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Batman Vs Superman Ends Up Doubling Its Thursday On Its 2nd Friday Earning $15.3mn. The 3 Times 5 Figure Is 72% Down From Its Last Friday And 82% From First Day Including Previews.

It Now Stands At $225mn After 8 Days Of Release Which Is 11th Highest Ever After IronMan 3 $232mn.

Comparing With Other Films The 100% Growth On 2nd Friday  Is Heart Breaking

  • Avengers : Age Of Ultron : $21.3mn (146%)
  • Iron Man 3 : $19.7mn (159%)
  • Furious 7 : $18mn (129%)

Furious 7 Is Best Comparison To Make As Daily Trend Is A Bit Lower Than It. Furious 7 After 8 Days Was At $210mn i.e. Around $15mn Less Than Batman Vs Superman But Gap Is Decreasing Steadily Considering First Weekend Drop Was $19mn. It Had A 2nd Weekend Of $59mn But If Batman Vs Superman Have A Similar Trend In 8-10th Day It Will Mint $48mn. Furious 7 Holds Superbly After 2nd Weekend Grossing $100mn Approx. But Here Grossing $60-75mn After 2nd Weekend For Batman Vs Superman Will Be More Likely Which Will Put It At $320-335mn Lifetime.

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Disappointing performance from BvS 1 billion looks out of reach

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Atleast the film has shown good growth.Now 2nd weekend should be around $50 mn.

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Growth Was Bound To Happen Man. In USA Nirnally Suoerhero Films Saw 125-200% Growth On 2nd Friday Unless They Have Some Benefit On Thursday. But Here Weekdays Trend Was Bad And Now Very Loss Growth. $50mn Weekend Will Actually Means 70% Drop.

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Harry Potter 7 dropped much bigger than BvS on its 2nd friday, and still earned $380 million in the US. So hopes are still alive for BvS.

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Harry Potter Dropped As It Faced Captain America Not Due To Bad Reception. It Holds Well In Weekdays Too Unlike BvS. Moreover Drop Seems Big Due To The Fact $43mn Thursday Previews In First Weekend Otherwise It Was 61% Drop Whereas BvS Is Looking Fir 66-67% Drop From Fri-Sun.
As Per Hourly Gross Of Saturday BvS Is Looking Fir $19.5-20.5mn Which is mere 30% Rise From Friday. 2nd Weekend Is Now Looking To $47-50mn.