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Let's see...BTW ,I am watching it today...


Ohk. All the best! BTW Anupama Chopra gave 2.5/5 to the film.


Love Punjab Dekhi Bhai?
I Watched Channo. Its Good At Max. Climax Was Hurried.


I will watch Love Punjab and Ardaas on Tuesday. I'm busy till Monday!
Yes i also didn't liked the climax. I already gave 3.5/5 to it.

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Jai Gangaajal Review
The film basically has almost same story as Gangaajal with a different setup , a different place , different set of goons aka politicians who control everything in a town.An Inspector comes and decides to help the people.Things go wrong when people take laws into their hands by killing the goons and then hanging them so, that it appears as suicide.In Gangaajal it was the Acid which was the Gangaajal..there's no reference to that here..but the the suicide thing has taken it's place.It's done again and again in the film.

Direction by Prakash Jha lacks the ignition his films usually have.He has reused the dialogues of Gangaajal with some new ones.
He seemed to have concentrated more on his acting rather than directing.He surprisingly has the role of an almost parallel lead to Priyanka Chopra , a police officer who works for the goons and then becomes honest when he is insulted by them(Like Mukesh Tiwari in Gangaajal).His acting is average.There's a scene where he is chasing a goon he seems to be copying Ajay Devgn from Singham .He even slaps him continuously in a manner which is somewhat similar to Singham.

Priyanka Chopra as Abha Mathur , played her part superbly , though she hammed in a few scenes.Her dialogue delivery is excellent.In actions scenes she is fantastic.

Manav Kaul and Ninad Kamat who play the political goons Babloo Pandey and Dabloo Pandey did a good job , escpecially Manav Kaul, his dialouge delivery in expressions are excellent.

Rahul Bhat who plays a young educated aspiring politician also did his part well

The background music of the film is very good and flows very well with the tune of the film.

Overall the film is an average affair , a good attempt which lacks the fire punch that's needed for such films.

Rating -- 3/5

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Jai Gangaajal - Confused Garbage

Frankly I was starting to get bad vibes about movie when it started to bore me even before I seen its first frame. Yes it starts with lengthy SPECIAL THANKS display of names that you frankly dont care about. Yes boring starts right there.

So the whole story is on the back drops of chaotic town of Bankipur. yes you heard that right, the town is so chaotic that police has been treated like whores by politicians. Police works exactly as per their commands. The problem starts when corporate giants wants to grab land for their new power project, and believe me they want to same land, yes the same exact land where people of town have set up their markets, where different honkers come together to sell vegetables etc....There is a lot of confusion in the script regarding that land but anyways ignore all that as we are watching a bollywood movie so ignore that and move forward.

Now SP tries to be a rebel and asks his deputies to take strict steps against these land mafias and as usual he gets overnight transfer thats when our new SP Priyanka Chopra (Abha) takes charge and she decides to clear the mess in the town but within the limits of "kanoon". This is the plot, how Abha mathur rescues the town from these land mafia and ill willed politicians.

Performances, well our Priyanka zombie who played the role of a SP walks like victoria's secret model. She looks uglier in action scenes where she tries to hit the bad guys. They have tried to keep it in slow motion when she hits the goons. It is one of the most horrible performances of the year. It is very difficult to cop with her "wanna be american" accent, she thinks she is a big deal as she got b grade hollywood soap opra Quantico. Priyanka zombie you absolutely **** in this performance.

Other cast performed reasonably well but the one stands out is prakash zha it self. He portrayed his character with dignity and he successfully able to connect audiences emotions.

It is a usual garbage that bollywood produces but these kind of garbages are made with intention of getting national awards. Believe me there is nothing new, it is horrible movie and strictly not recommended. Dont waste your time on this.

I give it -1 stars out of 5.

by Production Accountant (20.1k points)
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