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I have no problem with the film, but I hate the fact that the makers claimed it to be on original story.. They just fooled us..... I mean Many things were not clearly explained. The director cleverly diverted us by bringing the "Deshbakti "thing.... Plz don't get me wrong I still like the film.

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The name was changed so how they can post that Ranjit never existed..! anyways direct matter whether he exist or not.. even if the movie is false, it's great.. I don't think bringing his real name would have been a 'safe' decision.. and there's the officer named "Kohli" in real (forgot the full name)'.. he said he never know 'Ranjit Katyal', but why would a movie director pick his name and make him famous as a great man..lol

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Better movie - Gunda or Gunday..?
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Indian need take history seriously.

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