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Bollywood is known for its whacky music, so what do you think - who is the best music director? Dont answer A.R Rahman. 

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A.R Rehman & Pritam.....
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at present it is A.R.Rehman & Pritam.in 90s it was Nadeem-Shravan and in 70s & 80s it was definitely R.D.Burman

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For me the best music director is Pritam(along with A R Rahman,but that's mainly due to Rahman's fantastic work in the 90's,for me his work lately hasn't quite matched up to what he did in the 90's,though not saying he has been bad,he is still way better than his contemporaries just inconsistent,Rockstar is an example that he still has it in him)....
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For itz RD burman/ ar rahman
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At present Vishal-Shekar followed by Pritam
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