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Reel Buzz: This Superstar Is Keechaka.

 He is a top Bollywood star involved in various controversies. He even went to jail but got a clean chit in a certain case that has amazed people who thought that he was going to be convicted.

Known to be having underworld connections, this hero’s blessings are a must for any heroine to survive. There is no other way.

Either they submit to him or face extinction. One heroine who rejected his advances was warned that she would be killed. Seeing no other way out, the poor girl was forced to allot dates to his picture. This heroine got married recently in a hush-hush manner.

Although the media never reported the cruel side of the hero, this heroine is now venting her frustration and anger at the hero. As they say, better late than never!

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"This heroine got married recently in a hush-hush manner" ..... Urmila or Preity Zinta??


Bro i don't know that's why i asked in this forum. This article came in Great Andhra website.


Hmmm... No idea. Bollywood or South Superstar??

3 Answers

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Its should be Salman..
Heroine is Preity Zinta..Recording of Sanjay Dutt and an Underworld is there on youtube where they are discussing about Salman referring to him as Nanga and Preity Zinta who was not ready to a film..
Even she is married now.
So that Star is Salman Khan.

by Director (133k points) 1 flag
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S -a-l-m-a-n k-h-an ??

by Director (123k points)
+1 vote

Everyone knows who it is. A genuine saint. I suggest you hide this article or suhas will write 20 paragraphs to explain this saintly person' sainthood.

by Director (136k points) 1 flag

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