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I know he wont apologize as he already made peace with BJP..But if BJP pressurize him more then he would directly apologize then praising Modi or giving clarifacation like Aamir which was so fake.
asked in Television by Director (132k points)
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iska repeat telecast kab hai...

For u whatever Aamir does is Fake And Whatever Srk does is correct, Watch the Entire video of Aamir that happened in November 2015 , Aamir is just sticking to that statements. Our media just misreported it . He has every right to clarify this although it is too late.

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Aamir gave such a weird clarification..

answered by Unit Manager (37.6k points)
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Well, Why should he apologise to BJP ???
It is his opinion and what he said its just a mature accomplished opinion which any intellectual gentleman should posses... But this thing hurt him a lot. This thing did huge loss...
So, he just should say that keep your brain with you and understand the meaning of my statement...
That's it..

answered by Assistant Director (43.1k points)

I mean he is into movie business they can stop screening and SRK cant do anything..Its not only loss of SRK but also of distributor and exhibitors..But SRK has handled it really well now..BJP wont do anything to him or his movie now and thats confirmed..

Yup... You are right... Now VHP,Bajarang Dal should understand this......

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Srk also has made clarification lot of times. Hope u know that....

answered by Second Unit Director (70.9k points)

Well, Aamir also gave a mature explanation in Aap ki Adalat . See the applause. He never looked fake. If u have time watch the intolerance interview, He has said the same thing but our media has misreported it. Why this double standards for Aamir and Shahrukh??.
i'm just trying to clear this.. I'll keep my brain with me but u don't have one

Nope... He didn't given mature explanation...
If he had to say India is tolerant then why he said his wife wants to move out from India ?
You don't have one... All forum members knows that how idiot are you !
Blind fanship...
Stop here now... Fake data... Publishers You and Nolaniitjee.

That's what he has cleared in Aap ki adalat. Watch Aap ki adalat and Intolerance Video, Growing Intolerance and India is intolerant is two different things which media has misquoted him. He said Wife wanted to leave the country due to growing intolerance which he felt was DISASTROUS(Search the meaning).....

Not fake data I got it from Popular Indian news Sites....... If u don't want to believe then don't believe but u are the one who is a blind follower not me.

Lol. Everybody knows. Who is . Bye...

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