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SHOLAY (1975)
AANKHEN (1993)
BORDER (1997)
DHOOM 3 (2013)
PK (2014)

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You forgot to wrote (2001)...... ??
BTW i notice that old movie posters don't have release date on them whereas present movies have. Importance of marketing!

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That's where I am disappointed.....
You can debate/or can say that BM is a better movie than BB.....if u want to justify ...that;s fine with me.....
But when u say BM is more Popular than BB to win the Best Film- that's where I don;t agree...if that;s what Filmfare POPULAR CATEGORY stands for....
Anyway It was already known that It will be a fight between BB and BM....

So BM is the winner of Filmfare and BB is the Winner of winning Audience hearts ....

So in the End...its Balanced...

But still for me ...BB is the WINNER in every sense.....as I am Realistic and not Materialistic

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Popular is by vote salmaniancs werenot enough to vote for bb and sectionof fanbase supported bm.
Right now salmaniancs.


@Jatinder ... That's not so simple... All Srkians voting for Srk isn't enough for Srk to win the award. Srk should agree too. If he says no, even if he's leading by votes the organizers will award it to the 2nd best one or 3rd best leading in votes. The common rule followed ever since voting was ever introduced. It's just fooling the people/fans to think themselves to be important in deciding the winner.
Khaled is just over blowing this. Salman doesn't accept awards, no matter how many votes he got he wouldn't have been selected. The fun thing about any actors fans is that they think they get to decide anything. A nothing survey on websites like pinkvilla etc isn't the same as these award shows where real money is involved.
And lastly, Ranveer Singh didn't deserve the award? Don't think so... Haven't watched the film, but going by reviews even though Priyanka has been largely praised, Ranveer has got enough praises to make it look like a difficult role to play. Bajrangi Bhaijaan deserved better nominations & it deserved Best Director.
It's a mockery when you give Best Story to a film but not consider it for best direction as well as best film. Bajirao Mastani not winning best story or best screenplay itself hinders it's value of winning the best film. That's all. Best screenplay went to Piku & it got the ticket to win best film (critic's). BB won best story but got ignored at the best film or best direction. EROS wouldn't mind both BB & BM are their films, they would've lobbied for BM more while BB makers showed little interest. The minimum nominations which it got & no special award to Harshaali? Filmfare threw themselves to give one for Darsheel Safary (deserving) but so was Harshaali.


BEST Story Doesn't Necessarily Mean BEST Film Or BEST Direction. BEST Execution Is Required To Transform That BEST Story Into BEST Film. Which Wasn't The Case With Bajrangi Bhaijaan (Specifically When There Was Bajirao Mastani In The Nominations) .


@Rajat .. Now how can I defend when I have not watched Bajirao Mastani myself? The logic put up for Best Story or Best Screenplay is valid if you see the general trending in any award shows... Filmfare's criteria of selecting a film as best film was this only. For example...
1. 2000, KNPH won best film (Popular) because it had also won best screenplay.
2. 2001, Lagaan won best film (Popular) because it had also won best story. Dil Chahta Hai won best film (Critic's) because best screenplay was won by it.
The template/criteria for selecting films have been same or say fixed. The rules haven't been changed. They're just bent to please.... That's why most of the films without winning a best story or best screenplay just got promoted to win best film solely on popularity, box office & trp basis. And this is not something that's happened now...

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I think Filmfare for last year was much better....... There is absolutely no sense whatsoever in BM winning best director and best movie over BB......... And it looks like slb too is a huge favourite of Filmfare because the most ridiculous award that bm won other then these two is of best action lol...... I mean what action was in bm.? Ranveer Singh jumping from horse to the man and then jumping from man on an elephant..?? Is he spiderman.....???

Or that moment in which he single handedly defeated entire army lol, now he is the wolverine lmao..... And such atrocity gets best action award........

And then you got shreya winning over alka yagnik for best singer female lol..... SLB and Filmfare is biggest love story of Bollywood.....

Anyways it's wrong, BB deserved best movie award over bm and also best director.........

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Except for best action, all other awards were fair and well deserved by BM. BB was definitely a very good movie but BM is a much tougher movie to make. Deserves every bit of appreciation it got.

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this was not at all accepted from Filmfare....totally disappointed & disgusted.....oh come on! If not BB then Talvar & Piku were far better than BM.....Dint award Kabir...WTF.....Chalo Best Director can be accepted but Best Movie isn't BAJRANGI.....Sum1 shud check their Senses......Filmfare se toh aacha SCREEN Awards thay......Totally disappointed

BM is,nowhere in front of One of the Best Movie of this Decade "BAJRANGI BHAIJAAN"

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