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Jungle Jungle Baat Chali Hai Pta Chala Hai Chaddi Pehan Ke Phul Khila Hai
Who Says Childhood Cannot Be Revisited. On The Face Of **, Childhood Is Back With The Jungle Book On 70mm. I Never Missed The Animation Series On Television So Missing This Was Never Going To Happen.
It Was Good 105 Minutes Watch With Brilliant Visuals. Story/Plot Is By Heart With Almost Every 90s Kid. Technology Has Gone At Whole New Level. I Remember Avatar Was Last Time I Was Spellbound By Visuals And Still Regret Of Not Watching In 3D. But This Time I Catch It In 3D.
(My First 3D Watch So It Gonna Be Special Down The Memory Lane.) Being My First 3D Film There Was Nothing To Compare With But I Think It Could Had Been Better.
Speaking Of Characters Neel Sethi As Mowgli Was Way Better Than Expected. He Lived The Mowgli Life. And That Little Mowgli Of Flashback Was
Irfaan Khan As Baloo Was Laugh Riot. Being A Punjabi And Watching Film In Punjabi Audience, Punjabified Baloo By
One Of The Best Voice Of India** Was Life Experience. Om Puri As Bagreeh Brilliantly Portraits How A Oldyy Of A Gang Will Do. My Next Pick Was Cunning Super Giant Sher Khan. Nana Patekar Is The Best Name That Comes To Mind When Thinks Of Sher Khan. The Villain Of Story Was Created Brilliantly. Other Small Animals Of Jungle With One Liners Were Fun Watching.

I Guess I Read It Somewhere But Donno Anyone Said It Or Its Mine Only If You Have A Kid Or Still Has Kid In You Take It To This Fabulos Film.
Rating : ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐☆☆☆1 Extra For Attachment With The Story Since Childhood)


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It's always fun to see our beloved characters come alive on the big screen. It's not just about the nostalgia or our love for the characters / story, it's about taking that journey to the magical land & for those 106 minutes living with those characters. A brilliant novel achieves & despite the visual aid, we rarely see a cinema perfectly achieve this. The Jungle Book falls into those rare list of films.

This 1894 novel has consistently mesmerized generations with it's captivating story & heart touching characters, making our childhood feel like as adventurous as Mowgli's life in the jungle through it's various adaptations through films or tv-series. The world has kept on changing for better & The Jungle Book has stayed on to be the better story each time. Be it the 1942 version or the 1967 animated version, the journey this story takes us has been the same.

Now in the era dominated by CGI & motion capture, this epic story & beloved characters deserved this technology. Mowgli, Bagheera, Baloo, Kaa, Shere Khan, Raksha, Akela are alive on screen & apart from the technology, it's the stupendous voice over by stellar star cast which includes, Bill Murray, Sir Ben Kingsley, Idris Elba, Scarlette Johansson, Lupito Nyong'o, Christopher Walken & ofcourse Neel Sethi, the young kid all provide the soul to the characters. Thanks to Jon Favreau for doing superb justice to this story, doing the needful changes to the tone of the film. It's a lot darker than we knew The Jungle Book as yet it stays as heart touching & full of fun as ever.

This version of The Jungle Book is a visual treat. I just for fun, re-watched the 1942 & 1967 version films before watching this 3D re-telling of the tale. Having known this story for over 2 decades now & also having re-watched the older gems once again this week, I still felt like being exposed to the characters for the first time. I felt the characters emotions as if it was the first time. This is the magic of cinema. Hats off to the cast & crew for this.

May be I went with the mindset of not wanting to be critical towards this movie. I bought the ticket & just let myself in on the journey of Mowgli. Every other character Mowgli encounters instantly made a connection. May be I didn't want the makers to change the story much. I just wanted The Jungle Book I knew. We're going to have yet another Jungle Book movie next year, so let the changes happen in that version.

Plus -
1. The riveting CGI.
2. Voice over by the stellar cast.
3. Neel Sethi as Mowgli.
4. Initial scenes showcasing the relationship of Mowgli with Raksha, his wolf mother.
5. Shere Khan's entry.
6. Baloo teaching the Jungle song to Mowgli.
7. The entire King Louise episode.
8. Stunning visuals that included landslide.
9. The Elephants.
10. Basically the entire Jungle.

Minus -
1. The pronunciation of the characters names by the western actors. Also certain words like bandar-log is more relevant as a hindi word to us but it's pronunciation disappoints. Probably the Hindi dubbed version would do more justice to it.
2. Wanted a bit more attention given to Akela. I'm just greedy here.
3. The pace drops a bit in the second half but is made up by action packed climax.
4. As usual didn't enjoy 3D much. May be IMAX 3D would offer something better.

My Rating - 4/5

Final Words - A visual spectacle indeed.

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In context of story, Akela was very important.......
Akela was the difference between this ending and 1967 version ending......


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The Jungle Book - It's Mowgli and it's his home.
Statement 1st - Damn it! Drop everything just go and watch it first. You won't want to skip it otherwise I bet you will be regretting when you will get it to watch on TV months later. You will really do.
Statement 2nd - Everything about it is spectacular. Be it Rudyard Kipling wonderfully written epic adventurous story, that's poured into Jon Favreau's outstanding and action-packed direction. Or be its extraordinary real-live CGI that's nothing less than spreading magic on silver screen. Its visual treatment is so lifelike, you feel floating around the jungle with all your favourite characters. Needless to say its visual effects beat most of sci-fi superheroes fantasy movies and effects are as per Life Of Pi and Avatar. Moreover, it is among very few movies that really deserved to be in 3D format. It has the best 3D effects I've ever watched for any movie following Gravity and Life Of Pi. I absolutely loved it, it aids more fun to this movie and also took my theatre experience on whole new level. Or be its Hindi dubbing with familiar voices feathering Bollywood legend who have ruled our heart with their captivating dialogues delivery over the decades. Everyone, Nana Patekar's banging and severely voice for brutal Shere Khan, Om Puri's hefty and elderly-like voice for Bagheera, Irfan Khan's humorous voice for Punjabi Baloo and that seducing voice of Priyanka Chopra for guileful Kaa, everyone has done their job beautifying the characters with their voices. Hindi dialogues are excellent, humorous and emotional where needed. Background music has been composed accordingly to the scenes that's enthralling and exciting. And special applause for that kid Neel Sethi who has played role of Mowgli- The Star Of Jungle Book. Mowgli who reunited Jungle; his home.
Statement 3rd - It's even more special for me for other reasons. It's first movie which I watched altogether with my brother and sister and yes it was my b'day treat for them. Needless to say, they liked my treat very much. It was the best treat I could have given to them and so I did. Hence, it was a pleasant experience and we had a lot of fun together.
One more thing that needs to be mentioned is that I was clueless about the story as neither I had read story book nor I had watched any movie/TV-series based on Jungle Book. Of course, my childhood didn't grow up with The Jungle Book and I don't know if it's surprising or not it's still not in vogue in my territory. I used to be a regular story book reader but never got to read it or heard its story by anyone. Although I was knowing Rudyard Kipling and his works. So I was intriguing and excited when I watched its trailer and decided to watch it, made plans and I'm been proved to be a successful planner here. Now, you can get that The Jungle Book was as fresh for me as any new great story. It was special, fun was doubled.
Last Statement - Do I really need to say anything? Don't be lazy. Catch it at your near cinema houses. If it will fail giving you wholesome entertainment. I guaranty you I'll return your ticket price.
My Rating : 9/10

answered by Assistant Director (53k points)

Thanks Bhai. And surely watch it. Will wait for your review.


Suhas and you..have written such detailed reviews..what is left to write..?? Still I will write for sure


Arre, just write down your experience.. Maja aata hai padhne Mein.


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Watched Jungle Book yesterday..here's my short review

Not writing a long one as Suhas and Ankit have written so detailed ones..

Jungle Book was my favourite story when I was a Kid..I loved each and every character of the novel.I watched and enjoyed the TV Series...Now it was time for the movie.Ever since it's announcement I was damn excited.

It was a nostalgic feeling to see the characters come alive on the big screen.Mowgli, Baloo, Bagheera , SherKhan, Kaa , Raksha and every other character were portrayed just like you would have imagined reading the novel. Direction is crispy and simply spell binding..you can't bat your eyelid for a second.
The technology ( motion capture and CGI ) has been used to it's optimum and elevates the experience to another level.3D made the movie as lively as it could be
Bill Murray, Sir Ben Kingsley, Idris Elba, Scarlette Johansson, Lupito Nyong'o, Christopher Walken & Neel Sethi : the stellar voicecast literally brought the characters to life.
The best part is the makers didn't decide to change the story much..
The film is an experience you will regret if you miss.So, grab your tickets and watch it as soon as you can.

My Rating: 4.5/5

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Nice review. You watched English version? I wish if you would have chosen Hindi, it could have been more desi for you.. Well, that's not a big deal. Expectations getting full filled is what all matters..


Watched the Hindi version..on laptop yesterday..It was a fun ride..Om Puri was awesome..Irrfan Khan nailed it as Punjabi Baloo

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