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It depends normally these days you dont get masala flicks with good content but if you get them no other film can beat them they become a rage like wanted,ghajini these very great films so a great masala film isanyday more appealing then all other high content films and it depends on your choice for me if a great content masala flick I prefer but I can watch both...

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I prefer a non-masala commercial entertainer with great content and plenty of Entertainment.Eg-3 idiots,Oh my god.

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Masala film with good content as they are very rare....

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Not interested nowadays. Prefer to watch different set of films.

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masala film with good content bahot kum dekhne ko milta hai......

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Movies and cinema for me are for entertainment only and download I prefer masala ones with good content and then I too like spending time watching just the content driven films but with some sort of entertainment and not juts being off beat as in the whole..

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