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who's the other jerk btw..? I want a reason, he might give me one.


@kabir @criminal UV n DV are least of my concerns here. If i cared for points or anything as such...would've written answers where i may get points instead of writing comments most of the time.


Found! Dilip is the man Obama wanted to give a medal!



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Terrific trailer!!I was always exited for fan and this trailer has increased the exitement even more and this trailer gives an indication that Srk will give a top notch performance especially as the fan.Overall potential of the film is big imo audience loves different films these days and this looks perfect combo of that and commercially viable too.

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Awesome!!!!! This has to be the best of SRK's career.

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2 First Day Shows Maneesh Sharma.
15th April Aaja.

Tum Nahi Ho Mere Fan
Simple 5 Words In A Line/Sentence, But Its A Devasting Sentence For A Fan If Comes From His Own Idol.
And When Duniya Ka Sabse Bade Superstar Ka Sabse Bade Fan Hear These Words From His Own Idol, He Decides To Show That Main Nahin Toh Tu Nahin
Hats Off Manish Sharma And A Big Thanks Too For Making Fan.
And Yet Again I Am More Jabra Fan Of Yours SRK.
Once Again Proves SRK Is Best Actor In Mainstream Bollywood At Present.
The Moment Gaurav Says Aise Kaise Bol Sakte Ho Tum. Tumhari Life Ke 5 Minute Bhi Nahi Le Sakta Main".
Man He Is God, God Of Acting.

Apart From Story And Whole Paper Work Of Fan, One Thing That Come As Quite Pleasant Surprise Is Action. One Of The Classiest Action For A Bollywood Film. Can't Wait To See 007 Avatar Of SRK. The Scene Where Gaurav Struggles Climbing On Building Is Mindblowing. Whole Chase Scene Gonna Be Epic.
A Special Mention To Red Chilles VFX For Great Efforts They Made Taking Indian Cinema At Whole New Level.
From Me Its Must Must Watch Indian Film. And FDFS Is Old Thing My Back To Back 2 Shows Confirmed.
See You On April 15, 2016.

PS Scene Where Gaurav Breaks After His Encounter With Aryan. Mark It From My Side, Bohat Robe Wala Hoon Main Aur Duniya Ka Harek Fan.

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wow !!!! just wow !!!!!! finally
pehle fan star ke piche bhagta tha ab star fan ke piche bhagega !!!!!!!!!!!!

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Just awesome and looks different . 4/5 . SRK was rocking as the fan . And there is no actress opposite SRK 1st time since Chak de . I think there could have been 1-2 sad background songs like jag suna suna or bhare naina or jee le zara in the movie to make it more commercial for masses and to keep the buzz alive b/w trailer and release date. Though SRK will take care of it .

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Absolutely amazing, looks to have a dark theme and the face off between gaurav and aryan is too epic. This is a winner from the looks of it.

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Get Ready to witness SRK of Darr and Anjaam ......Awesome Trailer....Can't wait for 15th April

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Man may be im too emotional n out of senses right now to say this but this is the best trailer of the decade so far...no Raees no Don2 no other movie in sight..
N this movie FAN will be the best movie acting wise in SRK's career..i have watched this trailer numerous tyms n im awestruck..let me tell u..evry fanbase will lyk this movie..its our SRK but evryone's GAURAV..
The way he shouts"Tu lavta kaum hai aaryan khanna ka??" insanely n then speaks softly "FAN"..tat moment nails it all..
Leo winning Oscar n SRK giving us FAN trailer..uparse 29th feb..a day that comes in 4yrs..too much awesomeness n speciality in a single day..

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Freaking Awesome.It is worth the wait.Seems like SRK has given performance of a lifetime.Gaurav and Aaryyan's confrontation gave goosebumps."Pehle Fan Star ke piche bhagta tha,ab Star Fan ke piche bhagega"! SRK will sweep all Awards next year.King is back! 5/5.

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I'm wont say anything abt the trailer bcoz I have no words to describe it....Only thing thatz coming to my mind is FDFS booked...

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Nice trailer, we can expect a very good thriller, my favorite dialogue from the trailer is " Bina Gaurav ke Aryan Koch bhai nahi" the way he deliver this dialogue is superb.

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Woooooooooooooh...............it is just awesome...digesting it now......can't say much......5/5.....Gaurav hai to Aryan Hai

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Agar raees ma trailer isse bhi acha hua toh usse kya Doge bhai? 5.5/5 ?


haha..........Raees ka trailer itna acha ho he nhn skta.....i bet.........cz Raees mein novelty factor missing hai

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That is just bang on. Excellent trailer. Now please don't call it niche or offbeat. That's clearly mainstream entertainment cinema.

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Fantastic Out of the World Trailer King khan Rocks

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0:51..look at those eyes.. woaahhhh ...that was good.. ..in short it felt like DARR Minus the Kiran...3.5/5.

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....not expected such dark theme.....background music was superb n lukingg forward 2 it eagerlyy.....4/5...........

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Excellent Trailer..... It tells everything as well as hides everything.
If you watch the Trailer than you will be so Curious that FDFS is must.

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Wasn't expecting action on this high level but still liked the trailer I just hope there is strong content in FAN which is missing in srk films nowadays

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Biggest Fan to Biggest Enemy..!!
Without Aryan Gaurav is Nothing and without Gaurav Aryan is nothing..
The story seems to be on expected lines...Aaryan Khanna role would be easy as SRK would play himself..Gaurav one looks like one of the best of his career..
I was surprised to see the commercial content of the film..didn't expect that..
Background music is superb... VFX looks a bit hurried..Didn't like it much.
4/5 from me..

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No words!!!!!!! This is what I want!!!! Can you believe Gaurav and Aryan are same person??? No Never.... Yes! Yes! Yes! This is the magic SRK can bring.

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At 00:52......... Emotion he puts, when he shouts the name of Aryan from the crowd....
At 02:24........That wink. OMG, that was so expressive.....
Well, I was dying to see SRK in such role since a long time and fortunately........ FAN fulfilled my wish.....
One of the Best Trailer............... 5/5........

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No yaar....... I copied that comment...........

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Take a bow !!!!!!!!!! vintage SRK is back

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As expected, outstanding trailor from YRF once again, 4.5/5
Infact one of the best ever trailor I have ever seen in recent years
Back-ground music was too good and most of the dialogue delivery from Gaurav was outstanding
Being one of the biggest FAN of suspense/crime thriller(thanks to crime patrol show) I always hoped SRK to do a film in this genre and finally SRK is back with a bang in crime/suspense thriller
Nothing can be bigger then this! really too much happy now
I had limited expectation from this film after seeing teasers but after seeing the trailor, expectation increased hugely!!
Hope film don't disappoint me!
No doubt SRK acting as Gaurav will be praised hugely but at the end expecting a great content film!
Love you SRK
I am your biggest FAN

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But hopefully u don;t turned out to be a fan of SRK same as Gaurav......
Bcos for you...I want SRK can give you 5 minutes....

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SRK The Actor Is Back, Mind blowing trailer by Yash Raj Well Done Maneesh Sharma , well for Gaurav no words his expressions his madness his obsession is Wow, SRK's long wait for national award might end here..... possibly one the best trailer ever , quite engaging and clueless Job Done YRF 4.5/5

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Gaurav steals the show! This character is gonna be a legendary one for almost every SRKian.Movie shows how too much love towards a person becomes obsession.Their face off scene gonna be truly a epic one.Looking at trailer it looks like movie has a dark theme.There will be a good and bad side of both character.

My pick from the trailer is Gaurav's acting and background music.Background music was too good! 4/5........from me.

I will keep my expectation very low this time.Because I don't want to be disappointed.Though this movie will be very close to my heart regardless of whether it's good or bad or hit or flop.

A Fan makes a superstar.A superstar is incomplete without his fans.This dialogue shows the power of a Fan-"Gaurav
hai to Aryan hai,Gaurav nahin to Aryan kuch bhi nahin"

The best tribute from a superstar towards his fans regardless of who your favorite superstar is!

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to be honest i really liked the trailer best trailer of srk in recent times... best part of the trailer was fan become enemy to his star... nd here srk playin himself as arrogant star perfectly suits him... best dailogue was gaurav nahi toh aryan nahi.....
vfx hard work can be seen in face off of gaurav nd aryan.. really hw ugly aryan aka srk is...they worked lot on potato nose of aryan..

well this movie wil be huge...hardly i get excited for any srk movie... m excited for it..nd pls dnt call it off beat or niche movie galiyan milegi...

but y cartoonish poster they released????

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Bhai Teri galti nhi

Papa ki aadatein gyi tere mein aur ye result aya


trailer ki tariff karo toh bi problem...


You don't deserve to get flags!!!!

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trailer is really good.... srk as gourav is outstanding . ... don't realise one think " ariyan kiu gsurav ka piche bhagte hain, why there is fighting b/w star nd his fan... simply i found the trailer confusing and amusing... i think there will be more surprise in the movie

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Outstanding...Bestest Of All Time...
Seems like Best Performance of Bollywood (Rizwan Khan in My Name Is Khan) in Danger...Even there are some scenes in FAN Trailer(of Gaurav)which reminds of MNIK....

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Champ ji aa gaye hain.........................


Hey Miss u... ...u real champ.


thanks both of u....,.......

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Sanam Teri Kasam... Hoooo... Sanam Teri Kasam...Hoooo... Sanam Teri Kasaaaaaam...

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Woooowwww.. ....what a great trailer. I hope movie will b great too

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