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We ahould feel Proud that india scored atleast 75 in last overs.Going through current phase This is Big Achievement.We can score 60 runs in 75 balls but 75 runs in 60 balls that to with Dhoni on crease is Big;Really Big..
Dhoni is getting worse to worst in Climax/End part.I think iske Piche Modi ka hath hai .
Regarding Bad Climax ; Even Sakshi has lodged complaint to Kejri sir.Even She is sufferer.

Intolerance Increasing..

Dhoni The Even Vehicle Bumped again on Odd Day..

by Producer (109k points)
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308/8 with Rohit Sharma 124Runs on 15th/Odd Date..
Thank god Dhoni scored 11 Rahane 89 and kohli 59!! Otherwise Koi Hope Nahi Thi Aaj..

+2 votes

They made a big mess of it this time, rahane batted well, but msd is well well past his prime, rohit was exceptional though.

by Director (132k points)
+2 votes

Your Fav player Dhoni is shit in last ten overs now..He should either bat at 4 now or throw him out....Rahane should be opener instead of that Shitty Dhawan....India badly needs hitter like Raina Yuvraj in middle order....Raina if would have got chance at 4 then he would have lethal..but one bad series and dropped but Dhawan still in team

by Producer (103k points)

My fav player is not dhoni....... And I agree between rains and dhawan, dhawan is the one who needs to be dropped


There will be changes the next time India play odis. Lets spare msd. This is his last odi series both as a captain and a player. The t20 wc will be his farewell from the international arena. He will never play as a player under kohli.


What if India wins this series then do u really Think Dhoni would retire but I want Dhoni to bat at 4 as a player


India wont win this series bro. Aaj ka match bhi gya. Bcci will go on with msd till april, and then he will retire himself.

+1 vote

Dhoni is no longer can play the role of big hitter now.. He needs time to settle. Dhawan is running out of form & Rahane can't really play the hitter role at the end. he should open along with Rohit, followed by Kohli & Dhoni.. then Raina should come and someone like Manish Pandey at the end.. I've doubts on Yuvraaj so don't really consider him as a first option.. Someone like Robin Uthappa should replace Dhoni after his retirement.

by Director (135k points)

no need of Jadeja..

+1 vote

This shitty dhawan is given chances after chances where yuvi n raina were shown the door with much less chances n more match winning games...down the order yuvi n rains are the only solutions to finish things as no one else can hit hard like them ....yuvi is in terrific form and Raina's experience can rectify this nonstriking middle order...hope yuvi n raina come good in t20s and get back to odi squads...jadeja is no use of as a hitter n ways he doing in Aussie pitches???

by Executive Producer (64.8k points)