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Movie Review


When Abhishek Kapoor (Kai Po Che & Rock On fame) decided to adapt Charles Dickens Best Selling Novel "GREAT EXPECTATIONS"....I was Like Oh Man! this is it.

Kapoor Beautifully adapts the core concept of the Novel in Indian Sensibilities in the Backdrop of Kashmir.

Aditya Roy Kapoor as Noor aka Pip has indeed given his Career's Best Performance, Katrina as Firdaus aka Estella For a Change has acted well, Tabu as Begum aka Miss Havisham gives Film's Best Performance, Aditi Rao as young Tabu does a gr8 job in a Short role, Rahul bhatt is Superb (back to see him back in Movies) Lara Dutta is gud. Both the Child Artist are Splendid

Special mention to Ajay Devgn he does a Fab job in an important Cameo.

The Story as Said is Superb, but itz the Screenplay dat Lifts the Film, Editing is Gud but cud hav been lil Crisper.

Music for me is the Soul of this Movie, undoubtedly it shud go down as 1 of the Best Album of Year, Every Song has a Story behind it & instead of acting as a Soeed breaker it fully justifies the Situation. Cinematography is also gr8 as Dal Lake & itz adjoining areas are beautifully captured & potrayed in the 70mm screen.

Abhishek Kapoor does a Fine Job as a Director as he brings a complex story into Life....However he just slips lil bit in the 2nd half.

Overall a Movie dat needs to be watched & more than dat the Movie shud be Feel'd


Movie Review


After 2014 Musical HIT "YAARIYAN"....Divya Khosla brings another Rom Com in Large Canvas & with big production value.

She does everything Ryt, getz her Husband backing it (T Series Honcho) Gud Looking Actors, Superb Music, Extraordinary Locales, but she forgets to add the Most important stuff for a Movie & datz "STORY".

The Story is pretty Average, but the Screenplay is Pathetic especially in 2nd Half, Editing is Lame.

Pulkit tries to do a SRK meet Salman meet Ranbir kinda role but eventually fails, Yami looks pretty but She is also Average, the Only Stuff URVASHI does in the Entire Movie is Expose, Expose & Expose (dint expect dis from a Lady director lyk Divya), Rishi kapoor & Bharti are Wasted.

But The Silver Lining of this Movie is the act by The CHILD ARTISTS, Itz Superb Music & Cinematography,,, itz a Breathtakingly Beautifully Shot Film, All kudos to Sameer Arya the Cinematographer, Be it Laddakh, or, Shimla, or Locales of Beautiful Canada...Every Frame is Million Dollar.

At the End, Dont waste ur hard earned Money on this One, neither the Movie has any Soul, nor any Emotions....Strictly "NO".

1.5/5.....(0.5) is actually for CINEMATOGRAPHY

answered by Production Designer (12.2k points)

will watch fitoor after your review.

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Deadpool is one of the best or probably best super hero film...
Generally super hero films are unintentionally boring in bits and pieces with stretched sequences... This one is an exception...!!
It's a perfect amalgamation of action, humour and adult punchlines... All thanks to our beloved CBFC for trying to spoil the movie by muting the word f-uck bitc-h and other cuss words whenever they occur barring 1-2 graces...but they could not... I
The screenplay of the film is too good... You will not be bored for a fraction of second.. It keeps you engaged right from the starting credits till the end. Very few manage that...
Editing is as crispier as it can be... No unnecessary stretched out scenes... Humour placed at perfect points...
Ryan Reynolds as Wade/Deadpool is perfect ...
The film gets 4.75/5 from me and is a must watch because it's a different Superhero flick.

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Did u watch English or Hindi?

Oh, English. I'm confused between two. My friend wants to watch Hindi & I want to watch English


Watched it in English.... They muted all kinds of cuss words... In Hindi version they have replaced them all with funny words...
Hindi would be also fun to watch...

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I'm confused on how to review Dead "Fcuking" Pool... !
Here we go,
Story - It's way too simple. Wade Wilson (Ryan Reynolds) is an ex-mercenary now working private to save girls from ex-stalkers. He falls in love with Vanessa (Morena Baccarin from Gotham). Just when everything's going fine he's diagnosed with terminal cancer. He's offered a cure which turns him into a mutant & ugly looking. Now he seeks revenge from the people who did this to him by becoming Deadpool.
Screenplay - You thought I let out all the spoilers. Hell No. The story is wafer thin but the magic lies in the screenplay & consistently running jokes on superhero films throughout, yes potty mouthed humour too. So don't judge the movie by it's story but rather enjoy the movie because of it's super entertaining screenplay, WHICH I'll not reveal anything about.
Positives -
1. Excellent screenplay.
2. Supremely hilarious.
3. Extremely loveable Ryan Reynolds as Wade Wilson / Deadpool.
4. The background score & the use of right amount of hit songs just does the trick.
5. No dull moment.
6. Scenes featuring Negasonic Teenage Warhead & Colossus - both the X-Men members.
7. I love Morena Baccarin. Along with her, it was fun watching Gina Carano as Angel Dust.
Negatives -
1. Predictable story.
2. CBFC muting all the dialogues referencing to sex. Let me remind you "Fcuk" is not muted. But mother-fcuker is muted. You can find such irritating stupidity throughout.
Final Words - A hilarious superhero action comedy.
My Rating - 3.5/5
Dead"***"Pool is worth watching for it's opening & end credits. It was THE BEST thing in all of recent superhero films. The paisa vasool moment happens in the opening credits itself.

answered by All Time best! (272k points)

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