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i hope this forum remain like this but IMO since this forum is new and till now very less no of users are there in this forum,it is not having any fan war but the situation may get bad when there are more & more no of users

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Hope users like Akash & Playboy stay away 4m dis site..
As long as srk fans dont start a war against others,it will remain good....
Agree, don't say much about how good it is, you are gonna start feeling awkward after 1-2 months or a little more.
last time i saw a fight here was involving navo anand and real champ. Brownie points for guessing who started it. it was navo and then he cried again by misusing his power
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Yeah, This forum is really good. And and wish that Administrator Mods would help to keep it always good. I'll also try to give my best whatever I can do.

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Yeh 60's dasak ke baat thi..lol
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Is it really going well now ???
Sanjiv words seems to be correct...

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What a match,what a victory,well done KKR.

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