just the star power of Shah Rukh Khan to make people flock to the theatres. It doesn't tick any boxes of making sure it has a big opening so Fan's sole focus in theory is its reliance on excellent "content".

Overall Fan is a thrilling ride where the first half and the second half are different movies as the first half focuses on the journey of Gaurav Chandana in his quest to meet the sole purpose of his existence for 25 years but the second half is Aryan Khanna's quest to catch Gaurav.


The screenplay is written by Habib Faisal with dialogues additionally by Sharat Katariya. The beats of the screenplay do come at the right point in the first half but it could have been better if Faisal could have played with the expectations of the audience from a particular scene. Some individual scenes are brilliantly written like the one where Gaurav Chandna's parents help him win the Super Sitara award. The Madame Tussaud's scene is also played out really well.

Fan is an underwritten, muddled development of unrealistic proportions. The best thing about the screenplay was how they fleshed out the character of Gaurav Chandna by working on the little nuances and making the character entirely believable which Maneesh Sharma and Faisal are capable as seen by their execution of the character of Ranveer Singh in "Band Baaja Baarat". Some scenes in the second half seem stupid as they go on an unrealistic terrain. The portrayal of the Hindi Film Industry could have been better but the main focus seemed to be on the controversial part of it.

The screenplay tried to find the balance in the commerciality of the project and a good storyline and in trying to find that it lost its way in the later part of the second half. The potential of making an excellent quality film with this concept was lost but not by a great margin.


I believe that a lot would be said about the acting of Shah Rukh Khan in this movie as Gaurav Chandna as the actor has masterfully played the 25 - year old fan with aplomb. It never seems like that Gaurav is played by Shah Rukh Khan and not by another seasoned method actor. The character of Gaurav by the end of the film could have easily be felt by the audience as a negative character and make us not empathize with him but the childhood like innocence is maintained in our minds about him only due to the complex yet great performance by Shah Rukh Khan.

The supporting cast has also done a great job but are hidden in the shadows for most of the part but what should also be appreciated is Khan's underplayed portrayal of a superstar.


With only one song which is not included in the movie Maneesh Sharma has done an unusual thing for a Hindi movie. He could have easily squeezed a song here and there but he chooses not to because the movie then would have been something else.

The background score by the Italian composer Andrea Guerra is unusual as he plays with a lot of sounds in the starting which sometimes personally for me seemed out of place. Though in the later half of the movie the music seemed to have come together really well.


I can not forget the use of mirrors in this movie for example in the first face-off between Gaurav and Aryan Khanna where Khanna is shown in a single shot while the reverse shot is shown with Gaurav being reflected in the mirror showing his dual nature that we are about to witness. This is one of the many instances of a brilliant use of mirrors.

Without spoiling the climax I would like to say that the last meeting between Gaurav and Aryan is shot brilliantly well especially the way Gaurav is captured. The lights used in the scene lifts it up to a whole new level. Also, the use of negative space in the frame is utilized at the right points is appreciated.


The crisp editing of the film flows really well as it is fast-paced and the little stylish transitions like when Gaurav is returning to Delhi in a train is done really well. The use of jump - cuts is also on point.


While the film builds up Gaurav's Aryan obsession and his parallel vocation as an Aryan impersonator, it is tenaciously amusing and credible and the reason can only by Maneesh Sharma's direction. The direction in the most parts is inconsistent as it is a letdown to an extent in the writing department.

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Watched FAN... with my gf. After film over she said... why Aryan didn't say Sorry. She got emotional with Gaurav. And Death of Gaurav... yaar..yeh nhi hona chahiye tha.
As King Khan FAN... I loved the movie. But as neutral... like my GF... I think.. the problem in the film is... why no sorry...n death of Gaurav.
As per my opinion. ... they shouldn't use the word sorry again n again in the movie.
Its like... " Teen achhe kam karo" in JAI HO.
Overall... film is not great... nothing except KING. KHAN performance.
I think... critics... gave average 3 rating... due to performance based only.
As a nuetral... I rate... 2.5/5... but... King Fan... for his performance. .. 3.5/5.
Watching again on 2nd Friday.

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Ok my review of FAN.
Was little disappointed with the Film that's why didn't write it on first day..
Won't give detail review.
Will share only plusses and minuses.
Plus point-
1,SHAH RUKH KHAN.The way he has acted in the film...Once I asked meaning of underplaying a character here but I guess perfect example of underplaying is here.
2.It captures Fan's emotions really well..Especially the scene where Gaurav is outside Aryan's bungalow.
He enact Aryan and the way that Security guard ignore it..He still just keeps on still doing it.I am a FAN that's was the reason why I was able to understand it.
3.The Jail Sequence..Best part of the Scene..
4.Ending Scene when says Tu Nahi Samjhega.I would have hated climax if it was without this dialogue...
25 saal Ki line thi,wohi kaat di..
That was the major reason he did that to himself.
5.Hotel scene where First time calls Aryan.. His reaction was something what a FAN do if something like this happen to him.

1.Well they promoted it as thriller..
But there was to thrill here.
2.Prolonged chasing sequences whether it was Police chasing Gaurav,one in Croatia or the climax scene.
3.The whole idea of FAN turning against star is what I didn't liked.
4.They should have chosen some other way for Gaurav to take revenge on Aryan..Not taking about logic here. but whether it was Madame Tussaud's or Wedding Sequence was quite unacceptable.

Overall it was one time watch.
Watch it for Gaurav.
Watch it for Aryan.
Watch it for SRK's one of the best act till date..

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I finally watched fan and found the movie very good. The first half was good but had a few dull moments (like travelling in the train without ticket). When first half ended I thought Fan was going to be an average affair since most of the reviews were complaining about the second half. But alas, I found the second half much more engaging and entertaining than the first half. Yes there are a few flaws in the second half but these minor flaws are forgetable because of the superb performance of Srk as Gaurav. The only thing that stopped the second half from being perfect is the climax which was just about predictable and nothing out of the box. The only thing I could not digest was the fact how Aryan was refusing to say a "simple sorry." Performance from Srk is top notch; easily his best after Chak De India (I hated My Name is Khan and Srk's performance in it). Movie is also easily Srk's best after CDI. Overall I will give it 3.5 stars. Would have given 4 only if the climax had been a little better.

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In relevance to this great film, I wrote an analysis on SRK's career graph:

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FAN :- Superficial Nonsense

Story :

The movie begins showing the base character named Gaurav, living in a suburb of Delhi called Indravihar. He is running a small Internet business of his own, living with his family of 3. He is a huge fan of Bollywood star Aryan Khanna. He is pretty much obsessed with Aryan Khanna to say least, he takes parts in local competitions mimicking the big bollywood star. Story kicks off when he wins a competition and gets a trophy as well as 20000 cash money and decides to visit Aryan Khanna in mumbai on his birthday to present him the trophy and meet him. From there events turns horribly wrong for both of them and one thing leads to another, and never ending nonsense begins, leaves you wondering WTF is going on, Why such things are happening in the story which was looking quite sensible till 15-20 minutes in the beginning of the movie. Any how it keeps going on and on and on and on and on leaving viewers exhausted, angry and bored. I am not going to write any spoilers.

The Story is too weak that it leaves devastating effects on sensible minds. Absolutely no zing in dialogues, burdened by third class background score, things cannot get worse than this.

Performances :

SRK is Aryan Khanna, wait SRK is also Gaurav.

At the beginning when Gaurav performs some old scenes from Aryan Khannas(Shah Rukh Khan's) movies, we got to see the spark, charisma and charm that SRK once had. Especially the one when the blood comes out of his mouth and that bad guy voice that once had audiences gone mad in earlier days of his career. That was really good till that time. But once the story starts afterwards, we see many rough patches and specially in some angry and violent moment SRK looks hopelessly amateurish as Gaurav.

As a star him self, Aryan Khanna, there is nothing much to do. We see khan as a comfortable in slipping in the shoes of himself. It was okayish.


Overall, the story is so infantile in itself, bizarrely silly but at par with any other bollwood garbage. It takes a special bunch of savages to make something horrible like FAN.

I am going out with 1 star out of 5 for FAN. It will insult your intelligence big time in the name of niche and off beat bollywood cinema.


by Production Accountant (20.1k points)

Inka kuch personal level PR dushmani lgta hai srk se...


I can't stop laughing after this review.... He said srk acting just okayish......rofl


haan bhai, Phd kar le mere reviews pe

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