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related to an answer for: Bajirao Mastani Business Update - BOI
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Jodha Akbar Is Landmark And BM Isnt Even Inch Close To It.


Because Baji Rao annihilated Dilwale.Priyanka is 100 times better than Aishwarya and Deepika 500 times.Hrithik did slightly better.


Who cares about box office JA is much much better then overrated bm, intact bm is big pile of monkey crap lols

7 Answers

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Jodha Akbar is 100 ttimes better than Bajirao Mastani........
Breathtaking performance by Hrithik Roshan.... Classic Movie....

by Producer (114k points)
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+2 votes

by Mega Star (214k points)

Jodha Akbar....miles ahead as a film...BM is a better visual treat .. Performance wise Hrithik is ahead...


Filman, best question for right person.


The right person has given the answer to the best question for the right person... Happy...!!


Anand bro, i agree with ur answer. without a doubt JA is better

+2 votes

Baji Rao is much better.In reality akbar was so scared of Maha Rana Pratap that he did alliance with various Rajput Kings and married Rajput Jodha because he knew that United Rajputana would have thrown them out to afghanistan.If not for Hrithik Jodhaa akbar is a historically blunder film.

by All Time best! (285k points)

And comparing akbar with Baji Rao is hilarious.You might compare Jodhaa Akbar with Baji Rao Mastani.


i would love to know your awesome views on tipu sultan


We Are Proud Of Akbar. Shame On Bajirao Chu.

+2 votes

JA all the way. BM was a visual spectacle and a good movie but story, music, direction, acting....JA was way ahead.

by Star (143k points)
+2 votes

JA was *** boring.....BM is 10 times better than JA....

by Producer (103k points)

.....hey chirai......ja is nt 4 bodyguard lovers.......


lol yeah....what about Bajrangi Bhaijaan lovers?

+1 vote

Box office will tell you the answer.
Bajirao was extraordinarily charismatic whereas Akbar was good at best.

by Unit Manager (35.3k points)
+1 vote

Ja is ahead of bm in each and every aspect.. Case closed

by Location Manager (6.5k points)

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