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in General by Director (135k points)
38% Accept Rate

6 Answers

+3 votes

Hm not sure if the forum would be there at that time.

by Star (149k points)
+2 votes

by Editor (86.3k points)

@ 4_Lee bro online mein kahan pata chalta hai evn Girls can pretend thmselves to b a Boy just to b on a safer side Lol...


Lemme guess. That senior woman in the middle with glasses is RKholic


And the oldie behind her is surely Ankit007 , he is touching her inappropriately ..kaisi kinky smile hai ?


@Invisible & @Charlie'runkle woh toh maine aise hi dala tha jo ke ab haqeekat hoga Lol..
my 6th sense is strong ....

+2 votes

I want our admin users to open a site like Indicine or any others and make it a Big one. Money is required i know. But we can contribute one by one. I can do that if any top admin wants to make a new website or make this forum into a website and keep discussion section seperately along with site details
I mean we are like big family now and close to each other by meetings etc. So we can do i. And most of users here have great knowledge than other websites . So we should use that knowledge by trying new methods so that more and more people knows it
So i request for top admins/users to think about this PLease

by Producer (109k points)

not active since months na

+2 votes

Even after 20 yrs nothing will change :

1) Salman Khan will be continuing to give blockbuster after blockbuster and launching everyone in his family and friends kinds to no avail

2) Aamir Khan will be founder member of 400cr, 500cr, 600r, 700r, 800c, 900cr, 1000r by then

3) SRK fans will continue to be caught in time warp from 1993-2006 when SRK ruled …every commercial and experimental film will fall flat

4) Forum will continue with same fervor and enthusiasm as now

by Costume designer (1.2k points) 1 flag

And You Seems To Be Banned In Day Or Teo. Right


Day 3 …. and surviving to kick your ***


Ohh you are happy that you survive. But all you have done till now is answer sone 3-5 question. Enjoy till you aren't proved fake.


what the hell is Fake …. do u want my voter id, aadhar card …. valid email is what the site needs and this is what they go …so grin it and bear it loser

+1 vote

Its still Expert Opinion..I mean knowledge of users here is more then most admins who run websites like indicine or boc...
I hope this forum have long life and we remain on forum for long..I cant imagine my life without forum..
If most of forum members remains here for long then atleast young members would not make fun of us like we do to baazigar..

by Director (133k points)

Yeah boc is a pure shit.


there are people older then baazigar on this forum. baaziga makes a fool of himeslf

+1 vote

What abt baazigar.................

by Unit Manager (37.6k points)

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