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 Wood doesn't matter anymore! It's World cinema.
It does matter Mr. Invisible Sir. just like there are a lot of countries with lot of difference from each-other though combination of all is called world.

I don't watch many wood as pollywood, tollywood etc etc. Bcz I don't like.
Why would I limit myself as a lover of a particular film industry, when there are some more film industries around the world even apart from Hollywood & Bollywood, such as Korean film industry, French film industry, Japanese film industry and few more, I watch their movies & love them and highly appreciate their works. Don't know man, what is Pollywood but Tollywood means Bengali film industry as well, Tollygunge is a neighbourhood of Kolkata, where most of the Bengali film studios are located and Tollywood is a portmanteau of the words Tollygunge & Hollywood, they do make some great movies, you can try them but obviously not their mainstream movies. And if you meant South Indian film industry by saying that then man, I would just say like any other film industry of India, their mainstream movies are mainly masala oriented. Haven't watched that many good movies from Telugu film Industry but I would suggest you to please explore the filmographies of director Mani Ratnam & actor Kamal Hassan, There are many good South Indian movies out there, if you wanna watch. BTW though I say Lagaan is my favourite Hindi movie of all time, yes it is among one of mine favorites, but I don't consider it a classic, for me classics are Pyaasa (1957), Awaara (1951) & the Kamal Hassan starrer Nayakan (1987) a Tamil movie, it's a masterpiece dude and one of the best movie ever made in India, these three are my all time favs Indian movies. Anyways, I saw this post one morning & laughed looking at my comment & felt it needs to be updated as I've explored many foreign movies in last 6-7 months.

Sorry for replying so late, just avoiding having conversations, which would go long and kill the whatever little time I do get to be online now-a-days. One can say Invisible the user has taken a break, will be back as an active user in the summer with some original posts But I was definitely gonna reply & I'll get back to ur another comment in a different post regarding Guzaarish also but hope that can wait for some more time.

And Ankit, I guess you're one of the few people whom I can call a friend here. So please don't use the word Sir for me or anything like that. and I know you're just being Ankit but please don't.
I love Japanese movies.lol Just kiddin. The main problem is what TV channels show on TV, mainly those are being mainstream movies. So, may be that faltu movies distract my attention to rest of wood exist in India. Infect, I'm not much favor of Bollywood and even Hollywood mainstream movie. But, I've idea or there're many sources by which I can get idea about Hollywood's good one. And, I've criteria too what I've to watch. But, I'm well known about Bhojpuri, Punjabi (except some). These are cheap and are black spot on tha name of movies. These're worst than saas-bahu serial.

I've watched the work of Mani And Kamal Sir. There is not doubting that they're legend and of course saving grace of southern film qualities. Otherwise, what I watch on TV come from southern film industry. Even using crap word would be insult of word 'crap'. I really hate those all mindless faltu movies.

And lol mujhse conversation karne se bade bade log darte hai, jab main start hota hoon, to argument irrational number pi ki tarah kabhi na end hone wala ban jata hai.lol So, there're many who avoid for this reason. Though, you've cleared your reason. Your exam is to start since April na? So, must have been giving attention to preparation of exam. Good Boy. and I really don't have remembered about Guzaarish one. What was that?  
And plz come. I'd like to criticize ur original post.lol though, it would gonna be hard.

And, we're friends for always. Specially, from my side. You know better about it. aur Maine tujhe sir ka tagma dekar tease karne ki koshish ki thi, I succeed too.lol

I'm being just Ankit?? To kya banu main?lol Ankit 007

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Bollywood of course.i like Hollywood also but Bollywood is my life.i cant even imagine my life without bollywood.the most lovely thing about bollywood is the soulful & melodious music which i love the most.the next thing is that i am very much able to connect easily with bollywood films & the characters played by the stars in the films.one of the main reasons is Ajay Devgan because i have grown up watching his movies & now i cant just wait for his movies

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Mah friend JD Love Ajay Devgn - he always says that he is the best in acting.But has been real bad in recent times in terms of movie selection! He is thrilled with the prospect of Satyagraha!
agree with JD.BTW who is JD
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Bollywood Of Courze!! Itz On My Every Heart-Beat...& Also Bcoz Of Shahrukh Though...Bt I Hv Been Watching Bollywood Since I Was A Neutral Fan.....My Life Is Incomplete Without Bollywood Movies....Though Hollywood Movies Are Bttr Den Bollywood (Though I Watch Only Supernatural & Thriller Films)....Bt Hopefully Bollywood Films Will Be Match The Level Of Hollywood Soon!!

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Hollywood due to their sensible direction and quality film-making. However, there are few directors in Bollywood keeping our hopes alive.

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Bollywood-only for my fav salman khan and i like bollywood love stories(sad endings).

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I like bollywood Movies more hollywood Movies are high on vfx and graphic but the most of their scripts are not good it bores me alot at most of the times

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