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+2 votes
rubbish statement this is too much
swamy is tamilnadu politician btw
in General by Production Accountant (27.1k points)
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3 Answers

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Well he has been the nightmare to CM Jayalalitha & is on of the strong reason for her going to prison.
He's a big nightmare to Sonia Gandhi & family.
He's still trying to be a nightmare to Shashi Tharoor in the Sunanda's death case. He's gonna interfere in this case full fledged soon filing a PIL soon.
Back in the day, he made Karnataka CM Ramakrishna Hegde to resign by raising phone tapping case. Later Hegde made him pee in his pants though.
He interfered in Hashimpura massacre case dated 1987 & in 2012 he again interefered in this case with political motives as it deals with the murder of Muslim youth.
Best one he ever did was being one of the people to expose 2G scam.
But this is the best statement he ever made which just shows his true colors "Only Muslims who acknowledge that their ancestors were Hindus must be allowed to vote in India."
But anyways being an ardent Hindu the fool doesn't know that when he's invited for a wedding & handed over mangalsutra to give his blessing... He should bless it not grab it & try to tie it himself to the bride. Tharki buddah. Enjoy that video instead of worrying about his statements...


by All Time best! (254k points)
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psudo secularisto ke jo bolna hai bolte rahein..........Tum hindu leaders ke khilaaf bahut bolte ho.


Subramanian Swamy is a leader? Nope. Modi is a leader, I'm not pleased, Sonia Gandhi is a leader whom I don't support. Same with Jayalalitha...
Simple Leader sees no religion. The moment you say Hindu leader, Muslim leader, Christian leader then fcuk them. They're here only to destroy the country.

+2 votes

You Shouldn't Have Shared This At First Place. He Just Wants To Get Some Attention By Doing This & You Are Helping Him.

by Production Accountant (26.5k points)
Red Chillies entertainment should evolve as producers rather than distributers
0 votes

Ab aise bekaar statements dega to log to faltu bolenge hi.

by All Time best! (283k points)

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