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+22 votes

in General by Director (135k points)
38% Accept Rate

edited by

yeah..didn't notice that. thanks. maybe some kind of code for audience to detect before the movie release. Let's see how much we need to guess after the trailer. super excited.


poster is superb . waiting for trailer


I have to kill my biggest FAN - Aryan Khanna
(not assumption its presumption)


Not good. 2.5/5 from me!

12 Answers

+5 votes

Wowwwww what a poster man. Eyes dekho

by Casting Director (19.1k points)

weird and arrogant look , gaurav is looking dangerous

+5 votes

This is Looking Interesting hell cant wait more for trailer bring it on please....................
weird and arrogant look , gaurav is looking dangerous

by Assistant Director (43.5k points)
edited by
+4 votes

OMG..... It's looking big thriller...... Look at Srks expression.. Mahn now enthusiasm for trailer is increased...
He is damn good in this poster. Thumbs up from me.......

by Assistant Director (43.7k points)
+4 votes

Wow..... OUTSTANDING Poster.....
Btw have you noticed one thing....... There is SORRY written in upper left of the poster......

by Producer (114k points)

yup something big some twist

+2 votes

Now thatz some heck of a poster.......

by Unit Manager (37.6k points)
+2 votes

Looks very very good. And those killer expressions. Bring on the trailer.

by Star (152k points)
+2 votes

by Star (154k points)
+2 votes

One thing looks highly possible.. After this poster.. Either the superstar or the fan will be killed by the other in this film

by Star (151k points)
+1 vote

Very bad poster for a movie that promoted as a "Offbeat" or "Niche" or "Not Commercial". Seeing the poster the potential seems too less, dont be amused when you see lowest opening for a SRK Starer. Now they have to bring extra ordinary trailer to overcome this disastrous poster.

by Production Accountant (20.1k points)
+1 vote

The poster is average. I am little disappointed because of the colours used to make it bright. Even Gaurav's look is too mechanical. Overall average...who designed it was not respectful towards the appeal.

by Production Designer (15.9k points)
+1 vote

Lol looking cartoonish.....
Both of them, Aryan and Gaurav

by Unit Manager (35.9k points) 1 flag
0 votes

So finally srkians wait for another crap is over, a vfx masterpiece which is beyond of Hollywood makers reach...
Oh really Happy April fool to all srkians in advance.

by Director (129k points) 2 flags

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