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Really liked the film, the first half at least was very good. Acting by the 4 kids was superb, and the whole first half kept me entertained. In the second half, more action and more bongiyan came but with a good, though useless, twist and a not very good ending. but liked the film.

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Sunny Deol, the Biggest Mass Superstar of 90's is Back with the Sequel of his Blockbuster "GHAYAL" named as Ghayal Once Again.

However this time Sunny paaji does two Additional stuff, Produced & Directed it.

Coming to the Movie.....The Concept of the Movie is good as A Man wit his chains of Followers fights against Corruption. But Concept & Execution are different things & Mr. SUNNY has fallen Flat.

The Screenplay is Pathetic, somtime 1 might get irritated by seeing wat is actually happening in the Screen. First the Movie is set in 2016 & it ends up being a Movie of 1970's. Music is way below average. Cinematography is gud. Sunny just wasted the Supporting cast, Om puri, Tisca chopra dnt hav neting to showcase even SUNNY's acting is nowhere near his Role of AJAY MEHRA of his Blockbuster Ghayal part 1....Soha Ali khan is Gud.

But the Action Sequences are Outstanding so is the Act by Narendra jha (Raj Bansal aka Mukesh Ambani).

Spoiler:- The Movie is loosely based on Mukesh Ambani & his Son Akash Ambani. Their House (ANTILLA) is shown way many ya Times in the Movie.

I wonder Y did Sunny Paaji even made a Sequel of Ghayal.

M going wit 1.75/ 5

It wud be better to not to waste ur Money on dis 1

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For Paaji Fans ek baar to dekhna banta hai.


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I can only say that Comparing Ghayal with Ghayal Once Again is as good as Comparing Dhoom 2 with Dhoom 3.Movie is Average and a one time watch.Sunny Deol could not perform as a Director and has given an average Performance.Good things about the Film are Action scenes and One Car chase scene is good.Mumbai is looking beautiful in the film.I think they have used Mukesh Ambani's lookalike building in the film. Climax is Average.4 New Kids are decent and supporting cast is above average.Ghayal Once Again should have been made in late 90's or early 2000's with an established Director preferably Raj Kumar Santoshi.Singh Saab was a much better film and that says it all. Overall A Huge Disappointment.Sunny Paaji have entertained us a lot but time is right for him to announce retirement.

Rating : 2/5,0.5 Extra for Action Director Dan Bradley .

answered by All Time best! (291k points)

akshay khanna is coming back. he is the villain in dishoom


Oye Kya Baat Hai....Kya Khabar di...........Badiya Actor hai aur negative role mein to dhamaal hai,Humraaz and Race.


Amitab did drama of retirement in 1994 but is still giving flops.


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Before I start to review it I want to tell you that now we have a director who tried to copy christopher nolan. India's first one.

So the movie starts to bore you with the introduction scenes of all characters but I was shocked how they introduced sunny deol. So basically our lead star is playing with his memories standing against wall doing strange gestures until a lady from nowhere arrives and gives him a mystery pills that calms him down, and later we see that lady explaining him the danger of playing with memories. Anyway it was horrible and in this case seeing that scene after boring introduction will drive you nuts.

Let's get to the story, after mystery pills cure him, he kidnaps a guy who turned out to be a criminal who raped a girl, to teach him lesson of course and bring him to justice. After that a girl surpringly checks cctv camera exactly at the moment when murder is taking place and with her great recording skill, she records a portion where the murder has being done. And goons who did murder tries to catch them. Girl has 3 more friends to fight the battle of truth. They seek help from ajay mehra (sunny deol). Watch the movie to find out who wins.

Now that is some piece of horrible garbage. We have one villain who calls Delhi defense minister to get access of all the satellite cameras so he can keep an eye on all 4 kids running through out the city with a tape in which murder has been recorded. And hey Mumbai is a busy city, so busy people. They just don't care if beating is taking place in a mall, hey we are busy, you beat the hell out of all four, we will keep shopping. This is Mumbai folks. Ta da.......

We also see some animation of Mumbai city skyline without any need of it. Animations looks worse and specific for that scene where sunny deol is flying helicopter here and there. It sucks.

I can't give this movie any stars. Go at your own risk.

answered by Production Accountant (20.7k points)

Tu bangladesh mein film direct kar.............Bollywood ki chinta mat kar.


Are tere sentiments ko dhyan me rakhe kam kharab review likha he


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