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srk said movie has no songs apart from 1...so Jabra should part of the film...This will add feelings of audience for Gaurav
asked in Movie Discussions by Second Unit Director (73.6k points)
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Why would the fans go crazy?


@Filman By crazy he meant fans will whistle, clap, throw coins, dance on top of their seats for themselves etc.

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I think the reason for Song not there in the film is that Face of Fan in Song not Similar to that of Fan in trailer or movie.
They could have come with Song in end credit but if ending is sad then song shouldnt be end..
But i just want them to Add Audio in Opening credit so that i can dance with my fellow SRKians..

answered by Director (132k points)
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I think the song should be there in the film.It would be awesome experience to watch it on big screen.

answered by Star (141k points)
No Star Should Do 4 Films a Year, Saturates Your Market : Arjun Kapoor
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Should be in the opening credits..........will be a massive success.

answered by Producer (107k points)
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I think Girish Johar confirmed in his twitter that song will be there in film.

answered by Location Scout (4.7k points)
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But it's not in the movie, it was shot only for promotional purpose.........
If you want further confirmation then..... Look of Gaurav in Jabra song is different then his look in Trailer, so that kind of confirms that it won't be in the movie, I also want it to be in the movie, but it won't be.........

answered by Mega Star (202k points)

lol tune firse mera ans kar liya


Ulta........ My answer is One hour older then your answer, so this time you have copied my answer.....


Lol i didnt copied yours..So we have same views.


Except few times, our views match with each others

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It wil be a Foolig thing to do if song isnt included. Song should be there for Indian Audience to enjoy the movie even More. Jabra song is becoming a Big Hit slowly slowly.
They should include it at a place when Gaurav gets to know that he will be going to Mumbai to see his Idol. So in happiness he sings a song. Then next scene will be his journey to mumbai. Perfect timing to song isnt it.
There are few members who are close to RCE YRF etc from SRKUniverse but i feel they wont get this idea to take it to YRF RCE. Comeon guys atleast let the makers know that we want song in the film -__-

answered by Producer (108k points)

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