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Jai Ho craze in a multiplex

Jai Ho craze in a multiplex 2


Jai ho movie craze in Sri Nagaraj Talkies, Mysore (my place)

salman khan's entry craze in kolahpur(jai ho)

jai ho craze vadodara

Salman fans Craze in Kurnool Jai Ho

salman entry craze in rajmandir ..jaipur

Jai Ho Movie | Salman Khan's Shirtless Scene

Jai Ho climax fight

Salman khan's Fans going crazy in theater for Jai Ho
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...........what a movie....brilliant.............jise jise pasand i hai jai ho..hum dil se shukriya ada karte hain.

by Star (153k points)
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This is the film which showed true face of Bhai's Stardom..It was slap on face of those who said Bhai's movie can work even if he eats Biryani in the film for two hours..
Actually deep down i wasnt happy when it failed because how much I or audience enjoyed the film.
But Jai Ho was eye opener that only Salman's presence cant make movie open huge let alone making it big hit..
This movie is our TRUMP CARD when Bhai fans talks about Stardom.

by Director (133k points) 1 flag

Well any 30cr+ opening day movie couldn't get audience to enjoy like this (refer to the videos) so yes I standby the fact mega stardom where the actor solely creates mass hysteria.
As far as box office goes, opening day, opening weekend, first week everything belongs to Bhai so no query there whatsoever.
The fact that a movie releases & watching it itself is a celebration because of the actor proves megastardom. And moreover, a Jai Ho makes people chant "Salman ki Jai Ho" inside a multiplex, in & outside the mall (the first 2 videos) is anyday a proud thing. Dancing inside a multiplex, Kick achieved it. And this mass hysteria, common thing be it north, south, east or west.
So what Jai Ho underperformed? Did anybody stop living? The facts to celebrate are aplenty. You see box office as your reason to celebrate. I see the experience I got to celebrate as well as cherish as I get to watch every other bollywood actor films in the multiplex/single screen with dead audience. And sadly PRDP joined the list of other Bollywood actors films where there was no cheering plus the movie was too boring for me to check it for the 2nd time in single screen just for the cheers. Ofcourse Hindus bashing muslims during the screening of Bajrangi Bhaijaan in that single screen located in a muslim dominated area, forcing us to watch with police protection was another reason for deciding not to watch PRDP in a single screen. Watched Jai Ho twice in the theater, strong will would've made me survive PRDP twice too.


enter image description here


I knew that you will come up with something like ths..i am talking about my personal dont talk about boxoffice..not the facts or figures..i mean you dont argue with anyone on Bigger star thing..
Still remember How Bhaitards use to bring down SRK when Bodyguard and ETT did well and and JTHJ didnt...
So when Jai Ho failed it was reason for us to cheer..When Bhai fans talk about BO power then Jai Ho will be our TRUMP CARD..It was Good Movie turning into Semi Hit after 5 b2b big hits.Isse achchi baat hamaare liye kya ho sakti..I myself i agree that i enjoy Salman films more then SRK's film.But thats always be the thing with Masses..EK Multiplex log chilla rahe he Bhai Ki Jai ho to dusre Plex me shows khali jaa rahe he..that i have never seen with SRK film atleast on weekend.


Still remember How Bhaitards use to bring down SRK when Bodyguard and ETT did well and and JTHJ didnt...
Well it's what Srkians did too.. It's not like "bhaitards" go down gutter alone, I mean they just fight for that place which Srkians or other fan groups previously own... when a Bodyguard or ETT did well, that's the point... Salman fans got the reason to give it back to Srk fans for what all they said pre-Dabangg. Every dog has it's day suit here... But it went down mostly who is more stupid & shameless & continued like each fan group proving who is more stupid & more shameless with each year.
Who is a bigger star? Why would I not back Salman Khan when he hasn't quit films yet? He's in the game & he's closing in to make it neck to neck. Which fool would not want to back his favorite now? And let it be a trump card. I had a better time watching it than any CE or HNY (the only 2 Srk films I've watched in theaters after 2007) or Salman's own Ready or PRDP.
And I'll care about my own experiences. Others can share their's. Nothing changes. This post itself is solely on how audience watched Jai Ho... Sure the theaters went empty but still the reaction stood the same. Now the only film of Srk that survived for more than 5 weeks was CE in Mysore. None other stood a chance. Neither did a Kick or Jai Ho too. It was only Bajrangi Bhaijaan & Dabangg that ran for 50 days in Mysore. I'm okay with that. I paid my money for my ticket & through that I got the experience of watching an housefull crowd enjoy throughout which I haven't seen with others since 2010. Dhoom 3 wasn't enjoyed at my multiplex, PK never got housefull on fdfs as it's occupancy was lower than Action Jackson & all of us were bored in the 2nd half. Bang Bang came closer but audience were yawning in the 2nd half. The only other 3 films that got the cheers were 2 States, YJHD & TWMR.
So your opinion is welcomed... But I get to cherish my experiences of Salman Khan being the only actor whose films I witnessed huge craze at theater/multiplex I went to watch in. And you've a problem Salman being called a Megastar, it's your problem. I've no problem in calling him that. Megastar is one word reserved for Chiranjeevi & no other actor got that title. I chose to use it for Salman Khan now that's all. And if asked who is a megastar? Answer will always be Chiranjeevi not any actor who exists or who ever existed. That's the hold Chiru has on us & would never it let it go for fellow south actors toh bollywood is out of question.

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by Camera Operator (9.9k points)
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16cr opening day hahahaha stardom in 2014 ab ye na kha ke movie ki appeal nhi thi full time action thi

by Location Manager (5.9k points) 1 flag

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