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+3 votes
I just quickly made a video about how Pakistanis reacted after debacle of Asia Cup 2016 (lost against India & Bangladesh) & then what they said after Pakistan's win against Bangladesh in ICC World T20 :p

Please watch & share your views:

in Sports Related by Camera Operator (11k points)
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4 Answers

+5 votes

Whatever.. ..i love Afridi for eternity. Felling sad when he gets out, that's all. When he is in Chris I use to tremble and wish he is not on strike.. Runs come easily if he on Cris. I just want him to survive long.. ...

by Editor (88.5k points)

Same here :-) He is actually a very hard working & sincere cricketer.. Although he does more mistakes than others but it can't take away his achievements & what he has done for Pakistani cricket.


I'm angry on pak cricket board since long... ..they don't utilized Afridi 's batting potential. Afridi got bat when match already gone and then everyone blame him. If u wanna blame him u should give bat him first... And most of the time if afridi played well pak won the match. Pak opener and top batsman are continuously bad since long, So they should take a chance and give bat to afridi as opener or after one wicket fall...if afridi play with his rhythm run boost for team.
I know once he also bat as opener and he failed most of the time but at that time pitch was more bowling friendly, playing big shots was quite risky, also pak had a lots of good batsman at that time.
If afridi played as an openner whole carrier he would have more than 10000runs.
All I can say pak missed Afridi.. ..we fans missed Afridi.


I agree on this. I was discussing with someone other day & i said the same thing that Afridi should open. Now he comes when the only thing is needed is hitting & no time to adjust & he tries.. Sometime he succeeds, most of the time fails. But i am sure he would have been a destructive force til now if he never stopped coming as opener. He has actually said that he concentrate more on bowling now because you don't need to be a proper batsman to come at no. 7 & hit. You are 100% right here in my opinion.


Yap bro... .its his last WC. Already retired from odi, very frustrating for us.

+2 votes

hahaha.......Lala tu he hai, Lala tu he hai
praising part of video is a lot more natural....woh kya hai na, andar sy jo feel ati hai....KYA TALENT HAI MUNDAY MEIN

by Unit Manager (33.2k points)

Haha Thanks a lot Did you notice "500 saal captain"? You said it here on this forum on other day


hahah.....i notcied that n thought Mansoor bhai ny 600 ko 500saal keya h....enjoyed all the praising part


Haha actually it was non-scripted. Ese hi bethe bethe khayal aaya & then i made video. Jo bhi moonh main aaya, bol diya


yup.....n thats why it worked....scripted mein mza nhn ata

+1 vote

lolz... This is common reaction for every cricket fan. If player fails we curse them. if they played well we praise them. Welcome to the world.

by Art Director (2.8k points)

Not so common.. Only Afridi in Pakistan gets such reactions.. They way he is loved & then hated & then only one good performance changes everything. It's not common. No other player in Pakistani team gets reactions.


naaa......no player gets this much polarized views

0 votes

.....haHA superr bro.....if i say u act better than salman bhaijaan then u vl take as an insult or a compliment?....... .........

by Production Accountant (27.2k points) 1 flag

......taking se yaad aya....... what size and color do you prefer ????


@kabira what if i say you do comedy better than papa made star aka hrithik....

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