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So, the official announcement has come.....I will be dissapointed if it does not stay true to Bay watch standards...

by Star (151k points)
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Bollywood heroines plus Hollywood bald heroes... New blockbuster recipe of Hollywood.

by Director (135k points)

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Not a good choice .. The reason is whenever i hear or read the word "Baywatch" , I can only imagine a top heavy girl (Pamela) running and her top jiggling up and down along the sea shore .. Here the top is not heavy enough and she doesn't look fresh enough .

by Director (123k points)
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Why Bollywood heroines are going to hollywood. They has no value for western audience.

by Second Unit Director (77.5k points)

That depends on the characters they're playing. Deepika is said to be the main female lead whereas Priyanka is said to be the main female villain in Baywatch.
It's all about what role you provide them & these are big commercial films.


bollywood superstars are working with less known/new heroins now. so bollywood big heroin have no choice. look at all big heroins like kat, deepika, priyanka, kareena nobody has a project with superstar except anushka who is working with salman.


in bollywood you shouldn't mess with the heroes. Kat is 32, priyanaka 32, deepika 28. So it is time for the new heroines. Heroines demand is less after 30. Unlike hollywood where monica belucci can star at the age of 50.

@suhas but still in hollywood how much heroines matter.


In Hollywood, heroines matter as much as the content / kind of movie needs them to be. There are loads & loads of films solely ran due to the heroines.
Ofcourse for a film like XXX a heroine wouldn't matter that big but for any heroine trying to make a hollywood debut, XXX is definitely not a bad choice at all. Even XXX is among those wannabe Bond films which are termed as "poor man's Bond".