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But that guy mentality is Anti India and Anti Upper Caste..............Thodi popularity mil gayi to uchhal raha hai.In logon ka to encounter karva dena chahiye.


Well the damn caste thing always divides people... Being from a lower caste I've numerous experiences in my own life to think upper caste ppl have been unfair to me. But then that was just 4 years of graduation as in MBA it didn't matter... It never mattered till I finished 10th or even 12th. Nobody fcuking cares about caste in corporate world. People live for caste when it comes to govt jobs.
So your comment, as long as there is an "upper" caste that sees other ppl as "lower"... It doesn't have to be Kanhaiya but Ambedkar's ideology is enough to live the entire life upon by never stopping the fight for equality until equality is achieved. No need to treat lower caste ppl as upper caste ppl, just treat them as humans which doesn't happen in our country.
And his extreme take on certain issues is no different than what right wing does. Atleast he's not working against the ideals behind the birth of the country called India. Hot blooded hai, he's finding the need to speak about everything. He'll learn to speak. Even Modi had to be trained in what to speak & what not to speak by Amit Shah before becoming the leader for this nation & even today he does.


I don't believe in caste system............Being from a lower caste I've numerous experiences in my own life to think upper caste ppl have been unfair to me.Can u share some experiences?


I can.. But I don't want to... This is not the place to speak about it & I don't intend to share it simply for the sake of it. Afterall it's my life's experiences & I've never cribbed about them before, not going to do now.

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India nhi India k log chu hai aur un k kaam bhi. That's why I am leaving my country. Going spain next month.

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Bade dukh ki baat hai..............Lekin Main ch** nahin hoon aur Mere jaise croron bhi nahin hai.


Haha bhai tum ko nhi bola main. Aise he bta rha hu.


Lollz. Aamir Khan effect......................