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+15 votes
By the way scene is 4mins long, watch at ur own risk ......n yeah, Subscribe this channel, i will try to do something better and crispier with this channel

Previous advices like shooting with horizontal camera etc were taken......anymore advices r more than welcome

in General by Unit Manager (33.3k points)
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how to make it a mobile link.........even on my mobile i m getting normal link........anybody tell me how to get that kind of link


.....replace 'www' in d link wid 'm'........i vl do it 4 u.....


thnx Kabir...................


Nice ..................

16 Answers

+2 votes
Best answer

Amazing is the word.. U were great from the 2nd min , ur expressions ,Ur pauses were great .. In the first minute u talked very quickly ..and i t takes some effort to give a continuous shot of 4 mins rating 4.5/5 ( -.5 for not wearing a jacket )

by Director (123k points)
selected by

thnx......first minute looks fake to me also cz of just delivering dialogues quickly........n jacket, yeah.....wanted to shoot this scene during winters, but late hogya......ab garmi agayi.....but jis din yeh shoot keya us din baarish ho kr hati thi....kaash jacket ly jata us din...damn

SRK-Saif scene from Kal Ho Naa Ho enacted by me (Baadshah). Hopefully you will like it :)
+2 votes

Wow Wow Wow. Your SRKs dialogues and the way you spoke are 90% similar to SRKs way of talking in that scene ;) I wonder how did you managed to remember all the dialogues same to same hehe LOVELY LOVED IT

by Producer (108k points)

thnx bro.....dialogues he yaad rhtay hain mjhe, kabhi parhai ka to kuch yaad nhn rha

+2 votes

Too good Mahn, too good. U r just perfect on srk's role. Expression and acting are pure copy cat. But u r lazy on Rani S part. It would B awesome if there's a girl too. Next time try to have a co actor.
And of course your acting talent is very enlighten. Goooo ahead.

by Editor (88.5k points)

haha............thnx......agli baar larki hire krta hn Rani k liye

+2 votes

You just need SRK Hair Style , other then that ur dialogue delivery everything is really good , expressions are good but thats not a issue as you are rookie but bhai talent hain buhaat, u must join acting institute i guess u r from pakistan and there are many acting institute available in pakistan ,i personally a big fan of Pakistani Tv Drama's

by Assistant Director (43.4k points)

yaar masla sirf aik h, main Faisalabad mein hn........zyada yahan kuch hai nhn..........always wished that if i was in Lahore n joined NCA instead of doing ACCA, i would hv been a lot more sy km dil to khush hota k try ki

+2 votes

I will give you correct opinion and not a biased one.

A little fast.

SRK Part : Below Average
Rani Part: Worst

But at least you tried. Keep doing it and you will improve day by day.

by Production Accountant (20.1k points)

u r rite.....but problem is that it is even now 4mins long.....i hv to complete it quickly also......esp. starting is too fast which irks me.......but i will try to do scenes slowly n for that will pick smaller scenes....thnx for the opinion


You are always welcome bro.

+2 votes

Your dialogue delivery and your expressions are outstanding bro. Srk ki yaad taazaa kar di. Too good. Keep it up.

by Director (135k points)

thanks.................Srk ki yaad taazaa kar di


@intense Srk ki yaad diladi ? Srk toh abhi sehatmand and zinda hai ?


I meant srk ki movie ki yaad dila di. lol



+2 votes

Its good.I like it. Maya hoti to aur bhi bahtar hoti.

by Production Accountant (21.5k points)

ya.....arrange krta hn kahen sy....soch rha hn stud Himesh bhai sy request krn larki ki

+2 votes


by Unit Manager (37.6k points)

thnx bro.................

+2 votes

Well Tried..!! Fantastic Job...
Dialouge delivery is very good..You need to improve on expressions and mannerisms..

by Star (151k points)

thnx for appreciating.........i will try to work on both bro....agli baar better ho ga, hopefully

+2 votes

Nice tuning.. You made me proud of you.. Aaj Tu Kid Cheetah Se Young Cheetah ho gya hai. And it'll be shame on humanity if you don't get a gf within next month..
Suggestion - You could have simply used Farhan Akhtar voice instead of trying for Rani Mukherjee's voice..
Keep it up Dude! Nice lad.

by Assistant Director (52.3k points)
0 nhn chahye mjhe.......main waisay he bohat khush hn
n Farhan Akhtar......haha.........haan yeh option bhi try keya ja skta hai

+2 votes

Badshah bhai...... This is Awesome.....

by Producer (114k points)

thnx Arvind......happy that SRK fans in particular liked it

+2 votes

You have got some serious acting talent man Thumbs up. I have not seen this film, but i can see Shahrukh Khan in your dialogue delivery. You should start making YouTube videoes..

by Camera Operator (11.1k points)

I was just thinking that you have great acting talent & see how big some youtubers are. You can give them tough time :-D But of course it takes a lot to get there, specially in start :-)

0 friend trolls me by saying 'dekh Abhisaik Misra k chwalees hzaar(44000) subscribers hain, lanat teray talent ty' .....n in case u don't know who that Legend Abhishek Mishra is, see this

go through his videos if u didn't already n have fun
by the way only channel which impressed me or us as friends recently is Cinema Beyond Entertainment......thats one hell of a concept........even though he is also copying Western Channel......but thats how u make a different channel


Hahaha Is ki videoes "suggestion" main aai magar main ne kabhi dekhi nahi.. Abhi dekhi hain I don't know what to say haha but it's shame that he has 43000+ subscribers & mere sirf 3300+ :-( Hahaha

Hahahahaha :p

TheViralFeverVideoes bhi acha YouTube channel hai :-D


this was the first video i saw of Sr.Abhishek Mishra........KRK ka style bhi copy krta
n TVF to hai he professionals ka channel na.....even worked with SRK.....their acting is jst too good

+2 votes

by Star (147k points)
edited by

upvoted cz i know u must hv shared sumthing good for me.....but i can't see it.....if u kindly upload this photo again


Jo bolna tha woh sabke ans mein hain,so just an image.Keep it up!


its visible now..........thnx a lot bro......SRK ka thumbs up matters most

+1 vote

This one was good though your look funny delivering those Romantic dialogues but this time body language was and Expressions were decent.... Dialogue Delivery needs to improve ...u were fast at places..3/5

by Producer (103k points)

advice taken already.....i have a problem with singing songs too.....i sing too fast....n scenes mein to aisa bilkul nhn hona chahye

0 votes

Hhahahahahahahahahahahahhaa there's more of this shit....!! What do you think you are??

by Star (153k points)
–1 vote

You Can Either Take My Opinion As An Insult Or A Motivation To Do Better. But You Will Take It As An Insult So I Am Refraining Myself To Comment About Your Another Idiotic Act.

by Production Accountant (27.2k points)

Totally agree with Mr.A
Khud se kuch nahi hota aur badi badi chhod raha hai
Btw Great going badshah bhai


thnx brother srk2617......i know some people here find it hard to keep those stupid fan fights aside......but its not abt Lord....Lord Rajat's words r noble


If You All Want Me To Just Give Only Positive Feedback Then Sorry I Am Not That Kinda Guy. I Call A Spade A Spade.


hahahaha.......Lord Rajat sounds shoooooo cute.....' I Am Not That Kinda Guy' ....such a righteous man