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[1] How big is south industry ? All india pan appealing films with superstars and a big holiday are struggling to cross 300cr.
While  only tamil or telugu films which dont have appeal in entire south also because of different languages are  crossing 250crs.
How is it possible ?
Ans - Very few films in the South are collecting as much as Bollywood film. The worldwide average per film would be way lower.
There is one big advantage for regional films, which is exemption from entertainment tax. Hindi films don’t get that benefit. In fact, the core markets like Mumbai / Delhi UP are heavily taxed.
A film like ‘Baahubali’ which was the highest grossing South film of all time, cannot be compared to other regional films, because it was by far the highest grossing dubbed film too. It did 6 times the business of the previous Hindi dubbed south film. Yet, inspite of all the success for Baahubali, it still failed to surpass the worldwide gross of both Bajrangi Bhaijaan and PK.
[2] How much FAN  needs to do for HIT , Super HIT and Blockbuster Verdict ?
Ans - Too early to comment. FAN isn’t a big budget film, but these days for big stars it isn’t about recovery but meeting trade expectations.
A Shah Rukh Khan film would be a massive disappointment if it recovers costs, but finishes with business of less than 100 crore in India.
It was the same with Dilwale too, SRK the producer made profits, he compensated domestic distributors.. but 148 crore was way below what was expected out of the film.
FAN will be considered a solid success for SRK if it does 150 crore plus in India.
[3] To how much extent will there  be an affect of IPL over FAN ?
Ans - It depends on how the film is received. If the word-of-mouth is good, people might skip IPL to watch FAN. The impact on business could be more if the film receives mixed to negative response. IPL matches aren’t the same as international cricket matches featuring India. Games featuring the home team are usually the most watched in that particular state and the schedule is spread out, so the impact is minimal.
[4] Mohenjodaro announced their  release date first..  but now Akshay’s Rustom is releasing on same  date and they are trying to scare away competition. Is this ethical ?
Ans - There are two ways to look at this. One, since there are just 52 weeks in a year and more than 200 film releases, there is no way to escape clashes. Every producer is free to pick the date he believes is right for his film.
On the other hand, there seems to be no unity in the industry. When a big budget film like Mohenjo Daro was announced almost a year ago and Hrithik was returning after nearly two years, the makers of Rustom not only announce the date of their film, but also try to create perception that their film is hot in the trade by releasing posters. Akshay even went to the extent of promoting his film on Zee Cine Awards and ensured that he highlighted the ’12 August 2016′ date in every tweet. For some reason, the intention doesn’t seem to be right. The film has just gone on floors about a month ago, Akshay has Housefull 3 before Rustom (promotional campaign for which hasn’t even started). The message seems to be – not only do we want the Independence Day week, but we will go all out to try to push Mohenjo Daro (since the stakes for the film are way too high) and give Rustom a solo release. Not too sure about the ‘ethical’ part of it, but the tactics that team Rustom is using, isn’t the nicest.
[5] What is the recent update on Raees vs Sultan clash ? Is the clash still on or will there be a week gap between the two  releases ?
Ans - The clash is still on. There is no point in giving a gap of a week between the two films, it’s the holiday weekend of Eid that both films want. If that advantage isn’t there, it’s better to release one film a couple of weeks later.
[6] Do you think egos and rivalry is going to increase in industry as there are so many clashes. For example, Hera  Pheri 3, Rustom  and Mohenjo Daro have locked the same date.. when budgets are high, it’s risky. Is it not better to release solo on a non holiday ?
Ans - For good or for bad, the result of Bajirao Mastani vs Dilwale clash has given plenty of filmmakers the confidence to take on big films. For films featuring big stars, ego does play a part, because they aren’t in a position to avert the clash. It’s the smaller film that has to. Also, every producer wants a solo release, at the same time they also want a good date to give their film the best chance to perform well. Extended weekends, national holidays is the target and since there are so few holidays in a year, every big films wants those few dates. About solo release on non-holiday vs clash during a festive weekend, it’s a debatable topic. Would Bajirao Mastani collect 190 crore if it got a solo release during a normal weekend? Possible, but unlikely.
asked in Movie Discussions by Unit Manager (31.7k points)
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[7] How many screen will be shared by both sultan and raaees on eid clash – who is aving edge now and what is reason of edge ?
Ans - Again, too early to talk about screen share. Screens can get finalised as late as two days before release. Bajirao Mastani shows were finalised at select multiplexes, just a day before release which also affected the advance booking of the film. As far as the ‘edge’ is concerned, Sultan is the hotter film in the trade at the moment. Salman has dominated Eid, Eid has become synonymous with Salman. People wait for his films during this time of the year. It’s a no brainer, really.It remains to be seen how it goes after the theatrical trailer of both films are out. But eventually though, it’s all about the content. The better film will win and the weaker might underperform. If both films are extraordinary, they’ll still lose out on 25-30% of business.
[8] If Dangal prepones and releases on Independence Day, don’t you think Sultan or Raees, one of them should move to Christmas?
Ans - News of Dangal releasing during Independence Day seems to be baseless. We haven’t heard from any reliable source about Dangal getting preponed. It doesn’t make sense either. Why would Aamir Khan want to let go of his most successful release period, which also happens to be the best time of the year to release films? So far, it looks like he will get a solo release too. No logical reason to shift to any other date. The only reason for the confusion is, the director of the film refused to comment when asked if Dangal will be shifted to Independence Day.
[9] Biggest non-holiday grosser ?
Ans - It’s Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani, which is the 11th highest grosser of all time. The other Top 10 films either released during Eid, Diwali or Christmas
Q. How many screens does India have in comparison to USA, UK or China etc? Why can’t we release big, is it because we lack universal appeal ?
Ans - Along with content, language is probably the biggest barrier for Hindi film. English is much more widely spoken and understood the world over, as compared to Hindi which is restricted to resident and non-resident Indians. Markets like China are opening up, but only 3 films have done well there so far. As for screens, India has more than 10000 screens, but majority of them are either regional screens or single-screens. US has more than 38,000 screens and China has about half that number and growing fast. India, in comparison, has about 2200 multiplex screens. A vast country like ours, has huge potential for growth in the number of screens. The good performance of Hollywood movies like Fast and Furious 7, Avengers: Age of Ultron, Jurassic Park and Telugu dubbed film like Baahubali, is good news for multiplexes, as they are no longer entirely dependent on Hindi films to sustain footfalls. The average increase in multiplex screens every year is around 175-200.
Q . What do the makers do when they watch the rough/final print of the film and realise that the film has been terribly made or the film is bad?
Ans -There is not much that they can do, except go all out to promote it and try to recover as much as possible in the first weekend itself. They could also try and include an item number or buy the rights to a popular song and include it in the film. Having said that, it’s really difficult to figure out what works and what doesn’t. A film like Tamasha was acclaimed by a section of the audience, but was completely rejected at B and C centres. The makers were confident it would do well, but it didn’t. Even S.S. Rajamouli was uncertain if Baahubali would be accepted, he was hopeful that it would perform well in the long run.. but the opening itself was earth shattering. Aashiqui 2 wasn’t a great film and even though it had a chartbuster song, it wasn’t expected to collect half of what it did. What clicks and what doesn’t can never be predicted in the film industry. Some bad films perform well and a few good film might tank too.

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Hope so it does well at boxoffice because it will make SRK to consider good scripts and he will come to know people love good cinema these days not rubbish masala

answered by Assistant Director (40.8k points)

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