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Other than Afridi no one even hit a boundary in last 10....Shehzad and Akmal played so selfishly taking singles and playing so many dot deliveries....Shame on Pakistani Team
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n u never will................

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Pathetic performance to say the least. No boundri in last 5 hours when almost 60 were needed & were very much achieveable. NZ bowled really well but can someone really bowl "so effing well" on a batting wicket that you can't hit a boundry in 5 overs? Even not a mishit, edged etc

Shehzad & Akmal played so bad that it is unbelievable.

The guy at no.3 with a strike rate of 65 was Khalid Lateef. He has very poor record in T20 internationals, but played reasonably well in PSL & therefore was given a chance.

Pakistan cricket is a mess right now. No one knows what is happening. Cricket board threatning to remove Afridi as captain (middle of a world cup), Team manager reporting that captain Afridi had no ability to read pich conditions, An inquiry comittee search for reason of Asia Cup debcle, Chairman PCB saying don't except much from the team. WTF!!!!!

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Even I don't know what's happening to such a talented side....We Indians want Pakistan to be as good as Us because If they aren't then there is no need to create such a big hype to India Pakistan Clash


sikandar bakht- yeh intikabh alam 200 saal se pak team ke saath hai lekin kuch pata hai nahin.


Of course, it was good muqabla til Inzi etc were in the team because both Indian & Pakistani teams were even, but now India is no. 1 & Pakistan is at no.8, so it's basically no competition.

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Hahaha...... But also give credit to NZ bowlers and Their captain Kane..... It's second consecutive time NZ have won the game after getting hammered in power play..... Their both spinners have dominated middle overseas.....but yes, Pakistan too played poorly
BTW can any pak user tell me that who is the guy with 67 strike rate, came at number 3 after such a great start..??

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Pakistan Team selection is so pathetic....Condition of Asian Team is going down day by day barring India...Now Asia Cup should be played between Pakistan SL Bangladesh Afghanistan as it would be more competitive


he is a Legend in his own street.......bachoon ko batting dekha kr khush hota tha.....aisay he PCB ka dil aya to team mein daal deya..........
he played for Islamabad, the winning team, in PSL
one friend was not sure but guessed that he had seen him playing in Sharjah days......a very old Legend he is

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Now they should include Bangladesh in Top 8 playing nation...Pakistan should now play with likes of Ireland or Netherland..Even Afghanistan is better then them.

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LOL! Pakistan were pathetic after the start they made with Sharjeel firing on all cylinders. After he got out, they just couldn't gather any momentum.

Credit to the Kiwi spinners (especially Sodhi - interestingly of Indian ancestry) for maintaining control and setting up the victory. And Martin Guptil's 80 was simply fabulous!

This result means that we are guaranteed a place in the semis if we can beat both Bangladesh and Australia!

Chak De India!

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There has been news going on of grouping among the team if to be believed , Shoaib malik is the master mind i read this news some where in news paper , the way akmal , shehzad and malik played might give the proof itself but again more then them it must be afridi to criticized he must have pushed sarfaraz on one down as there was nothing in pitch and sarfaraz was better option.

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