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The interview went on as per my expectations only. That's what I expected Pawan Kalyan's answers to be. As of now, whenever he is not aggressive, he has spoken like this only.
The surprising part to me was when he said that he'll quit acting after 2-3 films. Turn full term politician, ofcourse for the next term he needs to ensure his party does wonders in the election. Quite understandable if you think about it.
As Chiranjeevi struggles to safeguard his political career, once I wished Pawan Kalyan to come into his help rather than starting his own political party. Let's see what's in the future for him.
Was fun watching Anupama interview Power Star & she seemed to be smitten by his giant super stardom as well his "nature". Even she seemed to quite enjoy his career. Not many gets to ask or dare to ask Pawan "After Kushi for 10 years you had flops"... It was not 10 years but still she chose to ask that to him directly.

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Well to be fair to Anupama...she said you went 10years without a big blockbuster after stupendous success of kushi...though she asked it in reference to how he handles his failures.


And regarding she being smitten by his super stardom & his nature....i guess she will behave the same way with most of the huge South stars....despite their near demigod status, most of them dont flaunt it (stardom) like say BW stars. I know it kind of stereotypical statement...but yeah most South stars arent exactly known for wearing their stardom on the sleeves during promotions/interviews or in normal public appearances.

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