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I am saying this because many of my friends don't know about BOI...

and I faced much difficulty making my  friends (who follow BO collections) understand..the difference between Producer figures and Official(BOI) figures).Some of them understood and some did not..!!.

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Totally Agree . Now A Days They Not Updated Their Home Page Regularly . They Not Updating All Time 1st Day Collection Since YJHD, Top 1st Day 2013 Since BMB, All Time 1st Week Overseas Grosser Since 2010, All Time 1st Week Worldwide Grosser Since JTHJ, All Time Nett Grosser Since April 2012, All Time Overseas Grosser Since ETT, All Time Worldwide Since CE, All Time Distributes Share Since April 2013 . They Should Update These . Also They Should Join Facebook and Twitter . But Brother No Problem . I Am Here To Update All These Information . I Wish I Have Huge Popular Facebook Fan Page , Then I Can Share These .

answered by Producer (108k points)
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You are great, you always post analysis of top movies in aspects.
You should contact BOI to make you their member... so that you can update the home page..You have all the info of BOI...!!
I Wish I Could Get A Chance .
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Its true....They should update their site and make it more recogniseable....People follow komal nahata:; taran adarsh because they know them......There is no use of information if you can not convey or channalise it properly......

answered by Producer (108k points)
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Yes,100% Agreed.Same Here.My Friends Don't Know About Boxofficeindia And Taran.They Believe On What They Listen,Newspaper,TV Media...Etc.When I Want To Say Them Difference Between BOI And Taran,They Don't Believe Me,Some Of My Friend Who Uses FB,They Believe Me But Others Not.Sometimes They Say Me Just Like This:-
Krrish:3 Is Highest Grosser,Not CE.
Dabangg,Bodyguard,ETT,CE Collections Are 250 Crore And Krrish:3 Broke It.
When I Try Them To See Internet And Try To Understand Them,They Came To Know The Actual.But,2 Of My Friends Say I Telling Them Lie.

answered by Producer (101k points)
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You are absolutely correct, I think BOI should update everything time to time.
& Same here I also faced much difficulty making my friends understand the difference between Producer figures and Official(BOI) figures).

answered by Second Unit Director (72k points)
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I have never discussed about box office collections with any friend etc,so like many answerers here,i dont hv to convince anyone.But for the sake of truth,i want them to update.

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