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Just so people know it's BARC INDIA that measures the television RATINGS in India OFFICIALLY as per the recommendations by none other than TRAI & Ministry of Information & Broadcasting, India.


TAM doesn't have any authorization to measure television ratings in INDIA for INDIAN PROGRAMS / CHANNELS on it's own.


Previously TAM Ratings were followed which were inaccurate or to say it somewhat gave an estimation with pretty limited REACH.


Why was BARC launched?

BARC was launched after a widespread hue and cry against the alleged inadequacy of the peoplemeters deployed by TAM to capture the correct viewership trends from across the country, and the allegations that its system was rigged and the team carrying out the research was inefficient.







BARC (Broadcast Audience Research Council) India is an industry body, to design, commission, supervise and own an accurate, reliable and timely television audience measurement system for India. 


Guided by the recommendations of the TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India) and MIB (Ministry of Information and Broadcasting) notifications of January 2014, BARC India brings together the three key stakeholders in television audience measurement - broadcasters, advertisers, and advertising and media agencies, via their apex bodies.


BARC India seeks to establish a robust, transparent and accountable governance framework for providing the data points required to plan media spends more effectively.

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I guess Dilwale can enter in Top 3 or maybe Top 5. Only few films are rated according to new BARCA system since mid of 2015.
Now Dilwale and Bairao Mastani are new biggies which will release soon. So any of the 2 films can enter Top 5 and who knows it can also beat PRDP too.

by Producer (109k points)
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Baahubali The Conclusion maybe......

by Director (135k points)
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Dilwale wil beat prdp..acc to srk fans dilwale faced huge protest so couldnt show full potential nd also clash affected it.... acc to thier logic nothing can stop dilwale beating prdp rating...

by Unit Manager (32k points)

march 20 todenge ghar ke taale aa rahe hai hum dilwale...... phurrrr


good to see even Salman fans exciting for it.


not excited...exited


that was a spelling correction or sarcasm? in both the case, that's "poor"

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Dilwale will beat prdp.....

by Casting Director (19.1k points)